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Cassie's Comedy Corner IV

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

Cassandra (1).png


I Need Fo' YOU To Prepare YO'SELF

Fo' THIS One...Fo' REAL!

Let's Begin With "Lady Angela (Gray) Blair" on April 6, 2011:

**"Ackin'" (Acting) a "PURE NUT" on da FB...yet gotta love her, tho. LOL**

"In Mourning...Silly Dumb Squirrel! Why would you run across the street like that?! Sigh..."


"The most CRAZIEST and UNEXPECTED Thing just happened!! I'm about to peepee on myself! #realtalk"


"My Kids Clean Up Differently From Most People. I Was Looking For My Curling Iron And One Of Them Put It In The Refrigerator. #IQUIT"

**Reply by Lady Ivy N. McQuain Mba**

"They were trying to cool it down faster."

Lady Angela Blair" (Cont'd):

"I'm So Bored, I'm 'harmonizing' with the Test Sirens that they run in the city every 1st Wednesday. #INEEDALIFE"



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz,

while praying, "Father, when Your divine schedule permits, PLEASE pencil in a visitation with Your daughter 'Lady AGB,' and supply her with 'A LIFE.'

K...thx (that is all)."


Making my request known, as I recuperate from this FB post,



Strolling Along "Phebe Island"

On A Bea-YOU-tiful April Afternoon

Dear Dr. PMS - (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons:


As you've (P)rescribed for (M)any (S)easons now, I started my day with (P)rayer, (M)ocha, and (S)ervice to others. Thanks to you and the GOD Whom we both (P)raise, (M)agnify, and (S)ubmit to, it is officially "all good in da Kelleyhood!" Be blessed, my (P)henomenal & (M)ulti-talented (S)ista! I bid you (P)eace, (M)anifest-Miracles & (S)oul! :)


Havin' a "PMS Moment"-n-lovin' it,



"Lady Phebe":

Lady're a true gifted original, my friend!!

I absolutely love this post!!! LOL



This "POW-WOW Sangin' Woman" at da mic is: "Lady Psalmist Brenda Ellis"!


GET 'EM, "Lady Bren"! **that's me behind her... "tryna" stay focused on singin' my part, instead o' "gettin' outta line" and runnin' ova t' hit "Lady Bren" fo' "sangin' so "ver, ver" well on J. Moss' song, "Sweet Jesus." O-to-da-M-to-da-G. Lord, PLEASE have just a li'l mercy on ME! Thank Ya, Sir.** Event: "Evening Worship - Spring 2011" :)


"Tryna" do RIGHT at ALL times

(including THIS,



Now, Here's the REAL Unprecedented

"Songbird of The South"

Madame Carrie Roberson

**Ministering at the Homegoing Service of the Late Deaconess Arnell J. Harris, held at Holy Tabernacle COGIC in Ft. Worth, TX**

"Lady Melissa Harden":

Carrie L. Roberson, the greatest gospel soloist anywhere! My dear mother!


Sir Pastor John E. Taylor:

Please try not to go to heaven before you hear her sing! She is truly a gift from God!!!


Sir Gregory A. Powell:


all that talent can now be shared. Amen?


"Lady Margie Sample Burns":



"Lady Crystal Renee' (Kelley)":

I still wanna be like her when I grow up. lol

That's MY granny! haha


"Lady Marcellita E. Parrish":

The best singer in the world...every time that lady gets up to sing, she blesses my heart, and she puts a big Kool-aid smile on my face. Love HER!!!



**hollerin'-n-screamin'-n-carryin' on**



**cheezin'-n-grinnin' "as get out"** :)


Rockin' back-n-forth...'bout t' "GO IN" fo' REAL (lol),


"Cassie" NOTE: The Holy Tabernacle COGIC Praise & Worship Team served as Background Vocalists (standing at the far left, on photo above), as Madame Carrie Roberson sang, "Heaven Is My Destiny," written by her husband/my dad Sir Varney Roberson. I sang the "sermonic solo"...entitled, "I Am" (Sir Eddie James, songwriter), requested by Deacon Bennie Harris.

"Lady Marylane Lawrence":




My "Big Sister"...

"Lady Melissa C. Harden":

**In Arlington, TX on April 9, 2011**


God has been so good to me all of these 54 years. I can't explain it!!


"Lady Michelle Fisher":

I ain't mad at ya, Lisa!


"Lady Melissa":

As Cassandra would say,

"Aint God IS good?"


"Lady Michelle":

Lol...and He is!

"Lady Melissa":

lol The gull (girl) is crazee!


"Lady Karen Smith":

Beautiful picture!


"Lady Marilyn Hayes":

You don't look a day over 30!


Sir Ernest Roberson:

**My dad's nephew**


Yes, he (God) has been good to you! Obviously!!

Thanks for the pics of Aunt Carrie.


"Lady Melissa":

@ Marilyn...Thank you. @ Ernest...You too kind, Cuz! Love you, too!

You're welcome.



Uhm...excuse me, but WHO iz YOU callin' "crazee" and havin' da audacity t' tell da Great "Lady Michelle Fisher"...n'em? LOL


Wit' a spirit o' "WHATEVA, THO" (or "Don't Care No How"),



"Lady Melissa":

Too funneeeeeee. "Ain't God IS good?!!!!!!!! We love it!!!!!!

