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"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":
Good morning, all you beautiful people!
Looks like we made roll call and are blessed with things money can't buy...peace, love, joy and happiness!!! Well...not everyone can claim joy this morning...that only comes from knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. No Jesus, no joy! I'm just saying!

Yes, LAWD! I'm "tryna" tell 'em, Sis.

The world CANNOT afford THIS joy that I have in JESUS, hear? I'm talkin' 'bout: The price is SOOOO HIGH 'til they "cain't" even make the down payment on it...let alone pay the FULL cost! WHAT?! You betta ask JESUS! I'm just sayin'! **cheezin' as all-get-out** :)

"Lady Phebe":
Yes, indeed, Lady Cassie...can't even afford the down payment...smh...
folk better wake up and recognize!!!!


"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson":
Early in the morning I will seek You.
I will sing a simple serenade of,
"I Surrender All."
What is the song of your heart to God today?


"You alone deserve the glory. 
You alone deserve the honor. 
You alone deserve all of my praise. 

So, I lift my hands to love You. -->\0/
Lord, I worship and adore You. No one else deserves the praise.
You alone deserve my praise. No one else deserves the praise but You!

You alone will I call Holy. 
You alone will I call Worthy.
You alone will I call Mighty God.

So, I lift my hands to love You.-->\0/
Lord, I worship and adore You. 
No one else deserves the praise.
You alone deserve my praise. 
No one else deserves the praise but You!

You alone are my Strong Tower. 
You alone have all the Power.
You alone are my Savior and Lord.

So, I lift my hands to love You. -->\0/
Lord, I worship and adore You. No one else deserves the praise. 
You alone deserve my praise. No one else deserves the praise but You!

You are God! You are God! You are God and God alone!
You are God! You are God! You are God and God alone!"

God a...lone!

**Song title: "You Alone,"
from "Bishop T. D. Jakes & The Potter's House Mass Choir Live in Kenya
Grace: The Kenya Experience"**

Seeking, Serving & Serenading Our Savior,


"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

Fight the good Fight of Faith! Know this - when you really start believing God's Word or a prophetic Word is given to you, or even when God gives you a vision, things CONTRARY to it will surface!! That's your sign that it is true and it shall manifest!! Believe it until it happens!


\0/<--Got my "Spiritual boxing gloves" on, 
"Lady Wanda"! Sound da "Bell"...
'cause it's time t' stir up-n-defeat Hell! 

A Heavy-Weight Champion For Christ,
"Cassie the Whipping Warrior"


"Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham":

The disciples toiled all night and caught nothing. Jesus said, "Cast your nets to the RIGHT side of the ship." When they did, they caught so many fish their nets broke! (St. John 21:3-6) We are working hard in the wrong places, with the wrong people, and have nothing to show for it! Jesus is saying -

get your POSSESSION! Don't miss your OVERFLOW!


There is an OVERFLOW anointing in the atmosphere for you right now!
This is the hour you can have whatever you say! All you have to do is BELIEVE GOD! The question is NOT - "CAN GOD DO IT?"...
but the question is "CAN YOU HANDLE IT?"

Uhm..."Lady Sylvia," YOU are "driving me CraZy" right about now! Honestly, Sis. 

**in love-n-frustration**
UGH!!! JESUS, here...PLEASE "take the wheel." Thank Ya, Sir. **Sigh**

Resting on JESUS' shoulder...and 'bout t' pass


**Back...after recuperating-n-"errrrythang"**

Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham:
Jesus was without honor in His own country. He came unto His own, but His own received Him not. Don't be concerned about who's with you and whose not. Actions speak louder than words. Those who you expect to be with you are not, and those whom you least expect or hardly know are sometimes your greatest supporters.

The LEAST expected are the ones that I MOST appreciate, Sis. Thanks for sharing this hard-to-accept FACT and tight-but-right TRUTH. It brings SO MUCH freedom until I find myself flying HIGH above the "country-fied" foolish-n-fake folks from near and far. Glory to GOD, and hallelujah to THE LAMB! :)
Singing, "I Believe I Can Fly" (WHAT?!),


Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham:

Be careful catagorizing people based on where they come from, who they're related to and what they did in their past or present! One bad apple does NOT spoil the whole bunch! Most of the time it's the "blacksheep" who makes the "best sheep"! Be careful when you write me off or scratch me out! God's got His hand on me!

Ask Apostle PAUL,
who was once named, "SAUL"!

Yes, LAWD...the man went from being a "BLACKSHEEP" to a "BISHOP"!
Come on outta here! :)

Singing, "Baa, Baa, Blacksheep...have you ANY wool?"


Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham:
When God has anointed, appointed, and placed an assignment on your life, refuse to stoop to the devil's level. Identify distractions and keep your focus! God is a vindicator and validator! You belong to HIM, and He chose to choose you! He's got so much GREATER for you! Don't STOOP in STANDING times!

Walking UP-FRONT with the UPRIGHT,

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