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Cassie's Comedy Corner X

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

Cassandra (1).png

"Finna" Knock Yo' Socks Off, Honey.

Got Some Mo' Socks? I'm Just Askin'. Hehehe!

On this First Day of February, in the Year of our Lord 2012, iWish my FB Family & Friends a Fabulously FUNtastic 29 Days of MORE LOVE & LAFFTA! iFind that if Folks would Furnish OTHA Folks with "God-Approved Expressions of Affection" on da daily - instead of waiting For the Official "Fixed Date" of February 14th (Valentine's Day) - there'd be Fewer chances of those gestures appearing to be so Frigid, Flaky or Fake until it Freaks ya SLAP OUT! What-the-FUNyuns?! #CryingFoul

Come on now...Face the Fact,

and 0/<--Gimme a High-Five me on THAT!



Setting HEARTS aflame wit' a "Fresh Fire" under my Fanny (lol),



"Confessions of Da Freeloaders"

(Father, Forgive Us...For YE Know How WE Do.)

"Cassie" NOTE:

Revealing names so da Prayer Warriors

will know who to pray for! LOL


"Lady Andrea Lewis Williams":

Walked in Sam's starving, left full...SMH


"Lady LeGena Watson-Collins":

One of my favorite places to go.



"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell" On da FB 01/31/12:

**UPTIGHT 'bout some DOWNRIGHT "video foolishness"! #KaPOW!**

"Lady Paula Bibbs":

I really love going on Saturday mornings.


"Lady Andrea":

Me too, Gena & Paula. It's Christmas dinner on Saturdays. LOL


"Lady Oshena Pitts:



"Lady Gloria Lowe":

I know that's right, First Lady! I was just saying I'm gonna get my own card so I can go in there when I get ready, with or without money. lol


"Lady LaTanya Jones-Harden":

That's how you save on eating out.


"Lady Carla Williams":

Lol, I need to start going back.


Sir David G. Nevels:

I love Sam's. I go there for #Sams





Give us THIS day and ERRRRday our daily bread, that we may make "SAMwiches" and OTHA snacks at SAMS in the name of FREE...iMean, JESUS. Amen. #WhereMyIntercessorsAt?

Because it NEVA hurts to (A)sk, (S)eek & (K)nock,



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

**(S)isters (K)eeping (I)n (T)ouch (T)o (L)ove, (E)ncourage & (S)upport"**


This is so funny. Of course, it don't take much for me to go in...

I was on the floor laughing.

can't stop laughing

The Bride and Groom can't stop laughing during their own wedding.Note: That is the groom's laughter. He is wearing a microphone.

"Lady Juanita Tillery":

Funny stuff!



Allz I'm gon' say to this here is:

THANK GOODNESS da man had on a decent pair o' boxers!

And da church said...HA-HA! iMean..."Amen!" :)


SO glad to know that da GOOD LAWD has a sense o' humor,



Sir Giovanni MG Brown:



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 01/30/12:

Baking a double fudge chocolate cake

for my daughter!

Just because....



Ahem...and "Lady da WANDAful Bell," uhm... iWOULDN'T be mad at a sista, if a sista baked da same "thang" fo' a sista "just because" NEITHA! I'm just sayin'...and expectin'. #Thatisall


Whistlin'-n-Waitin' Patiently (,



"Cuz'n Cheryl Murphy Thomas"

aka "PoeticOne":


I have to stop saying,

"How stupid can you be?"

I think people are taking it

as a challenge....


"Lady Makesha Parrish":

Lol - literally! Too funny!


"Lady Aimee Ryan Magee":

Like Bubba's mama said in Forrest Gump,

"Is ya crazy or just stupid?"


"Lady Sabrena Bynum-Owens:

Are they actually intelligent enough

to know it's a challenge, though?

Lollollol, Cheryl...


"Cuz'n Cheryl":

HA!!!!! Tell me about it!!!!


"Lady Labrenna Hill":



Me/"Cuz'n Cassie":

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

Yep..."Stupid IS as Stupid DOES."

In OTHA words:

Stupid is stupid enough to SHOW ya

how stupid Stupid is,

BETTA than Stupid can TELL ya!



Lovin' my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite)

"Cuz'n Cheryl" (lol),



"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell" On da FB 01/31/12:

**UPTIGHT 'bout some DOWNRIGHT "video foolishness"! #KaPOW!**

Video footage is so damaging. Why would you make a "naughty" video of yourself and then post it on "" for the world to see and then get upset when you can not get a decent job offer or maintain the job that you have? The video was sent not only to everyone in your office--but all 9 offices in the Southeast Region??? Once it's published on the web---it's a WRAP!



