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Cassie's Comedy Corner IV

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)



Cassandra (1).png
Cassandra (86).png



"Lady Lisa Brown":

"We are marchin'...marchin' up to ZION..." We are March-ing...

in mo' ways than one...LOL!!


Come on here, girrrrl! LOL


"Lady Lynda Hickman":

Love it---got my marching shoes on.





"Traveling Shoes, Lord. Got on my Traveling Shoes!"

Dem "youngin's" don't know nothin' 'bout that, "Lady Lynda,"

but I dare 'em t' keep on livin'! Watch yo' step, now! ;) **wink**


"Lady Dr. Rita L. Twiggs":

Life is a 'Forced March!' No Dropping Out!!!!



That's "F.M." (Forced...get it?) on Life's radio dial. Don't worry 'bout "tryna" find da station, 'cause this one here will find YOU! Okay? I'm just sayin'...and stayin' while I'm down here prayin'. :)


'Cause I AIN'T NO "Drop-Out,"


Cassandra (87).png


Ahem...yes, I would like to order a box of "Candy," please. What kind? Hmmm...lemme see. Oh, of course! S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. (S)isters (K)eeping (I)n (T)ouch (T)o (L)ove, (E)ncourage & (S)upport. Duh! Hello?! ;)**wink**


Just "tryna" feed this li'l "sweet tooth" of mine (lol),



**Eleven (11) days later!**

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Cassandra (88).jpg

Hi, Sweetheart...

Stopped by to say I love you much and miss you so.

I know I've been away for a min.

but I'm still in the land of the living, thank God.



My heart is raining S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.!!! OMGlasses!

**tears o' joy, mixed with sadness from missin' a sista like CraZy...but I'm "tryna" be a BIG girl-n-"errrrythang," all up on my lenseses!**


Thanks for "sweetening" my (FB) page, "Sweet Candy."

Bountiful blessings to you in Jesus' name, Sis.

I LOVE YOU, too! :)


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Who took my sunshine away today? Can you please send it back so my power nap won't turn into a power sleep...thank you. :) 

Cassandra (89).png


Now, LOOK: iSunshine NEVA (never) signed up to shine every time "Pretty Mrs. Phebe" wanted me to! iDeliver when-n-where my "DADDY" says to.

Ya got that? iHope so! LOL


"Lady Phebe": it!! :)


"Lady Linda L. Ransom":

Phebe!!! I found a theme song for our "Coffee" club!!!!

Hmmm Hmmm coffee!!! ;-P

Folgers in your cup My Version

This is the version pre reading the rules. I liked it but what do you think?


"Lady Phebe":

Whoo-hoo!!!! I'm sipping on a cup right now! LOL



YESSSSS! Folgers! Maxwell House! Sanka! WHATEVA!

Just pour me some in a cup, and HAND IT OVA...shoot!

Oh, my, my. Forgive me, people. I wasn't ready fo' this prior t' havin' my FIRST "drank" o' java fo' da day; but I'll be a'ight in a minute.

**"breave" in, "breave" out.**


Ahem...**gettin' myself togetha so I can get myself togetha**

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Have a blessed day. AMEN.



"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOL Lady Cassie!! Cheers!!



0/<--Cheers, "Lady Phebe"!

There IS hope for me. I don't care who thinks otherwise! :)


Cassandra (90).jpg

"Lady Cassandra Francis-Terry":

"Really needs the sun to come out...

because if it doesn't, getting out of bed

doesn't look probable!"



Uhm...Hello, "Sunshine"!

Rise up and walk...I mean, "shine,"

'cause YOU "light" up my life!

Loose that bed and let it go...NOW! lol


Commanding, demanding, and yet loving,



"Lady Cassandra":

Lol, you so funny!


Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley:

I'm on a 30-day far I've lost 15! bad!



EVERYONE who is holy, righteous, and CAN-n-WILL get a prayer of DELIVERANCE through, PLEASE join with me, standing FOXY in PROXY on behalf of THIS brother...STAT! Wheeeew! **smh**


Prayin', askin', and hopin' fo' a



Cassandra (91).jpg


"Attack of the Zany Li'l Zipper"

Cassandra (92).jpg

Psssst...lemme ask ya somethin':


Have YOU or "someone" you KNOW ever been "held hostage" by your, his, or her OWN clothes? No...SERIOUSLY; because it happened to me...I mean, "someone" that I know "ver, ver" well!


This "person" was attempting to unzip a "particular article of clothing," and the zipper got STUCK! So, after "strugglin'-n-strainin'" fo' 'bout 15 minutes or longer t' "unstick" it, this "person" finally decided t' just cut her...I mean, "their" way out of it, and be DONE wit' it! Besides, it was already waaaayyyy past this "person's" bedtime, and "they" were NOT gonna sleep comfortably in "those clothes," compared to REAL sleepwear. Ya feel me?

