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Cassie's Comedy Corner VIII

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

Cassandra (1).png

And The Laughter Continues...

Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

Sunshine, birds chirping, 2 bottles of water, steep Kennesaw Mt. foothills, 90 degrees, 4 miles in 55 minutes...The best lunch I've had this month. Love life? Take care of it.

"Lady Rosemari Terrell":



Forwaaaarrrrd MARCH, Sir "Bo"...even in the heat of JULY!

Have an AUGUST adventure, my friend-n-brotha! :)


\0/<--Rootin'-n-Cheerin' fo' ya,



Sir "Bo":

Sis. Rose, Sis. Cassie, thanks for the support, fam.

It was actually supposed to be 3 miles...

But I realized I dropped a lung at mile 2 and had to run back and get it. Lol


"Lady Rosemari":

Glad you went back! Lol! We need you! Lol!



Help, LAWD! Lol


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

Dear BC Powder, you are one of the nastiest things in the world, and yet, you have a winning record of working! I'm amazed. Now, if we can just get you to taste better. Signed, my body


Me/"Mama Cassie":

I hear ya, "Boo"! But that BC Powder is a cure-all for WHATEVA ails ya!

The End :)


"Lady Melissa Harden":

You ("Cassie") and Carrie (Roberson)! LOL!

Will y'all gon' and call the folks and make a commercial already?


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Haha! Please don't encourage them!



Sir Gerald Pace At His Job...Early Afternoon:

Dear 4 o'clock, Ummmm, where are you? I need you so much. I have been waiting on you for what seems like an eternity. Are you still coming?




"Cassie" NOTE:

Interpreted as meaning...

Sir Gerald is "ready to leave this place." lol


Reply/Message from 4 o'clock: I "cain't" come until 3:59:59's shift ends.

Until then...I ain't comin'. Ya heard me? Ya betta! LOL


Sir Gerald:

Lol@Cassandra!! 3:59 and a half won't do!



OOOOhhhhh, but JESUS makes up da OTHA half,

which in turn makes that "thang" COMPLETE!

Come on outta here! LOL


Sir Gerald: are just as silly as me, I see!


And THAT's why we'z "Kingdom Kinfolks"!

Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. God bless yerrrr. :)


"Lady Taylor Johnson":

**Later on**


Hahaha!!!! Lol It's 3:20


Sir Gerald:



"Lady Linda L. Ransom":

...lies are like babies...they grow and start



Ooooo..."You AIN'T NEVA lied!" Wait a sec...

THAT's a lie right there, ain't it? **smh**


(Praying) Father, forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who've trespassed against us. In the HEAVY-DUTY "Temple Cleansing," TOUGH SPOT "Heart Stain-Removing," ADVANCE POWER "Tongue-Rinsing,"

QUICK-DRYING "Tear Wiping," TURBO STEAM "Truth Pressing" (to "Iron" out the Truth), CRISP & FRESH "Garment of Praise Starching," STRAIGHT-CREASE "Will-Folding" (not MY will but THINE be done), MIGHTY & MATCHLESS name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen (WHAT?! lol).


CraZy enough to believe EVERY WORD that I just prayed,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray...Amen!

Lady Cassie, I tell know how to put the praying on, Girl! :)


"Lady Linda":

lmbo & smh...@ Lady Cassie


Sir Melvin Petty:

lol. True.



"Lady Alisha 'Lisa' Brown" 07/21/11:

Gmorn, GOD - Thank You for Another Year of Life...

Happy B-day To ME...!!



To my sista-friend "Lady Lisa":

May this special day of celebration in your honor prove to be a (H)ilariously (A)musing, (P)ositively (P)owerful & (Y)outhful experience for you.

In other words: "Don't HAPPY!" :)

Wit' lots o' love-n-BEST wishes-n-stuff (lol),



"Lady Lisa":

Girl - you are so special...thanks...!!


"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

Lord, I repent for beating my a game of checkers @ Cracker Barrel! Never underestimate the strategy of yo' mama! She's usually a few steps ahead! I smile! {~:



Wow..."A Mama Beat-Down" that da chi'ren DIDN'T see comin'! Moral of the story: "Be ye also READY, 'cause if at ANY time yo' Mama defeats y'all, she gon' TELL it!" LOL


A sista-friend of the "Champion",



"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell" On Da FB 07/24/11:


Sunday Evening Lesson:

The anointing has nothing to do with volume.

Mr. Sound Man can turn that volume all the way up to 50+, but if there be no Oil on us, we are just LOUD. #justincasesomebodybelievedthehype

Sir Minister Trevor L. Sands:

You had to not be singing if there be no oil.

"Lady Wanda":




Sir Minister Trevor:

LOL...I hate when the music is so not anointed and the sound man decides, "Well, we'll make their hearts beat out their chest. They'll think it's the Holy Ghost." LOL smh



"Make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord..." NOT a EARDRUM-BUSTING noise that has the potential to cause those, who're literally "tryna" have an EAR to HEAR, to have a "cadillac" (cardiac) arrest, instead! **smh**


Carefully guarding my EARGATE at ALL times,



"Lady Ansonia Hixon":

Say it again, Elder!


Sir Antonio Johnson:

Don't pursue a relationship when you are not equipped to carry its load.

It's not just a fantasy, it's a reality.



These days you either "come wit' it" - being ALREADY EQUIPPED -

or you'll end up re-packaged and DROP-SHIPPED!