Rememba: COMMON SENSE been MIA since 4EVA.

iAm NOT surprised by this kinda NONSENSE, but it still makes ya wonda

how MUCH and how OFTEN can anybody be this SENSELESS?

It makes absolutely NO SENSE to me, Sis! **Smh**


Gettin' & Keepin' MY MIND on JESUS: "The Mind Regulator,"


"Lady Evangelist/Pastor Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson"

On da FB 01/31/12:


What a mighty God we serve. He's always on time, never calls in sick, takes vacations, goes on strike, laid off or terminated from His assignment. He's dependable, reliable and accountable. When you call He answers, you will never get voicemail or elevator music. He's the Board of Directors all by Himself and Promotes from within. Such humility, never makes excuses and always keeps His word. Awesome is our God. He's not like man.

"Lady Keosha Peyton Middleton":

Amen to that!!! I just love HIM.

Me/"Cassie": cue da musician to take you UP a WHOLE step, from A-flat to B-flat! GET 'EM, Sis! iTold ya "they" ain't ready fo' ya! HA-GLORY! **takes off runnin'-n-shoutin'-n-dancin' down da virtual aisles of "Facebook Cathedral"! NO ushers required, thanks!**


Lovin' me some YOU "makin' it do what it do" (lol),



"Lady Shawn":




"Lady Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons" On da FB 02/01/12:

Back by popular demand...LOVE Dr. PMS...

watch for your daily dose of LOVE NOTES

just in time for the month of love! :)



\0/<--(Wit' hands all up in da air-n-carryin' on)






THUMP! >->0 (passes SLAP OUT at the thought) #GotOxygen?


"Lady Phebe":


get your oxygen tanks ready...have them on standby! :)


"Lady Viveca Deanes":

Phebe, I knew it was coming. :)


Last year's "Love Notes" definitely should have a "Marital Advisory - for the saved and/or married only" label. They have been known to have married people fanning themselves. They are not for the physically - or spiritually-challenged...note the end of Lady Cassie's previous comment. Prior to last February, Phebe would occasionally post similar type material in her poems. Since February 2011, she has not posted this type material, which means this month's posts may be the virtual world's equivalent to removing the top from an unopened bottle of carbonated beverage after having shaken it vigorously for almost a year.

Lady Cassie/Phebe, are there medic alert bracelets specially designed

for those who read Phebe's Love Notes?

Hmmm...untapped market maybe?


Somebody, PLEASE "tap da market"!

A sista (that would be ME) oh, so


a BRIGHT RED "medic alert bracelet"

to holla LOUD when a sista is

knocked SLAP OUT!

K...thx. #Thatisall


"Lady Phebe":

Vicki!!! I'm hollering over here! That is too funny!! I've been busy saving the world and have neglected my passion of writing about married love!! Let's see if my first note lives up to your

"Cassie" NOTE:

Sorry, "Cyberspace Peeps"...ONLY the "tagged" FB Friends of Dr. PMS


of this most PRECIOUS & PLEASING "Cup of Finesse."

Ahhhh....YES! It's our Dr. PMS,

sharing her "two cents" on Love & Romance!

As often as ye drink of this "Cup of Finesse,"

just know that it's comprised of da FULL Flavor of "Truth & Prowess"!

We SO love you, Dr. PMS, even tho you're both a "Friend & A Hot Mess"!

;) **wink** xoxoxo

Official Spokesperson for "Oxygen Tanks-R-Us" (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Lady Cassie...a hot mess I it!

Keep me lifted in prayer! :)



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"

On da FB 02/03/12:


My name is Crystal & I am (officially)

a Mac! #yay!


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Way to go, "McCrystal"!

Whoo-hoo! "FRIES":

(F)amily (R)ights (I)n (E)ach (S)tudio come wit' that? #MamaPOWer


'Cause iWanna Know (lol),

"Mama Cassie"




"Lady Evangelist Sheilah Vickers"

On da FB 02/03/12:

So today a portion of the student body (300 students and staff) went to see Red Tails. It was an important lesson in history to celebrate African American men who contributed to our country...But if they clap for another triumph or gesture of love or giggle one more time!!!! #talesofateacher


C'mon, Sis...give "us" a break, will ya?

iMean: What's a clap-n-giggle betwixt students-n-teachas, huh?