Honey, AIN'T NO piece o' clothing or NOTHIN' else gonna have THAT much power ova (over) me...I mean, "anybody," if "they" can help it! Okay? And that's ALL I gotz t' say 'bout THAT! Hmph. The End


Sir Ross Haynes:

Hi, Cassandra...

Hope you enjoyed your sweets from,

"Cakes By Delessa."

Bro. Kelley is the man!

Let's stay in touch.



Cassandra (93).jpg


Yes, indeed, Sir Ross! COFFEE & CAKE ROCKS (with its limits, of course)!

Please give some "sweet kisses" to your "sweet wife," on behalf of my "sweet hubby" (whom I consistently call, "Sweetie," by the and my OWN "sweet self." Well, that's what SOME people say about me, and...uhm I'm just CraZy enough to BELIEVE 'em. Ain't that "sweet"?

SHO' it is! LOL God bless you, Sir, and yes, "let's stay in touch." :)


Cassandra (94).png

"Lady Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

You know you sho can sang! I ran across a video of you, and it just 'bout took me in! Yes, Lawd!



Awwww...thank you, "Lady Cym"!

HOWEVA, I take absolutely NO credit or responsibility for it WHATSOEVA. Everything I say-n-do has God's BIG ol' fingerprints, as well as His "stamp of approval" written ALL OVA it! So, that means...I'm INNOCENT. Period. Hehehehe! Be blessed, Sis.


I love you. MUAH! :)


A "Ver, Ver" GOOD Point by "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Okay, I'm not talking about you...just talking about what I'm talking about: YOU are the author of your happiness...every character, scene, plot, etc. is a choice that YOU make! If you don't like the way the story is going, change it! Yes, it's that simple... characters get written out of the script all the time! I'm just saying... :)


SAY ON, Sis! My "story" is called, "I AM ALL THAT."

Why? Because "GOD the Great I AM" is "ALL THAT"

(and a "BIG ol' Bag o' Groceries") inside of ME.

Thus the saying.

Cassandra (95).jpg

So, ladies and gentlemen, if ya don't like THIS "True Story," uhm...DON'T buy da "Book" (with or without "the author's signature")! The End **smh**


"Lady Phebe":

Oooooooooo weeeeeeeeee @ "if ya don't like this...don't buy the book"!!!

Yes, indeed, Lady Cassie...yes, indeed!!!


BELOW: "Kingdom Kudos" to Sir Kirk Franklin and ALL o' dem "KraZy Kats & Karacters" that are a part of his recording sessions-n-stuff. Keep it "krunk" for JESUS CHRIST, y'all! K...thx (that is all).


Wit' lots o' love, hugs-n-kisses komin' right atcha,


In The Studio with Kirk Franklin - "Before I Die"

Go in the studio with Kirk Franklin and get a behind the scenes look into the session for Kirk's song, "Before I Die," which is featured on his upcoming project, Hello Fear in stores March 22, 2011


Cassandra (96).jpg

Special Song Dedication: Serenading PMS

**Uhm...that is, Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons...LOL**



Monday is Dr. PMS's FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite)

Day of the Week. PERIOD. :)


Ahem...**clearin' my "throak"-n-"errrrythang" to sing:** Happy MONDAY to you! Happy MONDAY to you! Happy MONDAY, "Lady Phebe." Happy MOCHA MONDAY "MornTing," wit' a side order o' MARSHMALLOWS, M&M's (plain or peanut?), MILKY WAY BARS & MACADAMIA NUT cookies toooo you...and MANY "MOORE"! Ahhhh...yes! "Sweets for the Sweet"! Enjoy, my sista! LOL

From yo' CraZy-but-STILL-gotta-love-me-ANYHOW-sista-friend-for-life,



"Lady Phebe:

LOL!! Happy Monday indeed, Lady Cassie!! I love this post!

Thanks, Girl! :)



MUAH! ;)**wink**


Visiting With My Girl

"Lady Jermia Cannon" on da FB:

"Lady Jermiaaaa"!!! A "li'l birdie"...I mean, "an angel" told me that you wuz...I mean, were missin' me and "errrrythang." SOOOO, I thought I would just "swang"...I mean, swing by and say, "Hellerrrr"...I mean, "Hello," to you, Sis. How 'bout that? Ain't God...I mean, Isn't God good unto rus...I mean, us? :)


Missin' you too-n-stuff,


Cassandra (97).png

"Lady Jermia":

Lady Cassie!!! That li'l birdie...I mean, angel told you right!! I wuz missin' you pretty badly!! God is a wonda...I mean, wonder in my soul!! He knows just what we need when we need it!! I love you so!! Thanks so much for the love!!



