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Soul-Search Music Ministries

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, Visionary & Servant-Leader

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With a Most GRATEFUL Heart & Ever-Increasing APPETITE To GROW

Even Stronger, Wiser & Better - Into a More PASSIONATE Woman of

POWER PURPOSE - iCassie Take This GOLDEN Opportunity To

Impart To Others That Which iGENUINELY & GLADLY GIVE

"God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire" ALL The GLORY,





iGUESS It Could GO Without Saying; But iMust ADAMANTLY Express It

Via The Song That ADONAI Wrote Through Me & GREATLY Blesses It,

Whenever iATTEMPT To Sing It Under The ANOINTING,




Basking GENTLY In The AFTERGLOW of The Overflow,



Commander-In-Chief: Jehovah Jireh

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"Music that leads the soul of man into the very presence of God!"

An EXEMPLARY "Kingdom Assignment", MANDATED By

"God The GREAT 'I AM' Extraordinaire", That Purposefully MEETS &


VAST Field of MUSIC World-Wide.


This Is a Time-Sensitive CLARION CALL To Assemble & Unite Committed

Gospel Singers & Skillful Musicians, Who Are Also CHAMPIONS

For CHRIST & Masterful "Kingdom Builders"!


...::A Brief Summary of Our Primary Purpose::...

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"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."

~Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan~


In Sharing The Simple Gospel of JESUS The CHRIST,

"(S)oul-(S)earch (M)usic (M)inistries" Will Strategically & Supernaturally

"Set a HIGHER Standard of 'Kingdom Excellence'" That Is

Significantly Relevant, By "Sowing & Serving" (S)acred (S)ongs,

(M)elodious (M)usic & Solidifying Scriptures That

Spiritually Support Them Through

"Sound Doctrine".


Psalm 150

~King James Version~


"Praise ye the LORD. Praise GOD in HIS sanctuary:

praise HIM in the firmament of HIS POWER. Praise HIM for HIS

MIGHTY acts: praise HIM according to HIS EXCELLENT GREATNESS.

Praise HIM with the SOUND of the TRUMPET: praise HIM with the

PSALTERY and HARP. Praise HIM with the TIMBREL and DANCE:


Praise HIM upon the LOUD CYMBALS: praise HIM upon the HIGH


praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD."

The International Mass Choir (COGIC) LIVE in Detroit, Michigan / Let Everything That Has Breath

The International Mass Choir - M. M. Clark

(See Memorable 1994 Photo of The Late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark At The End of Video.)

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Calling For Anointed Gospel Singers & Skillful Musicians

Ages 18 & Over! Non-Refundable Registration: $25 Per Person

Singing Aggregations

  • Joint-Heirs With Christ Praise Team

  • (U)nited (S)ingers (O)f (W)orship (USOW/You Sow!)

  • (G)od's (R)ichly (A)nointed (C)horal (E)nsemble: G.R.A.C.E.

  • Soul-Search Music Ministries Conference Choir

Soul-Search Music Ministries Band & Orchestra

(Must Have Your Own Instrument, Except Organ, Piano & Drum Set)

Soul-Search Music Ministries Songwriters

Non-Refundable Registration: $100 Per Person

(Presenting Your Original Copyrighted Songs Only)

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Psalm 98:1

~King James Version~


"O sing unto the LORD NEW song; for HE hath done MARVELLOUS

things: HIS 'right' hand, and HIS 'holy' arm,

hath gotten HIM the victory."


Song Preferences For This Organization:

Psalms * Hymns * Anthems * Spirituals * Traditional * Praise & Worship

Contemporary Christian/Gospel

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Ephesians 5:19

~King James Version~


"Speaking to yourselves in PSALMS and HYMNS and SPIRITUAL

SONGS, singing and making MELODY in your HEART to the LORD;"


Colossians 3:16

~King James Version~


"Let the WORD of CHRIST dwell in you RICHLY in all WISDOM;

teaching and admonishing one another in PSALMS and HYMNS and


in your HEARTS to the LORD."


Meetings And/Or Rehearsals Held Monthly, As Needed.

Additional Dates & Documents Will Be Sent Upon Registration.

To Request a Registration Form, Click Here:

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Mail Registration Form & Fee(s) Per Person,

Per Area of Interest To:


Cassandra Roberson-Kelley Enterprises

Attn: SSMM Membership Dept.

P. O. Box 15221

Fort Worth, TX 76119-0221

...::Payment Options: Money Order or PayPal™ Button Below::...

Turn Your Time, Talent & Treasure Into a Thrilling &

Life-Transforming Testimony of Triumph!

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St. Luke 6:38

~King James Version~


"Give, and it SHALL BE given unto you; GOOD measure, pressed down,

and shaken together, and RUNNING OVER, shall men give unto your

bosom. For with the SAME measure that ye mete withal

it SHALL BE measured to you AGAIN."


II Corinthians 9:6-8

~King James Version~


"But this I say, He which SOWETH SPARINGLY shall REAP also


BOUNTIFULLY. Every man according as he PURPOSETH in his HEART,

so let him give; NOT grudgingly, or of necessity: for GOD LOVETH

a CHEERFUL giver. And GOD is able to make ALL grace ABOUND

toward you; that ye, ALWAYS having ALL sufficiency in

ALL things, may ABOUND to every GOOD work."