Doin' a "reality" check and ain't tired yet (lol),



"Lady Roshun Weaver":

Yes, yes, yes and more yes.

You bashed the nail on the head, Mr. Johnson.

So, so true!


"Lady (Avis) Michelle Fisher" On da FB 07/25/11:

**After several "Facebookers" made comments on her FB page**

(Click on flier below to enlarge.)


Let me thank all of you who participated and came to what I believe was one of the best workshops I've put together. I hope you were blessed, informed and, good Lord, spiritually renewed! Love ya for life!



"Lady Michelle," I truly regret that I was unable to attend the workshop classes, due to a conflict in schedules, but God knows that I am "HAPPY-GLAD" and MOST appreciative to Him for blessing me to have my li'l hips in Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday (07/23/11) evening for the concert! O-to-da-M-to-da-G! I sang, stood up, lifted my hands, clapped, stomped my feet, danced, touched my neighbor on "bof" (both) sides o' me, and - no doubt - shook the foundation of Hell, after observing, listening, and participating in giving our God the HIGHEST & MORE EXCELLENT praise that I could give Him at the moment... considering the fact that I don't have my "Glorified Body" yet. You understand, don'tcha? :)

Thanks to you, the Right Reverend Dr. William T. Glynn, and Sir Steve Lawrence, and Sir Dr. Ricky Dillard, and Sir Malcolm Williams, and that MARVELous-n-Pow'ful Workshop Choir (including "First Lady Stephanie Glynn," who "DID THAT THANG" like nobody's for a SPENDID-n-SUPERB job! Hugs-n-Kisses to EACH of you! MUAH! xoxoxo


From MY heart to YOURS,



"Lady Michelle":

Thanks, sis. I'm still in overflow mode! It was something else.

Thanks for your support, as always. Love you for life. :-)


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 07/25/11:


Don'tchoo start, "Lady Phebe"!

I was doin' a'ight 'til I popped up on yo'

(FB) page. Shoot! LOL


"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOL, Lady Cassie! That's Mr. Simmons starting I was in the kitchen (no, I was not the kitchen sink washing my hair...

minding my own business...and...uhhh, that's all I'm gonna say about that. LOL


Honey, you DON'T HAVE TO "say" nothin'...just "do" somethin', involving two (2) pairs of luscious lips, fueled with HOT marital passion, and that's THAT (until the furtherance of the "service," of course!) Hehehehe! :)

"Lady Phebe":

Yes, indeed!! :)


"Lady Dora Moore":

Reporting you to the fire marshal...too much heat!! lol


"Lady Phebe":

They can't even put this fire out, Dora! LOL


"Kidd Blessed":


Come on now.

We's already under a burn ban (ghetto country voice)...

y'all gone start a neighborhood


"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOL! I hear ya!


Sir Jaymo Normo:

Why you be jockin' your hubby on here? LOL =0)

Nah, it's cute tho...keepin' it fresh, right?


"Lady Phebe":

LOL Jaymo...he doesn't mind...and yes, keepin' it fresh indeed!!


"Lady Angela Hines":


I gotta get some tips from you, Phebe, when I get married...

I wanna keep those flames of passion hot & burning! :-)


"Lady Phebe":

LOL Angela! Yes indeed...I'll be more than happy to


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham Preachin' On da FB 07/27/11:


God is not a man that He would lie. Whom He calls, He equips and gives VISION & PROVISION! STOP "bootlegging" & "counterfeiting" positions, titles, offices, giftings, and anointings in the KINGDOM with 2 people and a cat and calling it a ministry assignment.

"Lady Leonna Marion":

O wow, pastor!!!

"Lady Shellie Parker":

That is sooo funny and true!

"Lady Kimberly Neal":



"Lady Michelle Thompson":

LOL. Now that's the whole truth. People are springing up all over the place with these titles. Have not been to any school, might not even go to church.


Sir Rodney Garnett, Sr.:

You know what you know...And it is sooooooo...



"Lady Sandra Marie Wilson":

Oh, no, not the


"Lady Bishop Robin E. Franklin":



"Lady Andrea Dawn Ealey":

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor Sylvia!!!


"Lady Sylvia":

@ Bishop Franklin

Not the store front...the door front!!


"Lady Marsha Penny Thomas":

Ouch!!!!!!! Truth!!!!


"Lady Sabrina Nash":

@ Marsha Penny Thomas

Ouch!!!!!!!!!! Is right!


"Lady Teresa Shanklin":




"Lady Judith Ward":


"Lady Kimberly Neal":

Still chuckling at "2 people and a cat" that's funny right there...LOL!


"Lady Cheriese Williams Johnson":

U R SOOOOOO FUNNY! I will tell anyone, "Don't visit Ecclesia, if you don't want to hear the unadulterated truth in laymen's terms--EVERYONE can understand...don't act like you don't know!



**UNable to comment at THIS time, 'cause that ol' "'CAT' done got my tongue!" smh** To be continued...LOL


Sir Min. Myron Williams On da FB 07/30/11:

(Click on flier below to enlarge.)

Ok, Lubbock, TX was a moment. It was good to see some home folks at the event: Michelle Echols, Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, (Superintendent) David Haynes, and "Uncle R. Samples" (Superintendent Robert Sample) - Pastor of Holy Tabernacle COGIC.



AND HEADED TO SEE MY Sis (in the Lord), Patricia Smith tomorrow.