**clappin'-n-chantin'** "Hercules! Hercules!" LOL


SO enjoyin' da tale of Black Tails in da Movie "Red Tails,"



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 02/03/12:



I might be GOING THROUGH, but I'm about to COME OUT!!

Dr.Dorinda Clark-Cole Singing Im Coming Out Part 1

Dr.Cole Singing Im Coming Out


BAM! \0/<--Yes, MA'AM! Let's (B)ust (A) (M)ove with this JAM:

**Singing** "I'm comin' out with my hands up!"

(da Dorinda Clark-Cole version)

NOW what?! ;) **wink**


Steppin' down da SANCTIFIED aisles o' "Facebook Cathedral,"





"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On da FB 02/08/12:

Morning Mocha:

Don't waste time fixing up what God is tearing down!

"Deconstruction comes before Reconstruction."

Major love.


**Amongst others' comments, of**


"Lady J," if iDIDN'T know that SLAPPIN' you 4REAL would HURT-n-STING yo' FACE 4REAL, iWould MOST certainly do just that! I'm bein' STRAIGHT-UP wit' ya! LOL It's amazingly "HILL-air-ee-US" how WE do sometimes: "TOUCH yo' neighbor...", "HIGH-FIVE da person next to ya...", "SLAP somebody and tell 'em..." WHAT?! **Smh**


iJust LOVE ya, Sis! The LORD knows iDo.

IReally DON'T wanna bring HARM

to ANY part of of ya NEITHA.

So, "scratch" (erase; withdraw) da SLAPPIN',

and continue TEACHIN'-n-REACHIN'

while makin' things HAPPEN!

How 'bout that? Be Blessed, Sis!

;) **wink**

Yo' CraZy "Kingdom Sista-Friend" 4REAL & 4EVA,




Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 02/09/12:

**In a Justifiable Tirade, Rated KSD: For "Kingdom SmackDown"! lol**

NEWS BLAST: Please, DO NOT inbox me with your nonsense! DO NOT tell me you want to be my friend, make me a Bishop, help me with my ministry, join your organization, invite me to minister and then try to ease your way into my space! I am serious about what I do. I may look meek, but I'm not weak!


Don't let the smooth taste fool you! I have sharp discernment! I can SMELL FAKE, PHONY, WANNA BE, SO-CALLED LEADERS sometimes with 3 titles in front of their name whose MAIN MOTIVE is to try to get with me! I'M NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU NOR DO I HAVE TIME FOR YOUR FOOLISHNESS! My pastor girlfriends don't either! STOP IT BEFORE GOD EXPOSES YOU!









Quick...somebody call 9-1-1!


at the hands of Dr. SWC, and it AIN'T PRETTY NEITHA! Wheeeew! **Smh**


Praying MIGHTILY fo' da NEXT of Kin,



"Lady Sylvia":

@ Cassandra...AAAAUUUGGHHHH! Too funny!


"Cassie" NOTE:

Uhm..."Cyberspace Peeps," iTold y'all earlier on, somewhere on the first

"Cassie's Comedy Corner" page to "Beware: She's 'oo-wee' dangerous!"

NOW do y'all believe a sista?! Ya betta! Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. LOL



Sir Rev. John W. Delley On da FB 02/09/12:


"I'll take Jesus for mine. I'll take Jesus for mine.

You may have the whole wide world, but I'll take Jesus for mine."

Just had a burst of old school in me!



DON'T fool yo'self..."old school" ROCKS!

Tell 'em, Sir "Rev." & Keep "burstin'" fo' JESUS,

the ROCK of our Salvation! Yes, Sir! :)



Takin' JESUS fo' MINE Too & Lovin' It,




My Funny Valentine's Day Treat 02/14/12:


Pssst..."Lady Phebe Moore Simmons"

aka "Dr. PMS" aka "Dr. Love":


Here's a li'l somethin' somethin' fo' ya to have

wit' yo' "liquified coffee beans" aka

"happiness in a cup"! iLove you, Sis...MUAH! "Enjerrrr"...iMean, ENJOY! :) xoxoxo


From MY Heart To YOURS,


"Lady Phebe":

Oh my...those cookies actually look good...gingerbread, maybe...I love gingerbread! And how did you know I was sipping on my hot beverage? LOL! Happy Valentine's Day, Lady Cassie!! :)



A sista KNOWS what a sista KNOWS!

Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. God Bless Yerrrr. ;) **wink**


"Lady Phebe":

LOL...of course!! Love ya, Girl! :)



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" On My FB Wall:


One Word: WOW!

Two More Words: RED ROSES!

Three Additional Words: LOVE YOU TOO!


:) xoxoxo


Humbly & Sincerely,



To My (V)aluable, (A)dorable, (L)oving, (E)ncouraging, (N)urturing, (T)houghtful, (I)nspirational, (N)oble & (E)xtraordinary

"Kingdom Sista-Friend"


Candy Clinkscale Morton

aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

This Special (V)(A)(L)(E)(N)(T)(I)(N)(E) 


only "scratches the surface" of what having you in my life truly means to me.

Fortunately & Miraculously, by DIVINE INTERVENTION,

"deep down in my heart" is where you'll find



Giving you INDIVIDUAL attention (can you say "spoiled"? lol),



"Sweet Lady Candy":

Awwwwwww...How Sweet!!!!! You are so kind to me!!!!!

Love you, SKITTLES!


"Sisters Keeping In Touch To Love, Encourage & Support"


"Lady Debora Clark" On My FB Wall:




Awwww, "Lady Debora..."!


**Begins chanting:**


iWill NOT cry! iWill NOT cry! iWill...i...iWill NOT...i...Oh, NEVA mind!

**Tears** Sniff-Sniff **reachin' fo' 100 sheets o' Kleenex...sigh**




"Lady Cymien 'Cym' Hughes"

On My FB Wall:


How CUTE is this, "Lady Cym..."?!

Actually, iThink it's da CUTEST...just like YOU!

Thanks EVA (ever) so kindly, Sis.

iLove you! MUAH! xoxoxo

;) **wink**


With a Grateful Heart,



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On My FB Wall:


To MY Mother:



Me/"Mama Cassie":

**Hollerin'-n-Sreamin'-n-Carryin' On**



HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to YOU too! :) xoxoxo


Wit' a WHOLE LOT o' Smooches & Stuff to Hold ya 4EVA,

six-and-a-half weeks and countin' (lol),

Yo' "Mama Cassie"


To My Beloved & FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Daughter

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" aka "C. Renee'" aka "Re-Re"

aka "Fruitful Poet":

I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Mama" RIGHTS (lol),

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Haha...YEST!!! LOVE IT!!!!


"Lady Evangelist/Pastor Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":

**Crystal's "Spiritual Mama"**





To My Beloved "Lady Bell" aka "Lady da WANDAful Bell":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo #Thatisall


Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),



"Lady Wanda":


This is soooooooo precious!


THAT's whatchoo GET for being SO YOU! ;) **wink**


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On My FB Wall:

Happy Valentines Day, Sissy!! Thanks for being a true sister!



YOU likewise, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

Being STUCK on a sista is NOTHIN' fo' NEITHA of us to be BOUND with,

'cause "whom the LORD sets FREE (knowing the TRUTH by LOVE...

come on here, now) is FREE INDEED!"

Whatchoo say? \0/<--"Amen & Yes, Lord!" :) xoxoxo


To My Beloved

"Lady Helen Lowe Baylor"

aka "Lady Zahara":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),



"Lady Helen":

Thank you, Sis!!! I love this and you too!!!! ♥♥♥



To My Beloved

"Lady Sylvia W. Cunningham"

aka "Dr. SWC":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),


"Lady Sylvia":

I love you, Cassie!


To My Beloved

"Lady Evangelist Patricia R. Lewis"

aka "Dr. PRL":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),



"Lady Patricia":

**Or "Pat"**


Thank you so much, Lady Cassie. Hope your day was filled with love.

Exercise that you.



To My Beloved

"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill"

aka "Lady J":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),



To My Beloved

"Lady Judith Christie-McAllister"

aka "Dr. J":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),





To My Beloved "Big Sista"

Melissa Harden aka "Lisa":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Li'l Sista" RIGHTS (lol),


"Lady Melissa":

Aw'ight den!! (Alright then) Same to you, Mack!!

Uooz (you'z) got to beez minz (be mine) too!

Luvz ya! :)



To My Beloved "Big Sista" Sheila Phillips:

**She's HARDLY EVA on da FB, so iSent

the image to her e-mail**


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Li'l Sista" RIGHTS (lol),



"Lady Sheila":

How sweet and beautiful! Thanks, Sis!