Sacred Vows of a Consecrated Singer

(Compilation By Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)

LEADER: "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto Thy name, O most high." ~Psalm 92:1


SINGER: "I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving." ~Psalm 69:30


LEADER: "I will praise the Lord according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high." ~Psalm 7:17


SINGER: "I will praise Thee, O Lord, among the people: and I will sing praises unto Thee among the nations." ~Psalm 108:3


LEADER: "I will be glad and rejoice in Thee: I will sing praise to Thy name, O Thou most High." ~Psalm 9:2


SINGER: "I will praise Thee, O Lord my God with all my heart, and will glorify Thy name forever more." ~Psalm 86:12


LEADER: "Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High:" ~Psalm 50:14


SINGER: "So will I sing praise unto Thy name forever, that I may daily perform my vows." ~Psalm 61:8


LEADER: "Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men." ~Psalm 107:8, 15, 21, 31


ALL: "I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing to my God while I have my being." ~Psalm 104:33


The LORD is seeking for singers that will honor Him, praise Him, and worship Him in spirit and in truth. HE is NOT impressed with low notes, high notes, long notes, loud notes, ranting-and-raving-screaming-to-the-top-of-the-lungs notes. NO, it's about where your HEART is. What is your INTENT and MOTIVE? Are you singing to show off to others or to show reverence unto GOD?

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I am FASCINATED with gifted singers and

musicians! However, I am also AWARE of the

fact that NOT ALL who sing and play about Him (GOD) actually live for Him. When ALL is said

and done, do you really love Him? JESUS said,

"If you love ME (because HE and the FATHER

are one), keep MY commandments." You might

be brought before great men, in this life;

but will your stewardship merit you a

great reward, in the life to come?

The late Ricky Womack, with whom I sang briefly, along with Partners In

Praise, wrote one of the MOST POWERFUL and THOUGHT-PROVOKING

songs I've EVER heard, entitled, "Don't Compromise Christ", from his

first recording with the group. Some of the lyrics are:


"When our music crosses over, how much of the cross do we take with us?

When we look and act like those who don't know Christ,

Tell me, what's the difference?

Don't compromise Christ. The world wouldn't do it for you.

Don't compromise Christ. He's done so much for you.

The Word of God remains the same, yesterday, today, and forevermore."

(Copyright 2000 Ricky Womack)


If you have a REAL HEART and a REAL CONSCIOUS, the lyrics alone should arrest your spirit and cause you to consider how you stand with GOD! I'm telling you...the life of a consecrated singer or consecrated

anything, for that matter, is a life that has to be RIGHT in the eyesight of GOD. He has the LAST say - NOT man. So, take this seriously. LIVE what you SING about; then you'll have NO reason to be ASHAMED.



I Corinthians 14:15

~King James Version~


"What is it then? I will pray with the SPIRIT, and I will pray with the

UNDERSTANDING also: I will sing with the SPIRIT, and I will

sing with the UNDERSTANDING also."


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"The Main Mission of An Anointed Minstrel"

(Quote By Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)

"The main mission of an anointed minstrel is to make melodious music that ministers the gospel to all mankind, while magnifying the majestic and matchless name of Jesus the Messiah, who works miracles and moves mountains, and makes provisions that marvel many. Give God the glory, as you share His story, playing and singing with conviction and integrity. The proof of your Christianity is in the fruit of your living. So, don't give to be seen; but be seen giving!"

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Romans 1:16

~King James Version~



for it is the POWER of GOD unto SALVATION to EVERY ONE

that BELIEVETH; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."


Psalm 103:1-5

~King James Version~


BLESS the LORD, O my SOUL: and ALL that is within me,

BLESS HIS holy name. BLESS the LORD, O my SOUL, and forget NOT

HIS benefits: Who FORGIVETH ALL thine iniquities; who HEALETH

ALL thy diseases; Who REDEEMETH thy life from DESTRUCTION;


Who SATISFIETH thy MOUTH with GOOD things; so that

thy YOUTH(fulness) is RENEWED like the EAGLE'S."

Myron Butler - Bless the Lord (Audio)

"Bless The Lord" from the upcoming album "Myron Butler Worship"

Psalm 34:1-2

~King James Version~


"I will BLESS the LORD at ALL times: HIS PRAISE shall

CONTINUALLY be in my MOUTH. My SOUL shall make her BOAST

in the LORD: the HUMBLE shall HEAR thereof, and be GLAD."



  • ...::An Outstanding "Masterpiece Poem" & Must-Read For Us All::...

The Musician's Prayer

Written By Vanessa L. Miller © 2002 (Used By Permission)

**Switched From Its OWN Link Previously & Added To This NEW Link Permanently**

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Watch This...Touch Somebody & Tell 'em, "Ya Gotta Watch!"