Sir Myron, you and H. G. (Holy Ghost) did "it" again! You know what "it" is? Yeah...THAT! lol Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to serve in music ministry..."sangin', dancin', hollerin', jumpin' and screamin'-n-carryin' on! Maaaan, I ALMOST didn't have enough voice left to serve in the last service at noon today! OOOOhhhh, but what a time! Keep ROCK'n hard-n-strong, Sir, 'cause God's gonna get (and IS getting) the glory out of this! :)

In your "cornTer"-n-Lovin' it,


"Lady Michelle Echols":

Myron, I truly thank God for you and the anointing He has placed upon you - what a blessing you were on Friday night ("Cassie" NOTE: referring to 07/29/11 in the evening service and late night musical) I'm praying for you!


Sir David G. Nevels:

Holy Tabernacle Family!!!


Me/"Cassie" On My FB Wall 07/30/11:

"Kingdom Kudos" to Barbara Watson Jackson, Bill Watson, David Haynes, Michelle Echols, Myron Williams, and Moses Tyson, Jr. for ministering with a "Spirit of Excellence" during the Texas Northwest Jurisdictional State AIM & Holy Convocation in Lubbock, TX this week/weekend.


You "blessed my socks off"! Now I gotta get some mo' socks! LOL


"Cassie" NOTE:

This also applies to Evangelist Shane Perry, Sr., who downright "PREACHED UP A STORM" Monday night, as well as during the Midday Services through Thursday! It was a CRIME, I tell ya, but NOBODY called da LAW! Why?! lol


"Lady Melissa Harden":

LoLOUDDDDDDD!!!!!! New Socks, Lord! We calling them in!!!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Giving a Shout-Out

On My FB Wall 07/31/11:


Hey, Lady Cassie!! Just stopped by your page to give you a little virtual love!! Have a fantastic Sunday afternoon. Love ya much!! :)



Heyyyy, "Lady Phebeeee"! I SO accept your "virtual love," my sista-friend for life. In fact, in the Master's hands, that "little" becomes MUCH, resulting in MORE love coming your way! How 'bout that? Can you handle it? Are you sure? Remember where TRUE love comes from? Then you won't blame me, if it knocks you SLAP OVA, right? Okay...I'm just checkin'-n-"errrrythang." MUAH! lol

"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Now, that's some love right there, Lady Cassie! :)


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"

On Her FB Wall 08/02/11:


Good morning!! It's gonna be another hot day... stay cool and drink plenty of water now!

Happy Tuesday to ya! :)


"Lady Nichole Calk Freeman":

Good morning to you.


"Lady Phebe":

Hey, Nichole...have a great Tuesday!! :)



Howdy do, and WILL do, "Lady Phebe"! And if HELL asks...

tell it emphatically, "HELL, naw, I AIN'T comin'!" Shoot!

In other news: "Happy Triumphant Tuesday" to ALL da "Overcomers"

out on da "Phebe Island" and everywhere else! :)


Keepin' my H2O nearby fo' SHO' (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

Lady Cassie, I hear you loud and clear on the "hell naw!" I must strive to live right on a daily basis, 'cause I won't make it in hell...shoot, I'm hyperventilating in Texas...that's enough! :)


"Lady Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers":

(Click on flier below to enlarge.)

It's coming soon!


Sir Fred Thomas:

Lord willing, me and my kids will be in the house!



Be THERE, or be SQUARE! lol

Just can be ROUND for all I CARE.

Whether here or THERE, I love you ANYWHERE. ;) **wink**


Because my BIG heart has SO much to SHARE,




**Speaking OFF da Cuff**

I've got FRIENDS & FAMILY who are OFF da Hook, OFF da Chain, OFF da Wall, and even OFF Base, which makes ME appear to be OFF my Rockers! But THAT's why, wit' da li'l bit o' sense I've got left, I WHOLLY lean on THE ROCK that is Higher, Wiser & Stronger than I!


"Cassie" NOTE:

Indeed, JESUS is THE ROCK of my Salvation and my Sanity. :)


"Lady Chiquita Tate":

Love it, sis!


"Lady Lisa Brown":





@ "Lady Chiquita" & "Lady Lisa"

Yes, ma'ams! Y'all KNOW I loves me some y'all. DON'T play! ;) **wink**


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes, indeed!!


"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

Where do I go? Who do I lean on? Where do I run to? I go to the Rock...

I have a word problem, but even if they are wrong, they are right.


Apostle Donald Thompson aka "BruthasKeepa NChrist":

Yea, and that is why you are Off Limits to defeat, failure, sickness, disease, dysfunction, discombobulation, disagreeable spirits, including evil occurrences: Although you were dislodged from the Rock you are not disconnected from that Rock whom is higher! :)


Song of Encouragement From ME To YOU:

(On da FB 08/05/11)


"Row, row, row your boat gently down Life's Stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Go & Seize Your Dream!"


THAT's it...

Row & Grow, people. Row & Grow.

Gwon now! :)

Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:




Come on here, Sis!

**Paddling-n-Smiling da WHOLE**


"Lady Melissa Harden":

Can't y'all tell, She's got the music in her? Lol!


"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

Thanks...I'm getting there, I hope. When you get older the rowing gets harder, but since you are wiser you should know no matter how hard the rowing, it is worth it with God. Have a good weekend, Ms. Cassie.


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Oh nooooooo...

