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More Cassie Quotes & Comments VI

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"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall":

God sees you for who He

predestined you to be, NOT for what your

circumstances look like!

GOD says,




~Lady Alana~

We'll do better on our journey when we recognize & realize; some people were NOT

tailored for YOUR place of DESTINY.

STOP trying to make people fit into a mold that they were NEVER predetermined for & can NEVER fulfill!

~Lady Alana~



I'm gonna ask "DADDY GOD" if YOU can go wit' me, tho, Sis! If He says, "No," then I'm gonna throw "a li'l two-year old's kinda tantrum" fo' 'bout a minute and a half, stop cryin', wipe my eyes, and "see" that He AIN'T moved by it, even in the slightest way (and SHALL NOT be moved)...then GET OVA IT, 'cause "DADDY GOD" rules! The End LOL


Just sayin'...while I'm down here prayin',


"Lady Alana":

That's quite alright, Cassie. If we don't see one another on THIS side because we chose to be obedient; ONE thing I am sure of...WE'LL see one another on the OTHER SIDE because we allowed Him to direct our paths...with that, we're destined to be with Him. Luv ya, Sis! Walk in favor!



Thanks, Sis. MUAH! :)




"Lady Esther Womack":

If I had my druthers, having someone in my life who truly knows the real meaning of being loved and loving back would far supersede someone who had possessions and they showered me with those as a means to show me love. Possessions can be replaced, but real love lasts a lifetime. If you have that, count yourself blessed!





Grand Total: BLESSED!

Thanks for the reminder, "Queen Esther"!

**bowin'-n-curtsyin'-n-carryin' on** :)


Forever grateful,



"Lady Esther":

You are too much, which is why I love you and speaking wealth over

every area of your life. No more digital delay but real-time blessings!!



Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

[[Thought Of The Day]]

The Bible teaches an inverse truth for faith, love, hope, and joy. The Bible teaches that the last shall be first, and to be greatest among people you must be servant of all. There's our way and then there's God's way. God's way doesn't make sense in the DOING, only in the RESULTS. And our way makes sense in the DOING but never in the RESULTS. Choosing God's way is the DNA of faith.


(D)o (N)ot (A)bort faith; 'cause if you (D)o, you'll (N)ever (A)mount to much. The End...except, "Thanks for sharing, Sir Bo. I love you!" :)

Your sister-in-CHRIST and friend for LIFE,


Sir Bo:

Cassie!!! Hey, sis, been too long.

I can always depend on you to up the ante. :) Good to "see" you, sis.


"Lady Apostle Symintha Radford":

I am a living testimony of what God will do when you learn to put your confidence in Him and not in man. When He says that He will supply all of your need according to His riches in glory, He means it, and He will. Don't struggle with what God's Word says, just rest in it.


POW'ful TRUTH, Sis! It is "a place in GOD" that we absolutely MUST

get to and REMAIN, in order to rest in the FULL benefits of HIS

righteousness. EVERYBODY wants to receive the great PROMISES,

but few there be who are willing to release old man-made PREMISES. **smh**

Another "living testimony",


"Lady Symintha":

Amen, Woman Of God, and yes, Lord.


"Lady Linda L. Ransom":

I thank GOD for ALL of the doors that were closed in my face...but I thank Him even more for the doors He has opened, because NO ONE can close them. I thank GOD for every person that decided that having me as a friend wasn't worth their time...but I thank Him even more for the people He dispatched to me for LIFE. I am most thankful for being a WINNER at LOSING things that are not for ME!! =)



**laid FLAT out on da floor, wit' ONE (1) o' her FOUR (4) eyes open, waitin' t' see if ANY ushers or assistants are gonna at least TRY t' help pick her up...after bein' SLAIN under the POW'r o' this anointed word!**



"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":

**God's "mouthpiece" on FB & EVERYWHERE! Let it help ya & bless ya!**


You don't have to "prove" anything to ANYone - especially one who is idle, immobile, stagnant and nonproductive. Now, when they start "funding" your foundation or program, then you can talk "proof" or the need for such.


JDB (Cont'd)

Dreamers, creators, developers, guard your "dream, creation, and development." Don't share too much - everyone does not have the

thresh-hold to absorb the shock of how God is working in your life.


JDB (Cont'd)

Don't be like a DOG. Don't return to your vomit!

When you are FINISHED, just be finished!

A person that is full of regrets and personal failure is a

prime candidate that will try to throw salt your way

when you start advancing MIGHTILY!


JDB (Cont'd)

You may lose touch with someone for 10/20 years...BUT if there are unspoken words and unfinished business that is destined to transpire... GOD will send that person back your way JUST to show you that HE is

the facilitator and negotiator of TIME and SPACE!



Yes, indeed, "Lady Jessica"!

Via the "Wonderful World of FB," the "Facilitator & Negotiator of Time & Space" hath wrought this thing just for me. You hear me? :)


Praising GOD for allowing ME to meet someone like YOU,




JDB (Cont'd)

STOP whining, wimping, moaning, crying, and complaining about what someone else DID or DID NOT do FOR or TO you! AT some point you must assess, reassess, HEAL, stop beating that DEAD horse, and MOVE on! Come on, now. At some point it is imperative for one to GROW UP. Stop hosting these ridiculous "pity parties" and STEP UP and be a woman or a man about yours!!!!! COME on, PEOPLE!







Canceling ALL "ridiculous pity parties" IMMEDIATELY,


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