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(W)hen (O)ur (R)eligious, (S)acrificial, (H)umanistic (I)deologies & (P)hilosophies BOW DOWN & SUBMIT To The (W)onder (O)f (R)everencing The Most (S)overeign, (H)oly, (I)nfallible &

(P)owerful GOD of ALL Creation: (W)ho (O)nly (R)eceives

(S)incere, (H)eartfelt (I)ntimacies of (P)urity,

Then WORSHIP Is "Totally & Indefinitely"

ALL About HIM! Ya Got It?

GOOD. :) xoxoxo



"Cassie": A Woman After GOD'S Own Heart

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A Worship Thought By "Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell",

Whom I Affectionately Call, "Madam Mentor":


True worship presses pass man's perceptions and ridicule of your

reverence, and does not care what it costs. To a true worshipper,

The Presence means more than public opinion.

Pray for the mockers, and embrace

The Presence.


Me/"Cassie" On da FB 04/18/13:

You Have Described Me To a "T" (Truth), Ma'am & iCan SHOW 'em

Even BETTA Than iHave Already TOLD 'em. :)


Peacefully Poised & "Pressing Pass" The Noise,

"Cassie": Postured For Purpose Passionately


**Less Than a Week Later "Madam Mentor" Writes On da FB...**


When God assigns a vision, He has already made provisions for it.

Expect it and keep looking up!! Have a purpose filled day!!


**As if she's speaking directly to me...**


Yes, Ma'am. SOLID "Confirmation"

SHALL BE Made Manifest By DIVINE

"Revelation" In Just a Few Short Days.

LOOK OUT Now! :) xoxoxo


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'Bout To Bust WIDE Open But "HOLD'n My Peace" Until Then,

"Cassie": On KINGDOM Watch & LOVE'n It!


St. John 4:24

~King James Version~


"GOD is a SPIRIT: and they that worship HIM must worship HIM

in SPIRIT and in TRUTH."

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St. John 8:32

~King James Version~


"And ye shall KNOW the TRUTH,

and the TRUTH shall MAKE you FREE."


II Corinthians 3:17

~King James Version~

"Now the LORD is that SPIRIT, and where the SPIRIT

of the LORD is, there is LIBERTY."




"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" On da FB 05/08/13:


I was SO honored to do the introductions on my dear friend and brother

Kurt Carr's newest project "BLESS THIS HOUSE"! This project is an

ANOINTED masterpiece and you need it in your library of music!



Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers-Let Everything That Has Breath Praise (Psalm 150)

Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers-Let Everything That Has Breath Praise off of his 2013 album "Bless This House Disc 1"


Giving Honor To Whom Honor Is Due - THAT Is How iFeel About

Sir Kurt Carr & You! Take a GOOD LOOK Around...What Do You See? Musical Presentations NEEDING a Touch of

"Dr. J" & "K.C." :) xoxoxo


Accepting The TRUTH While Acknowledging The FACTS,



**After Sharing The Above Post On My FB Timeline 05/09/13...**


EPIC x 2 = "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister aka "Dr. J" &

Sir Kurt Carr aka "K.C." :) xoxoxo #KaPOWful!


Sending LOTS o' "Kingdom Kudos" To My Phenomenal

"Kingdom Kinfolks" (MUAH!), "Cassie"



A 100% Accurate Statement From

**Click On The Image Below.**

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"Dr. McAllister stands as a trailblazer, providing a new paradigm for kingdom excellence in ministry; and in addition to mentoring worship leaders all around the globe, her insightful teaching continues to impact the body of Christ by elevating the understanding of radical, reverent and revelational worship.


The life of this servant of God is aptly summarized by her personal mission statement: 'To fulfill the purpose of God for my existence to its fullest capacity, to die empty: having maximized every gift, passed on every ounce of wisdom having been blessed to obtain, completed every assignment and accomplished all that God has ordained for my life.'"





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You Deserve

Chrystal Rucker: You Deserve

Song Lyrics:

Lead Vocal (2x):

You deserve my WORSHIP

You deserve my PRAISE


It belongs to You always



When I think of the goodness of Jesus

And all that He's done for me

My soul cries out hallelujah

I just wanna thank Him for saving me. Ohhhhh

original (29).jpg


You deserve my WORSHIP

You deserve my PRAISE


It belongs to You always


Oh, Lord, You deserve my WORSHIP

You deserve my PRAISE


It belongs to You always

original (29).jpg

Oh Lord, You deserve my WORSHIP

And You deserve my PRAISE


belongs to You always

Oh, Lord



You deserve my WORSHIP

And You deserve my PRAISE


It belongs to You and only to You always


You deserve my WORSHIP

You deserve my PRAISE...

original (29).jpg
original (30).jpg

What iExpressed To "Lady Psalmist Chrystal Rucker"

On da FB 01/30/13, Concerning Her Ministering This Song,

Written By "Lady Carmen Simmons":


**"Cassie" NOTE: My Comment Came During The Time "Madam Mentor"

(Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell) Featured The Song

That Morning On**


Let The "Kingdom Record" SHOW That "Lady Psalmist Chrystal Rucker"

Is "What THAT Is" & Y'all KNOW It! BAM!


(B)ustin' (A) (M)ove Ova,



"Lady Chrystal":

Cassie, I love you, girl. Thanks so much!!

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