To My Beloved "Baby Sis" Vanessa West:


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Olda Sista" RIGHTS (lol),


"Lady Vanessa":

Awwww!!! Shownuff now...thanks, my big sista.

Happy Valentine's to you as well. Have a great and wonderful day.

That is too it.



To My Beloved Partner In Music Ministry,

"Lady (Avis) Michelle Fisher":


I'm NOT askin' ya, but I'm tellin' ya to

"Be My Valentine." Ya got it? GOOD.

K...thanks. :) xoxoxo



Takin' LIBERTY to exercise my

"Kingdom Sista-Friend" RIGHTS (lol),



"Lady Michelle":

To my sister for life and partner in music, love ya!


"Cassie" NOTE:

There's also "Lady Michelle Echols," ANOTHA "partner in music ministry." Of course, it is apparent that iHave a "gazillion" family and friends INSIDE & OUTSIDE of da FB. Needless to say, there's only a certain limited number of hours in a day to communicate with 'em, while doin' OTHA "thangs". Can iGet a witness out there?! lol SO...below are two (2) more individuals who share the "same first name" and who iWish to acknowledge, whether they visit this page or not:


District Missionary Sharon D. Oliver

"Bestest Friend" I've EVA (ever) known/

Godmother of My Son Xavier


Psalmist Sharon D. Jackson

Coordinator of Send Judah First,

an aggregation of Praise & Worship Singers

organized by Dr. Judith Christie McAllister

in the Church of God In Christ, Inc.



Speaking of The Days Before, During & After Valentine's Day


My "Hubby" Sir Walter Kelley SMOTHERS Me With His Love

EACH & EVERY SINGLE DAY, 24/7/365...ALL DA TIME! #NotExaggerating

Honey, the man loves me to the very joint and marrow of my bones!

#iGotzWitnesses! When iTell you that "Mr. Valentine" ain't got NOTHIN'

on him, with that designated "one-day holiday whirlwind madness,"

BELIEVE ME! Okay? #StillRecuperating


Ahhhh...YES! Last night's "CELEBRATION of RECONCILIATION" was a


package that comes with the bea-YOU-tiful "MARITAL UNION"

involving LOTS o' "TLC COMMUNICATION"! :)


Whistlin' Whilst iWork (lol),



"LOVE Language" Involves Clear & Precise "SIGN Language."


Here's what I'm sayin':

SHOWIN' whatcha GOT before GIVIN' your spouse a LOT is a nice li'l

PRELUDE "forePLAYED" to hit just the right SPOT...ready or NOT! lol

Guaranteed score for this POWER-PACKED PERFORMANCE: A+

#PAYattentionAndLEARNsomethin'Honey ;) **wink**





"Cassie's Courageous & CraZy Confession":


UNlike "some" of us, there are folks who DON'T "affirm or approve" THEMSELVES enough to be content and satisfied before, during and after marriage, whether OTHERS "affirm or approve" them or NOT. However, that particular "state of mind over matter" and the individual's "personal growth of maturity" takes some time to grasp and maintain. iUnderstand that, respectfully; but iAlso must admit that my OWN pint-size "pouch of patience" is tested and tried and almost "torn to bits" when iThink it is taking just a li'l bit TOO long (in my opinion) for them to finally GET it, and GO on wit' it. Shoot! ****

iAsk the Heavenly Father for forgiveness, if and whenever iFalter

in this area. In Jesus' name iPray. Amen. :)


With my PERFECTLY IMPERFECT Self ('cause God ain't through),




Candidly Cuttin' Up Wit' "Kinfolks" On My FB Wall 02/23/12:


PERSONALLY, iPlead "The Fifth..." but YOU, on da OTHA hand...Well, YOU

know. Ain't that right, Phebe Moore Simmons & Alana L. Carriere-Hall &

Cheryl "PoeticOne" Thomas & Cassandra Francis-Terry & John Delley &

Kingdom Servant Ministries (C. Ivan Johnson) N'em?

**no response necessary** :) Hehehehe!


Still LOVIN' On Ya, Tho & iWON'T Letcha Go (lol),



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons": true! Gotta love 'em though!



Uhm...I'm just sayin' (and prayin')! LOL


"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall":

He he he true!



"Lady Alana"...girl, HOW YOU BE? **even tho iAlready know** :)


"Lady Alana":


And you are too! Have a FABulous day!


