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Kingdom Memorial Page
Lest We Forget:

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, 'Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, said the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."
~Revelation 14:13 (King James Version)~

Sir John W. Ritenbaugh ( said, "The main purpose of the book of Revelation is not merely to give us insight into what is coming. It is also to convince the Christian that his loyalty, his devotion, his steadfastness, his suffering, and perhaps even martyrdom, is not in vain - that he is assured of a wonderful future. The reason for the stress on works is that character is not formed merely by knowing something but by knowledge combined with putting it to work until it becomes a habit. Over time, habit becomes character, and character follows the person right through the grave!"

Purpose of This Page

Below are the names of individuals who (I hope and pray) died in the 
Lord; but, of course, in the end only God knows for certain. Nevertheless, during their lifetime here on earth, "their works" spoke volumes to the masses, and thus have inspired me to do my part also, in bringing glory and honor to the God Who will one day judge both the living and the dead (See Romans 7-12).

Listed Alphabetically:

Leona Marie Adams
Carole Allen-Simmons
Inez Andrews

Dr. Annie L. Bailey
Bishop John Seth Bailey
Bishop Cardell D. Booker, Sr.
Professor Alex Bradford
Evangelist Emily Bram-Bibby
Rev. William H. Brewster, Sr.
Mother Lillian Brooks-Coffey
Bishop C. L. Bryant
Rev. Milton R. Brunson

Rev. E. E. Calloway
Lucille Campbell-Williams
Mother Freddye J. Carter
Dr. Mattie M. Carter-McGlothen
Mrs. Laura E. Castleberry
Superintendent Love C. Castleberry
Mother Cora Cleveland
Rev. James Cleveland
Rev. Daryl Coley
Mrs. Helen Jo Collins-Cooper
Deacon John Collins
Mrs. Ivy Lee Cottrell
Annie B. Crockett-Ford
Frances Jane "Fanny" Crosby
Pastor Andraé Crouch
Mother Emma F. Crouch
Dr. Paul F. Crouch, Sr.

Alberta Dillon
Thomas A. Dorsey
Rev. Isaac Douglas
Min. O'Landa Draper

Bishop David Ellis
Charlene Evans

Rev. Albert Van Fisher
Avis Michelle Fisher
Rev. Dr. Charles Fold
Bishop Louis H. Ford
Willie Mae Ford-Smith

Edna Gallmon-Cooke
Superintendent Levi C. Gant
Rev. Emuel Robert Glenn, Jr.
Keith Gordon Green

Dannibelle Hall
Nedra L. Hardin
Arnell J. Harris
Bishop Walter L. Hawkins
Betty Hawley
Delessa Haynes
Bishop F. L. Haynes
Bishop James Neaul Haynes
Mother Pia Haynes Williams
Annie L. Hogan

Bishop Thaddeus D. Iglehart

Mahalia Jackson
Evangelist Trinia L. James
Elder James Robert Jennings
Alma K. Johnson
Shirley Joiner
Dr. C. J. Jones
Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr.
Mother Queen Esther Jones
Mother Sweetie Jordan-Lacy

Superintendent Elijah Kelley, Jr.
Bishop Otha Miema Kelly
Bishop Samuel Kelsey, Jr.
Evangelist Bertha Kenan
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bishop James Edward Lee, Sr.
Lucille Lemon
Elder James E. Lenox
Kelvin Lenox
Elder Charles Frank Lightner
Dorothy Love Coates

Sister Renetha Macklin
Dr. Arenia C. Mallory
Roberta Martin
Mother Sallie Martin
Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Sr.
Dr. Samuel E. Mitchell
Bishop Kenneth H. Moales
Bishop Carlis L. Moody, Sr.
Rev. James L. Moore
Bill Moss, Sr.
Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark
Dr. Myles Munroe
Ruth Ann Munroe
Apostle Lobias Murray

Mother Ethel Nevels
Mother Odessa M. (Brewer) Newman
Mother Mamie L. Norton

Edgar O'Neal
Edward O'Neal
Bishop Chandler D. Owens

Kitty Parham
Kayla D. Parker-Tolbert
Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson
Bishop James Oglethorpe Patterson, Sr.
Gladys Perkins
Willie R. Perkins, Jr.
Superintendent George William Pope
Min. Carl B. Preacher

Dottie Rambo
Mike Gene Randle
Jessie Mae Renfro-Sapp
Superintendent W. G. Richard
Elder Robbert Lee Richardson, Sr.
Mother Lizzie M. Roberson
Varney E. Roberson
Dr. Oral Roberts
Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Sr.
Laura Rogers

Dr. MaLinda Sapp
William Joseph Seymore
Mother Elsie Shaw
Evangelist Nathan L. Simmons
Bishop D. L. Smith, Sr.
Bishop Frank W. Smith, Jr.
Evangelist Melvin Louis Smith, Sr.
Dr. Gregory W. Spencer


Rev. Floyd G. Taylor
Evangelist Hazel Templeton
Bishop Arthur LaDell Thomas, Sr.
Mother Rosie M. Timmons-Allen


Bishop Norman L. Wagner
Albertina Walker
Bishop F. D. Washington
Brenda F. Waters
Barbara Watson-Jones
Dr. Joyce M. Watson
Bishop William H. Watson, II
Margie Faye Wheeler
Bishop Frank Otha White
Thomas A. Whitfield
Charlene Wilkins
Franklin D. Williams
Marian Williams
David "Pop" Winans
Overseer I. W. Winans
Ronald Winans 
Ricky Womack, Sr.
Mother Mary L. Wright
Rev. Timothy Wright

To Be Continued...

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