Wal-Mart is out of Strawberry Kool-Aid...

pray for me... :-/



King of Kings, PLEASE Keep "Lady Phebe" from Kausing havoc in and around Wal-Mart fo' their lack o' Strawberry Kool-Aid! It AIN'T as Krucial as she's "tryna" make it...but WHATEVA, tho. K...thanks, and AMEN. :)


"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOL! Thank you for that heartfelt prayer, Lady Cassie!

I believe the Lord has made a way up the street @ Kroger! :)



Wheeeew! "Kingdom Kudos" to Kroger! Halleluyerrrr. :)



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On My FB Wall 08/08/11:

Savior...Savior...Hear my humble cry...while my Cassie is very busy, let her find some time for me! I'm crying Savior...


Sir Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy":

I know that's not you saying "find some time"! And you crying! Candy! Candy! Lol. OMG! I'm out of time. You be blessed, friend. ????


Hahaha! Wheeeew! **Smh** The Savior doth heareth thee, my Sweet-n-Silly S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. I'm "tryna" See if I can "find" Some time for thee this Saturday "mornTing," before my next Scheduled Event at 1 P.M. So, will THAT suffice thee? Holla back at me. ;) **wink**


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Sandy...whatever are you trying to say? I have time for all my friends!! Even the ones who are in the studio and cutting records and thangs ("Cassie" NOTE: Speaking of I have time for you...don't go there. Lol. @ Skittles...Sat. Morning no know what I do. But I'm free Sat. Nite. Lord, help me...I can't find no time with Cassie. It's like going to Ft. Knox. Help me in Jesus' Name. Amen.



"Well...keep on keepin' on then, baby."

I promise we gon' get t'getha someway-n-somehow; but in da meantime,

don't be "DISencouraged." Jesus will fix it after while, by-n-by. :)


MORE than once I've been told that I'm a MESS.

But the MARVELOUS thing about it is:


"God The Great I Am Extraordinaire" always MANAGES to MIRACULOUSLY transform my MESS into a MESSAGE that MINISTERS to all MANKIND, showing how MAJESTICALLY MAGNIFICENT He is to be able to pull it off! AMAZING, isn't it? Honey, tell ME about it...I ain't MAD neitha! :)



"Outta This World!"


Saturday, 08/20/11, I Sang da Sermonic Solo before Guest Speaker Superintendent Willie J. Campbell at the Texas Inter-Jurisdictional "Waco Experience" Convocation. He told da Saints that I was "from anotha planet." Subsequently, da man preached like he was "from outside o' da galaxy!" NOW what?! LOL He ROCKED it, tho. God bless ya, Sir! :)

Still "cassited"-n-Stuff,



Sir Prophet William Thompson, Jr.:




You are TOO kind, Sir...but I sho' thank you!

May God bless you as well. :)


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 08/24/11:

Good morning!!!!!!!!! I tell you what...ain't nothing like waking up with all your five senses intact, a sane mind, a mobile body, and a desire to help change someone's life!! Yes indeed...I'm one excited child of the King this morning!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Happy Wednesday to ya!! :)



We, the members of the Secret Sisterhood Circle of Friends Society of Coffee Drankers & Others United (SSCFSCDOU), salute you, "Lady Phebe"!


0/<--(wit' coffee mug raised high)

Cheers! :)


"Lady Phebe":

LOL!! Cheers, Lady Cassie!!



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Did you know that on this date (Aug. 24th) one year ago, it was raining cats and dogs here in Bryan-College Station (TX)?? :)



What a SIGHT, and what a SMELL, huh? LOL

J/k, Sis. Hehehehe! SMOOCHES!

;) **wink**


Commenting on the FB Profile Pic Of "Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":


Oops! I forgot to tell you...

I mean, "ask" you da otha day if you'd autograph a copy of this here WANDAfully elegant picture of yourself, and present it to me at your earliest convenience. K...thx.



Lovin' me some you (as you can CLEARLY,



"Lady Wanda":

You are so delightful...Thanks for making me smile...2 funny!


Checkin' In On "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" via da FB 08/26/11:


On this "Happy Phuntastic Phriday," while you relax on da "Phebe Island," perhaps starting your day off with a hot-n-Phresh cup o' coffee (or whateva you're "drankin'"), don't forget to thank God for Phriends like me, who will Phind you at some point in time to "give you your Phlowers while you yet live" - stable and in your RIGHT mind. ;) **wink** I love you, Phenomenal "Lady Phebe"! MUAH! :)

"Cassie the Phriendly Host"

(not to be Phoolishly confused with "Casper the Friendly Ghost"! lol)


"Lady Phebe":

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Lady Cassie!!

I've been running, running, running this morning.

Thank you for that wonderful Friday morning welcome!

I love you much!! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

**"Ackin'" (Acting) up on da FB 08/26/11**











LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!


DON'T EVEN! Hey, EVERYBODY, my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. knows RIGHT GOOD where to find me. Pay that there "AMBER ALERT" no neva mind, and replace it with a "CANDY ALERT"...'cause as SWEET as she is, I'm gon' "EAT HER UP" for this CraZiness she's been up to lately! WATCH-n-SEE, people. WATCH-n-SEE! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy":

OMG...DID SHE RESPOND? Oh, Thank you, Father, she is yet in the Land of the Living, and able to contact her Sister at some point...I thank you, Father, for my Sis, even though I can't touch her or see her face to face. I thank you for FB, that at least I can know she is yet lurking around in the land. Amen.