"Cuz'n Cheryl Murphy Thomas" aka "PoeticOne":

That's the "troof"



Smooches-n-Stuff, "Cuz'n Cheryl"! Did iEVA tell ya that YOU wuz...

iMean, "is" my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) cousin?

Shhhh...DON'T tell da OTHAS, hear?

**That's betwixt YOU &**


"Cuz'n Cheryl":

I won't tell nobody...shhhh!!!!!


Sir C. Ivan Johnson:

Much Love!!!!



Sir Ivan, Sir...YOU ROCK, Sir! Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr.

God Bless Yerrrr. :)


Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley, I:

Awwwh, Cass-hews (cashews)...thank you so much, sis...I love you too!

I love my fam! Much love, Cass!



Sir "Rev. J. D."! Hey, what can iSay?

"Sometimes YOU feel like a NUT" and sometimes, well...NEVA mind!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!




"Lady Charlene D. Ayers" Sharing Quotes On da FB 02/24/12:

In a nut shell, THIS is what we ALL aspire to have! Long sigh...

(Read quote below.)

Shout-out to each of you that HAVE this special person.

Give GOD some praise!


Uhm...THAT would be ME, "Lady Charlene"!

iAm SO Blessed 'til iKnow what to do!

**Takes off runnin'-n-shoutin'-n-dancin' down da

virtual aisles o' "Facebook Cathedral" wit' NO music,

as da ushers are "tryna" catch up wit' a sista

while carryin' "altar sheets"-n-Kleenex!

WHAT?! lol** #LeaveMeAlone


Relationally Comfortable & Lovin' It,



"Lady Charlene":


Stay in yo' lane, sista!!



Yes-to-da-MA'AM & Hallelujah to The Lamb!

Come on outta here! LOL


"Lady Charlene":

I ain't mad atcha, Cassie!

In fact, tell Walter I said hey and "go 'head"! lol


Ya HEARD? lol



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 02/24/12:

Attention! Attention! Attention!


I found my keys...they once were lost, but now they're found! Ain't God good? Car key, house key, office key...too many lock changes would have been involved had I not found those keys...I misplaced them at work around 7:00 pm yesterday...had to get a spare key to lock the office, get a ride home from my coworker, get the extra car key, have Mr. Simmons bring me back to the office to look one more time before giving up...and I just couldn't find them.


I prayed and asked God to show me where I put those keys (before I had to start digging in the big trashcan outside my office). Thank God for my strict routine of entering my office allowed me to "see" them this morning when I couldn't last I put my Strawberry Kool-Aid slush down on the counter behind my desk (to start the defrosting process for a perfect slush), I happened to be standing at just the right angle to see my keys behind the desk file in the corner. Hallelujah!!! Ain't God good?! Whoo-hoo!! Happy Friday to ya! :)


Moral of The Story: The KEY to finding your KEYS is ask the LORD, Who knows where EVERYTHING-n-EVERYBODY is, to lead and guide you, by ordering your STEPS - in the process of RETRACING your FOOTSTEPS - briefly BACKING UP a li'l bit to MOVE FORWARD a WHOLE LOT.


Y'all don't hear me, tho...but it's cool, tho! :)



Once was LOST but now I'm FOUND too (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

I hear ya, Lady steps had to be ordered just so in order for me to "see" those keys...I can't tell you how many times I looked in that spot last night...couldn't see them until this morning when I was standing in a certain spot. Don't tell me what God can't do!! :)



Ain't a "thang" OUR GOD "cain't" do, "Lady Phebe"!

DON'T start with me up in here, on da FB! lol


"Lady Phebe":

I hear ya, Lady Cassie!! I won't get you


Two (2) "Ver, Ver" Special Shout-Outs On da FB 02/27/12:


Speaking of "PMS" & Stuff (lol), here YOU go,

(P)retty (M)rs. (S)immons:


0/<--Cheers! :) xoxoxo

Sharing Some MONDAY LOVE In a Cup,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Awwww...thanks, Lady Cassie!

Happy Monday to ya!! :)

To My Fellow Texan

& Genuine "Kingdom Sista-Friend"

Without End:


Though This Special Greeting Is BELATED, It Is By NO Means UNDERRATED! For Even Beyond Today, You Will Be CELEBRATED Always! :) xoxoxo


Sending LOTS o' Hugs-n-Kisses-n-Stuff,



"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall":

**Her actual birthday is February 26th.**


THANKS, CASSIE! You are awesome!


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