I had to say it, 'cause He SHO IS!!!



Fo' SHO' God is YET good, Sis.

Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. LOL


"Lady Melissa":

Capital L ololololol!!!!!!


"Lady Marylane Lawrence":

Young lady, you look marvelous! Ain't aged NONE! (ME NEITHER)! LOL!


"Lady Dewanda Lane":

How you doing cuz, you look good for 54!!

That's because you have God on your side. Keep it up!


"Lady Beverly Smith":

Hi, Baby! I still have you beat. You're still gorgeous! Love ya!


"Lady Melissa":

@ Dewanda...Thanks, Cuz. God is awesome to me, and I do thank you.

@ Beverly...You're right! lol! Can't touch you.

"Errbody" know you got it going on! lol

Just allow me to trail ya! lol


My Response (Amongst Others' Responses) To

"Lady Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy,"

After She Changed Her FB Profile Picture:


Ohhhh, LAWD, hamercy, hagrace, and PLEASE, Suh Jesus, haoxygen on standby fo' ME...'cause NOW "Lady Vandalyn" is SHO' 'NUFF "finna" get out yonda on da "Evangelist Field" and wreck shop, leave it there fo' somebody else t' clean up and reopen on Tuesday, 'bout a "monff" from NEXT September! WHAT?! lol


Warning "errrrybody" t' be on da LOOKOUT,



"Lady Vandalyn":

**To those who responded**


THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! I appreciate your kindness. :-)



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Got a love-hate relationship going on with my alarm clock...not much love for it this morning...

Happy Tuesday to ya! :)


"Lady Nichole Calk Freeman":

I love my alarm clock. :)

Have a great day!


"Lady Phebe":

It's gonna be a long day for me, Nichole...

won't end until 8:00 pm...pray for a sista! :)


"Lady Elaine Reed Washington":

I "accidentally" knocked my alarm clock off the nightstand and it hit the floor...Oops! 5:45 am is just too early!!

"Lady Phebe":

LOL! I hear ya, Elaine!


"Lady Everlyn Taylor Harris":

I just hate my alarm clock. No love intended...LOL


"Lady Phebe":

LOL Everlyn!!!



Ahem...I have found out that the alarm clock is THE DEVIL, when I DON'T WANT to get up outta my bed and onto the floor. Then, at other times, it's AN ANGEL, when I am so "ver, ver" excited about "rising-n-shining" to get up-n-at' bring God MORE GLORY in what the day has to bring! Now, AIN'T THAT A TRIP?! **smh** In other news:

"Happy Tuesday" to ya, "Lady Phebe"...n'em! :)


Celebrating "Alarm Clock Appreciation Day" (fo' today anyway),



"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOLOL Lady Cassie...

I'm hollering @ Alarm Clock Appreciation Day!!

What the what???




Go ' yo' alarm clock some love fo' da day.

It ain't gon' hurtcha none! LOL


"Lady Phebe":

Uhhhh...when I get my new alarm clock, I will try to start the relationship out right...the old one is flashing 12:00...and I don't intend on fixing it this time. I need to awake to soothing sounds of the waves and birds singing... on a mission to find the perfect alarm clock!!


Good luck...I mean,

BEST WISHES on finding the PERFECT one, "Lady Phebe." ;) **wink**


"Lady Jo Ann Peterson Turner":

Too funny with these love affairs.

I have to get an alarm clock.

"Lady Elaine Reed Washington":

Let me know when you find the perfect one, Phebe!


"Lady Phebe":

Happy "Alarm Clock Appreciation Day"

(per my FBF Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)...may all those with love-hate relationships with your alarm clocks have nothing but love for your clocks on this day! LOL



\0/<-- (Cheerin'-n-Wavin'-n-Carryin' on)


YAY! Same to YOU, "Lady Phebe"! THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Sis! LOL


"Lady Phebe":



Sir Sheldon Gentry:

TOO LATE!!! I Woke Up yelling At My Clock Like It Was Gonna Talk Back.


It's Gonna Be A Misunderstanding. Lol


"Lady Phebe":

Sheldon!!!! That's too funny!!! Not the misunderstanding excuse!

LOL...will that stand up in court? LOLOLOL


Sir Sheldon:

Uhhh!! Your Honor, I Told It Not To Beep Anymore.

So It Tried To Be Slick And The Radio Came On.

So It's Not My Fault That It Ended Up In The Closet.


"Lady Phebe":

...broken into a thousand hope the jury has an "understanding" for your story, Sheldon! LOL


"Lady Miriam Shepard Alderete":

I'm sorry...this is one "Appreciation Day" that I will not participate in! LOL!!! Although, if it weren't for my alarm "clock/phone" I would NOT get out of bed on work days! I have no problem on the weekends though! :/


"Lady Phebe":

LOL Miriam...come on now...where's the love? LOLOLOL



**Thinking: Poor alarm clocks...MOST o' da "time" they get NO respect!**

(Get it? "Time"? Oh...NEVA mind.)


"Lady Phebe":

LOL...oh my!! Yes, I get it, Girl! :)

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