Put yo' face through this screen...I DARE ya to do it! Hahahaha! Wheeeew! Help me, Holy Ghost, wit' da quickness! **Smh** I love you, "Boo"...I don't care what OTHERS think of you. That's da TRUTH! ;) **wink**


"Sweet Lady Candy":

hahahaha...smiling, laughing, showing all 3 well however many I have in my mouth...LOL I guess you got my message about now, don't ya think?????????? But I do have a question? If I could put my face through this screen, what you gon do? Just asking, Sis...Just asking? Love you, SKITTLES...BTW...Are you from the hood? LOL



I will grab yo' cheeks and squeeze 'em, then give ya a GREAT BIG KISS...

and YES, I AM from da hood, and it's ALL good! LOL

Bless you, my one-of-a-kind sista! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Love you too, Sis...Now that we got that out.

Can't wait to see you. Have a beautiful day.



Ditto...and it WILL BE so! See you soon! :)



Only in the Kingdom of God can you be SOBER-minded and DRUNK in the SPIRIT at the same time, NAKED before God, yet CLOTHED with His RIGHTEOUSNESS, having a FREE "license to KILL" - as long as it involves mortifying the deeds of your OWN fleshly nature - while STILL being a SHINING LIGHT for Christ everywhere you go.


Totally AWESOME place to be in & I'm lovin' it! Care to join me?


Just turn RIGHT,

and keep STRAIGHT! :)

"Lady Melissa Harden":

Now, you know all of THAT sounds like ENTIRELY TOO MUCH to comprehend, BUT it's all da troof anyhow!

Now, go-da bed, child.

Rest yo' brain! Lol!



**After 12 A.M. CST 08/29/11**


I KNOW, right? Holy Ghost NEVA sleeps, tho...

so talk to HIM! lol


"Lady Carolyn Williams":

All I can say is wow.



I feel ya, Sis. ;) **wink**


"Lady Melissa":

The "flush" (flesh) needs to lay down, "Gull" (Girl)!! Lol



Yes, ma' won't be long. Trust me. :)


"Lady Melissa":

Aw'ight den.


**Interpretation: "Alright then." lol**


"Lady LaTrice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

Sis, thank you for the directions. I'm on the same street, traveling in the right direction. Meet you at the finish line. Love you, Cassie. Keep them coming.



You're quite welcome, "Lady La'Trice" aka "Peaches"!

Let's GO, Sis...Whoo-hoo! & Choo-Choo! :)


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Girl, you're on it with this post!!! Hallelujah!!



I like livin' THIS kinda life! ;) **wink**


"Lady Velma Alexander Franklin":

Love it, Lady Cassie!!!



RIGHT on, Sis. :)


"Lady Beverly Smith":




I just believe in givin' it to ya STRAIGHT, "biggie" really. :)


Rrrrring! Rrrrring!



The WANDAful Bell is "sounding" the late night/early

morning (08/29/11) Birthday Alarm!


But only those who DON'T HATE



Happy Birthday, my sister-in-CHRIST and friend for LIFE!

Enjerrrr...I mean, "ENJOY" the NEWER & FRESHER You,

and I'll see ya later on tonight! :)





"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

LOL!! Thanks, Songbird! Luv you!


Rrrrring! Rrrrring!



The WANDAful Bell is "sounding" the late night/early

morning (08/29/11) Birthday Alarm!


But only those who DON'T HATE



Happy Birthday, my sister-in-CHRIST and friend for LIFE!

Enjerrrr...I mean, "ENJOY" the NEWER & FRESHER You,

and I'll see ya later on tonight! :)





"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

LOL!! Thanks, Songbird! Luv you!



From Me To

Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:

\0/<--(With arms outstretched)


Come 'ere & Gimme a Hug, "Lady Sylvia." :)



"Lady Sylvia":


**All of a sudden everything goes dark! lol**




(Laid out COLD...a li'l TOO MUCH to handle, I guess!)




"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da FB 08/29/11:

Good things come to those that wait.

I'm waiting on God.

Looking and expecting.


I just took a look-see (just a li'l peek) ova into what God's got cookin' up BIG-n-TASTY fo' ya, Sis. You're gonna LOVE it - SO MUCH SO 'til it's gonna "knock yo' socks" CLEAN OFF of ya! I suggest ya go get several mo' pairs of socks, honey. Walmart's got PLENTY of 'em! ;) **wink**


Extremely "cassited" for all things S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. (lol),


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Friend, you know I know you are in my corner always.

I believe and receive every word spoken in my life.

You get yo' shoes ready, 'cause we gon' "DANCE" together.

Amen...And it is so!



"Lady Evangelist Cynthia Diggs" On da FB 08/29/11:


Woke, walked, worshipped, and now it's time to work! Make this day better than yesterday!

~Be blessed, everyone!



SMOOCHES, "Lady Cyndiiiiiii"!


One of a PLETHORA of your SMACK-DOWN fans (lol),



"Lady Evangelist Cynthia Diggs" On My FB Wall 08/30/11:

MY, MY, MY! Love you dearly!



God's BEST to you, "Lady Cyndi"! You're "tryna" make me cry, but I'm a BIG girl. Yes, I'm...I'm... **reaches for the Kleenex box** Ohhhh, NEVA mind. I'm an "Official Basket Case" right about now! Shoot! **sniff-sniff** I love you just as dearly, if not MORE, Sis. Be blessed! :) xoxoxo




"Lady Chiquita Tate" On My FB Wall 08/30/11:

**Fellow-member of AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship)**


I just love singing with you!!! ((((((Hugs))))))



Awwww...thank you EVA (ever) so kindly, "Lady Chiquita"!