Yes, ma'am, honey! That "li'l birdie"...Oops! Uhm..."angel" stays in communication, 'cause we gotz t'...I mean, have to carry out the Lord's business of loving, caring, inspiring, and encouraging our "peeps" so that they'll stay strong and emPOWered during our journey HOME. Ya feel me? I KNOW ya do! Be blessed, my sweet sista. I love you, too! ;) **wink**


"Lady Jermia":

Some people are blessed with the gift of gab, others with the gifts of music, singing, drawing, etc...You were blessed with the gift to encourage others!! Amongst other gifts, of course!! Thanks so much for those words to me. They were timely and uplifting!! You be blessed as well, my Big Sweet Sista! ;-)


Cassandra (98).jpg

Well, well, well...LOOKY here, LOOKY here:

The "Devil-Slappin' Evangelist"


Dr. Patricia R. Lewis shares the SAME

birthday as my "hubby" (March 22nd)!

No wonder you're "good people"!

Ain't that right?'s because of JESUS.

Hiya! See? I know the REAL truth! LOL


Enjoy this "ver, ver" special day; just try

not to eat TOO MUCH cake, a'ight?

Congratulations, BEST wishes,

and I love you! MUAH! :)

Celebrating "The Gift of You,"



Sir Prophet William Thompson, Jr.:

In your battles today, pick up five smooth stones; God will be transforming your slingshot into a gun!!!! Your enemy won't know that they had brought a knife to a gun battle...Ask Goliath. Oh! Wait!! That's right, you can't he's dead already!!! Most of our enemies are making the same mistakes.



Cassandra (99).png


Yes, Sir...dem der "DAD-BLASTED & DUMB" enemies are da "ver" ones

dat get "KILLEDT" da QUICKEST!



"Quick-Draw MaCassie"


"Lady La'Trice Wilson":

Cassandra (100).png

Haven't been on (FB) in a minute. But Trust me, I'm blessed beyond

my wildest of dreams. God is soooo faithful. I just love Him so.

Y'all with me????



Yes, I'm wit' ya, Sis!

I've been wit' ya since I first was!

So, where iz I'm goin', huh?

;) **wink**


Today and always,


"Lady La'Trice":

I love you, Cassie. A REAL Saint of GOD!!!!!


"Lady Katrina Bryant Dawson":

It doesn't matter what it looks like in the natural. It doesn't matter what obstacles I may be facing. It doesn't matter who or what may be trying to come against me. It doesn't matter if I have been hurt. We need to let 'satan' see we know how to have a Praise Party!!! I can feel the breaking of day! My blessing is on the way! Party over here!


Pass da "dranks"! Uhm...I mean,

"The Living Water," and let's get this

"Holy Ghost Party" started! WHAT?! lol

Cassandra (101).png

Lovin' me some HIM & some YOU,



"Lady Katrina":

LOL! I love you, sis.



"Lady Esther Womack":

Beautiful day out here.

Sitting outdoors enjoying the breeze and watching the ducks waddling into the pond.

Wish you were with me to share it!



I AM with you, "Queen Esther"...

in your heart. REMEMBA? lol

Okay, okay.



Peekin', "tryna" see da ducks whilst I'm tucked inside,



"Lady Esther":

You are too funny and, of course, you are always and will forever hold a very special place in my heart. Enjoy your day.

"Lady Patricia Tyson":

Klutz update...the knee is better, but now, my tail-bone hurts. I didn't know that that would ever be possible. I've got plenty of cushion!

Oh, well...I still have joy!



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

**"cain't breave"!**


In need of a "Ammalamps"...STAT!



"Lady Patricia":

CASSIE!!!! ROFL!! Ammalamps!!!

Cassandra (103).jpg


ANOTHA Day in The WANDAful World of Facebook...


"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

Surprise, surprise, surprise!! LOL!!

Just checking in and wanting to say I just luvs me some anointed,

crazy woman singing CASSANDRA ROBERSON-KELLEY.

You are such an inspiration!!!!



**blushin'-n-carryin' on**


What a "ver, ver" PLEASANT "surprise" it IS too,

"Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

But uhm...WHO iz YOU callin' "crazy" up in here, on da FB, huh?! LOL Ohhhh...NEVA mind. CraZy IS as CraZy does.

So, let's just leave it at THAT, shall we?

YES, we shall. MUAH! ;) **wink**


Yo' CraZy-but-STILL-gotta-love-me-sista-friend-for-life,



FUN'n With "Lady Linda L. Ransom" on da FB:

**The last day o' March!**

Cassandra (104).png

Psssst...Excuse me.

Uhm...I was just wondering if you could hit a sista up wit' some "MYL" (MO' of Yo' LOVE), seein' that I'm havin' a li'l bit of a "LLR" (Linda L. Ransom) deficiency complex right about now. Hey, DON'T judge me. Just gimme what I need, and I'll leave ya alone...shoot!

Ya got it? GOOD. :)


Sayin' THAT to say, "I miss you, 'Lady Linda'!" (lol),


"Lady Linda":

Aww, Lady Cass...I miss you too...You know we go WAY back to when FaceBook was



True that, Sis...true that! :)


"Cassie" NOTE: See, "Cyberspace Peeps"? I have the BEST friends EVER, and TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER & EVER! :)


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