The God-connection is quite EVIDENT, and I look forward to

singing with you right on into ETERNITY! :)


With lots o' hugs-n-kisses comin' right back atcha,




"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell"

On da FB 08/30/11:

The weekend and all day yesterday, ending last night was incredible. To have spent time sharing laughs with friends, my beautiful daughter (Aria), and my worship children (AOW), was the best of all BDays!!!!

And then last night, the Glory met us in a tremendous way...nearly knocked us out!! WOW!! Some people celebrate drinking shots to get a buzz, etc., but it is nothing like the Holy Ghost as a guest when He shows up with ***His Wine*** at your party!!!!!

Sir Fred Willis:

...keep the party goin'...! LOL


"Lady Wanda":

Oh, Yes!! It's going through all least!!! LOL!


"Lady Christal Mitchell-Trammel Bates":

Glory!!! I know your heart is glad. Doesn't it feel good when you have raised your child(ren) and they grow up and just bless your socks off?? That's a wonderful reward!!!


"Lady Wanda":

Yes, Christal...their expressions alone almost took me under...because sometimes in doing what you do, you don't really realize the true impact you are making in someone's life. I heard it from their own lips, and my heart has been made glad. All I want them to do is God's Will!!!! That pleases the mentor's heart.


"Lady Evangelist Cynthia Diggs":

I'm STILL drunk from the celebration! God's will be done!



Rrrrring! Rrrrring! FATHER GOD Himself picks up Heaven's telephone:

"Good Morning! 'I AM THAT I AM' speaking. How may I help you?"


"Cassie": "GOD BLESS ELDER BELL 'EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT SHE ASK OR THINK...' (Ephesians 3:20), in the earth-shaking, mountain-moving, yoke-destroying name of JESUS the CHRIST.

Amen. Please & Thank You.


FATHER GOD: According to your faith, it IS done...and you're welcome. :)


"Finna" get some mo' "socks" 4 my WANDAful mentor (lol),



"Lady Wanda":

I so receive that!!!!


"Lady Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

I knew Min. Diggs was drunk,

there's a picture of her on the floor with Bro. Omar!

Awesome time!


Sir Pastor Jermiah Johnson, Sr.:



"Lady Cynthia":

Lord, I am going to have to put up camera detectors in the church when the saints come in! #nocamerasallowedinworship! 'cause I'm subject to do ANYTHING for my Savior! Includes running, screaming, shouting, dancing, hollering, speaking in tongues, clapping, leaping, singing, preaching, dropping, rolling......


As a matter of fact, I feel one coming on right now...




GET 'EM, "Lady Cyndi"!

Just leave a li'l room fo' a sista (that would be me)! LOL

And she's OFF, ladies and gentlemen!



"Lady Cassandra Bering"

On My FB Wall 08/30/11:

I just want to say that it is such an honor and privilege to sing and be connected to such a sweet, kind, loving, funny, humble, anointed, powerful and gifted woman of God as you. You are truly an icon. I could go on, but I'm on my lunch Glad to share the same name with ya. He loves us so, huh Cassie!! Thank you for all that you do unselfishly!! Love you!!



OMGlasses! **tears o' joy all up on my lenseses!**

There is entirely TOO MUCH LOVE up in here on da FB via AOW n'em!

But I sincerely thank you for POURING IT OUT on a sista. :)

**blushin'-n-carryin' on**


As always, it is my PLEASURE to love any recipient without MEASURE.

Have a blessed day, Sis. :)


Hugs I Sent Out To My Facebook Friends N'em:


September 1, 2011:

In celebration of "Sweet September" - my birth month and the Start of my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) Season of the year - here's a li'l somethin' somethin' to letcha know I'm thinkin' 'boutcha. :) xoxoxo




FYI: This particular "app" only allows 16 friends to be chosen at one time. Well...of course I have MORE friends to hug-n-love on than THAT. lol So, to ALL da rest o' you "peeps": It's for you, too! A'ight? MUAH! Enjerrrr...I mean, ENJOY! ;) **wink**


'Cause it's what I do,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Wow! It just hit me at this very moment that it's September!! Whoo-hoo! Happy favorite season of the year is about to begin! Yayyy!!



September ROCKS! Ask me...

I BUSTED up in this world on the 26th day of this month! Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, "Lady Phebe"?!

Did you just read my latest post or somethin'?

J/k...LOL Smooches-n-stuff! :)


"Lady Phebe":

Love it, Lady Cassie...didn't realize we had so many September lovers!!

Well, alrighty then!! :)



Sir C. Ivan Johnson:

Ever been so hungry you wanted to eat foods that don't match? Like ribs and nachos???

Help ME, Lord...LOL!


Sir Rodney Bradley:

Yes! Pizza and greens. lol



Knocked out...SPEECHLESS!

**Request an "ammalamps" STAT!**


No match fo' dem non-matchin' foods,



Sir Phil Nehemiah Bryant:

wow. lol


"Lady Vonda Chappell":

Lo Mein, tacos and tamales...definitely been there.


"Lady Crystal Perine":



Sir Rolando Katt Dallas:


(Rolling othe floor)


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:




"Lady Ebony Veney":

FIYA, auntie!!


Sir Dr. Gerald T. Hightower, II:

Beautiful, Apostle Sylvia.

That hair is too pretty for you to preach!

Blessings 2U, Woman of God!


Sir Keith Armstead:

Hair looks good.

"Lady Kathryn Street":

Apostle...u hurt'em...FIYAH.


"Lady Latoya Jones":

Simply fabulous!!!!!! You need to be in somebody's hair book!


"Lady Michelle Thompson":

Great pic.


"Lady Latrice Leak":

She stays on Point!!!! Go 'head, Apostle!!!


Apostle Geneuis Karl Sells:

Queen, you always looking tight.


"Lady Michelle":

Woman of God, you truly exemplify beauty.

You make the rest of us have to work hard.

Keep on doing what you do.


"Lady Karen Wimbush":


Me/"Cassie":'re just NOT gonna be satisfied until I'm in da hospital recuperating from your KNOCK-OUT blow to my face, right between da eyes! WHYYYYYY tho, "Lady Sylvia"?! What have I EVA (ever) done to you but LOVE you, huh? I DON'T get it, Sis...HOWEVA, I DO forgive you. **Smh** lol


"Tryna" understand as BEST I can,



Apostle Rubie James:



Sir Dr. Agustin Perez:

Nice, very, very, NICE!


"Lady Kathy Holmes":

Loving your hair cut, Pastor!


Sir Wilbert Richardson:



Sir Rodney Garnett, Sr.:

Ravishing, Woman of God...


"Lady Karrien M. Williams":

Loving it, pastor.


Sir James Montgomery Manuel:


Any student of The Word of GOD, any well-studied servant of The Most High and any seasoned student of The Scriptures of The Most High...has noticed that our Lord, on several occasions mentioned the extraordinary "BEAUTY" of The wives of two of HIS Servants {ABRAHAM'S wife SARAH ~ GENESIS 12:11, 14 / and ISAAC'S wife REBEKAH ~ GENESIS 26:7} and we definately cannot forget how The Almighty described the daughters of HIS Servant JOB ~ "NOWHERE IN ALL THE LAND WERE THERE FOUND WOMEN AS BEAUTIFUL AS JOB'S DAUGHTERS..." {JOB 42:15}; Anyway, APOSTLE, the world today HAS now received a privileged opportunity to actually SEE ~ IN YOU ~ the type of "BEAUTY" which is so awesome that HE decided to leave a RECORD of such in HIS WORD!!! :)

Great Blessings to you, wonderful/virtuous Woman of God!



Ahem...**clearin' my "throak"-n-carryin' on**

And YOU ain't makin' it NO BETTA, Sir! Thanks a LOT! lol

It's "kewl," tho, 'cause I'm gon' be a'ight in a li'l while.

JESUS IS A HEALER fo' folks like me! ;) **wink**


CraZy 'bout my sista-friend "Lady Sylvia,"



"Lady Sylvia":

You are too much for me!!!

I got to get you to VA (Virginia) ASAP!!!



Let's GO, Sis! Shoot!

;) **wink**


Sir Min. Justin E. Sudler:

Apostle Cunningham, I love this hairstyle.


"Lady Sherl Johnson Streeter":

Gorgeous! As usual....


"Lady Grace Angelia Porter":

Love it!!!


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham 09/05/11:

FB FAMILY: Please visit our NEW & PROFESSIONAL website @! Be sure to click on every TAB, BUTTON & PICTURE! God has blessed us Above & Beyond what we could imagine! All I know is: GOD DOES NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU UNLESS 'HE' GIVES YOU BETTER! What the enemy means for evil, God ALWAYS turns it around for your good! GLORY TO GOD! Thank you, God, for RELEASING THE MORE!



LOOK at God, in ALL of His Kingly AWESOMENESS, exalting His humble servant "Lady Sylvia," in ALL of her Royal DIVANESS: His WONDERS to behold, I tell ya; and yet...the half has NEVA (never) been told! WHAT iz we gon' do, y'all? iRepeat, "WHAT iz we gon' do?" :)


Just askin' (even tho iKnow da answer,



"Lady Sylvia":

To GOD be all glory, dominion & power!!!

I just LOVES me some YOU!

You keep it REAL from the HEART!!!



Sis...I'm DETERMINED to be ME, come what may, honey.

Ya EITHA take me or leave me; but I BELIEVE you gon' take me!

Wise decision, Woman of God! :) xoxoxo



Jesus said, "Come unto Me, ALL ye that LABOR and are HEAVY LADEN, and I will give you REST." iCassie say, "This is the 'LABOR DAY' that the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE & BE 'HAPPY' in it."



Please REST well...hear? Jesus & I LOVE you! :)


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

On My FB Wall 09/05/11:

Mother! Thank you for being you!

You understand what I be dealing with, girl!! LOL

We still working on "Operation: Going Global" you!!! :)


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Ahhhh..."Boo"! You "tryna" make yo' mama cry on da International FB? **sniff-sniff** WHATEVA. It's okay wit' me. I vow to be ME throughout eternity, girl! MUAH! :) ~Love, Mom



As DEEPLY SORROWFUL as I am that this here "Chicken" DIED that we might LIVE, I am EQUALLY as GRATEFUL for it being FRIED in

"Cassie's Kitchen": A "Family Service-in-Demand" where I often GIVE.

**crunchin'-n-chewin'-n-carryin' on**

"Lady Everlyn Taylor Harris":

Love it, love it.


"Lady Cassandra Bering":



"Lady LaKreiasha Wright":

ROFL, SMH! What I wanna know is, "what time do we eat?"...

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

Mama, must you be a hot mess ALL the time?! LOL

Be glad I'm not there to do some choppage...

Where is my brother when I need him?! haha



Uhm...WHY iz y'all laughin' in a "Time of Mourning"

(at least fo' da "Chicken"'s next of kin)? #I'mjustaskin'


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

On da FB 09/15/11:

Sis. Kettles! lol jk (just kidding) Hey, Mama!

So, I had a dream about you last night,

and all I have to say is,

I hope you're ready!!! #gospelface

::grabbing sheets from ALL over the bldg::


Me/"Mama Cassie":

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

Eeee-ka-na-sha-ta-HA! \0/<--(in TOTAL surrenderance to His Will & Way)

Yes, LAWD! >->o (SLAIN in da Spirit without apology!)

WHAT?! :)


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Um, we do not have an interpreter at this time! lol!! jk



From Me To "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da FB 09/19/11:

Here's LOOKin' atcha, "Boo"!

\0/<--wit' OUTSTRETCHED arms to hold ALL o' my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. without dropping one piece o' her!

;) **wink** See you Sunday! Yippeeee! :)


Spoiled but DON'T care WHATCHA think NO HOW (lol),



"Sweet Lady Candy":

Hi, Honey!!!!!! Always good to hear from you. And a chance to see ya Saturday Night. It was soooooo good to see you. I just wanted to say...let's go take a flight to London...Or anywhere, just to get away. But seeing you calmed my spirit.


Can't wait to see you Sunday.

Have you told the Evangelist (Dr. Patricia R. Lewis)????



Will do ASAP! I love you "bof" (both) oh, SO MUCH!

Be blessed today and always, my sister-in-CHRIST and friend for LIFE! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy":

And you know this. Hope she ("Evangelist") asks you to sing.

I just may make that suggestion!



Ahem...a'ight then.

**blushin'-n-carryin' on**


From Me To "Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis"

On da FB 09/19/11:


"Evangelist"!!! Touch yo' neighbor and say, "Sunday, September 25th,

@ 11 o'clock A.M. 'Cassie' is comin' to da 'BIG D' 2B with Dr. PRL!"

OK...C U there! LOL


Ecstatic & "Cassited" BEYOND Belief,


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Amen to that.


"Lady Patricia":

You guys are wonderful. Pray for "Epic" church.



Sensing waaaayyyy ova in my "Sanctified Soul": There's gonna be an

"(E)ndowment of (P)ower (I)ntensely & (C)orporately"


In other words: It SHALL BE "EPIC" iAIN'T "tryna" MISS IT!

iLove you, "Evangelist"! Oh...and "Sweet Lady Candy"! :) xoxoxo


"Cassie" NOTE:

UPDATE: Received call from "Evangelist" that unfortunately, her appearance had to be cancelled.


From Me To "Lady Kathy Bowman"

On da FB 09/19/11:

iRealized that YOU needed some mo' sugar in

YO' diet; so, here YOU go: MMMMUUUUAAAAH!

Now...THAT oughta hold a sista fo' a WHOLE

minute and a half, at least.

Wheeeew! **Smh**


Took a LOT outta me, but YOU worth it-n-"errrrythang," iGuess. LOL

Be BLESSED-n-stuff, "Lady Kathy"!

iLove YOU! :) xoxoxo


Sharing "The Ministry of Me" with YOU (what else I'm gon' do?),



"Lady Kathy":

Lol! Thanks, your unique way of blessing us.

Awesome ministry...The best is yet to come...



iFeel ya! iFeel ya! ;) **wink**


Birthday Dedication Song "Redemption" (Rendition)

From Me To "Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" On 09/29/11:


**Singin' "Acapulco" (a capella)**


"Dr. J! *clap!* It's Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* We CELEBRATE U...*clap!*...on Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* Hip-Hip-HOORAY! *clap!* Enjoy Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* Glow-to-da-RAY (Glory)... *clap!*...for Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* "SOUND THE TRUMPET"...*clap!*...on Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* Let God be PRAISED...*clap!*...'cause it's Ur BIRTHDAY! *clap!* YAAAAYYYY!"

\0/<--(wavin' imaginary pom-poms, jumpin',

whistlin'-n-cheerin'-n-carryin' on),



Saying Goodbye To Sweet September

09/30/11: 'Tis the LAST day of SEPTEMBER, my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) month of the year. But it's ALL GOOD, 'cause REMEMBER: It's the month GOD chose to send/deliver me here (September 26th)! HA-GLORY! \0/<--(with uplifted hands)



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On Her FB Wall 10/03/11:


Random Thought:

Dreams aren't meant to stay that way.

Pursue them.


"Lady Charteka 'Teka' Webb":

Ok. Now, Crystal Renee',

what if my dream is about my future husband????

Ummm, help me out.

It's not my job title to be the pursuer! LOL

"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Haha! What if it's a pursuit of preparation? :)

Get in position, sis!

"Lady Charteka":



Me/"Mama Cassie":

POP! (P)ursuit (O)f (P)reparation! Myyyy GOD!

"Lady Charteka," iHate to tell ya this, but uhm...

"you just got served!"

Go 'head on and "drank" that POP, girlie girl! LOL

iLove ya, tho. MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Just sayin',

"Crystal Renee's Mama Cassie"


"Lady Charteka":



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