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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXI

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He SEES you when you're SLEEPING. He KNOWS when you're AWAKE. He KNOWS when you've been BAD or GOOD. So, BE GOOD for goodness SAKE! Oh, you'd BETTA watch out. You'd BETTA NOT cry. You'd BETTA NOT pout, and THIS is why: He is soon to "BUST dem clouds WIDE open," people...and iAin't talkin' 'bout "Santa Claus" NEITHA! #AreUondaNAUGHTYorNICElist?



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/12/11:

REAL ANOINTINGS come with a COST! They're not handed over on a silver platter! Even Satan can mimic a counterfeit gift! But the REAL COST comes with TESTING: Going LOW before sitting HIGH, CRAWLING before WALKING, ACCOUNTABILITY before ACCESSIBILITY, STRUGGLING before SUCCEEDING & CARRYING A CROSS before CARRYING A CROWN!!!!!!!!!! (Come on in here, somebody!!!)



I'm "in here," Sis! iAm "in"! Keywords you used: "REAL ANOINTINGS" vs. "a counterfeit gift," "COST" vs. a free ride (WHAT?! iDon't think so!), "TESTING" vs. a free pass (HELLO?! Ain't NOBODY "sliding pass 1st Base, honey!), "LOW" before "HIGH" (ask JESUS!)...We can just STOP RIGHT THERE, "Lady Sylvia"! The MAIN Point is: EITHA do it da JESUS WAY, or ya WON'T make it NO WAY! **Smh**


"Sis. Somebody" SOUNDING OFF and "finna" SIGN OFF as well (lol),



P.S. Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham ROCKS! The End

;) **wink**


"Lady Sylvia":

Cassie...nutin but da truff!!!! You are preaching!!!



Sis...YOU done got me FIRED b! lol




"Lady Evangelist Sheilah Vickers"

Sharing a Quote on da FB 10/12/11:


"When we have nothing left but God, we realize that God is enough."

-Author Unknown


"Lady Tara Wade":



"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister":

I am in the midst of that statement RIGHT now, and it is SOOOO true!



And that's JUST "The Way" GOD likes it, too.

Alpha - "The Beginning" & Omega - "The End" :)


"Tryna" FILL IN (do my assignment in) "The Middle" (lol),


Sir Owen Forbes:


I needed that information.


Sir Tyrone L. Butler:

This is good.




"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson" On da FB 10/13/11:

I have raised my children with this notion: If we focus all of our time on what we've lost, we never realize what we have left! Praying for those struggling to maintain in this economy. If you've lost your job but you still have a sound mind, health and strength, food to eat, a place to live, a car to drive, and gas for your vehicle, then there's a blessing in WHAT YOU HAVE LEFT!! You can begin again!


"Lady Connie Cole":

Amen. I will bless the Lord at all times,

and His praises shall continually be in my mouth.



Yes, we CAN begin AGAIN, Sis.

Thank you SO MUCH for these words of ENCOURAGEMENT,

sprinkled generously with GOD'S LOVE & KINDNESS. :) xoxoxo


Doing RIGHT with what iHave LEFT,

"Cassie" (too)


"Lady Anne Brunner":

And that will preach over and over again!





"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On da FB 10/13/11:

I pray that every God ordained covenant promise is released unto you, in the name of Jesus. The enemy is shooting blanks and bluffs to distract us from our walk with God, to cause us to lose faith and focus on his foolishness, but the devil is a liar and a loser! YOU ARE EMPOWERED TO TREAD ON SNAKES & SCORPIONS...NOTHING BY ANY MEANS SHALL HURT YOU!!! YOU ARE VICTORIOUS AND EXCEED (more than) A CONQUEROR, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! Major love.



Thank you for the POWERFULLY MOVING prayer early this morning

(6:30 A.M. Prayer Conference Call), "Lady J"!

MTC's ("More Than Conquerors") NEVA, EVA QUIT.

That's what makes us WINNERS EACH-n-EVERY SINGLE TIME... :) xoxoxo


In Kingdom Covenant Agreement,



"Lady Sherrie Rice":

Amen! I receive that!


"Lady Lela Brown":

Yes & Amen. I receive it in Jesus' Name!


"Lady Michelle Jenkins":



"Lady Mitzi Garret":



"Lady Cheryl Lacey Donovan":

I receive it in Jesus' Name!




Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/13/11:

Don't be concerned when PEOPLE don't know who you are, or don't approve of who you are. GOD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! HE SAID - "I KNEW YOU BEFORE I FORMED YOU (Jeremiah 1:5). PEOPLE want you to conform to the ways of MAN, but only GOD confirms, calls, qualifies, sanctifies, solidifies and justifies you by HIS standard! TOO MUCH PUFF & SMOKE, ISMS & SCHISMS, JUDGMENTAL SPIRITS, PAYMENTS & PAPERS in the church that GOD didn't authorize!!


Sir Bishop Rick Boykin:

Preach, Apostle, Preach!!!!


"Lady Karen Stallings":

Well, Say On, Apostle!



**Writing my check...PAYABLE to Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham**


Let da "Kingdom Record" show that iDON'T give a FLIP or a FLAKE about whether or NOT da "people" of which you speak DON'T know (and "prolly" DON'T care NEITHA) 'bout "li'l ol-but-POW'ful" me! THEY DIDN'T create me! THEY DIDN'T gift me! THEY DIDN'T die on Calvary's Cross for me! So, THEY SHO' DIDN'T save me and put me in "Heavenly Places" with the KING of Kings! PUH...leeeeaaaasssse DON'T get me started up in here, "Lady Sylviaaaa"! iWas pretty calm before iRead THIS post! But iKnow you mean well. Be blessed, beloved. iGotta go. UGH! :)


GOD-Approved & Lovin' It,



"Lady Sylvia":


Cassie, you are too much!!! :))) TRUTH!!!!



Take it up with H. G. (Holy Ghost), Sis!

I'm just sayin'. :)




iAm SERIOUSLY & UNapologetically MADLY & PASSIONATELY "IN LOVE" with JESUS the CHRIST, the ONLY OTHA Person that my "hubby" allows me to be "in relations" with while STILL married to him! HELLO?! Y'all DON'T hear me, tho! Ya just "cain't" be with ANY & EVERYBODY from da BACKSIDE o' WHEREVA - takin' on THEIR spirit - when you're ALREADY "hitched" by way of MARITAL COVENANT to SOMEBODY ELSE! Come on outta here! DON'T be a FOOL. Always Play by GOD'S "KINGDOM RULES": Study yo' Bible & Stay in "KINGDOM SCHOOL"!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

I love it!! Kingdom School rocks!!



"Lady Phebe," iKnow YOU KNOW what's UP, Sis! :)




"E2: Eleventh-Hour Encounter"

**Click on flier to enlarge.**

Consecration "Equips" the Called to "Encounter" & "Experience" a Divine "Exchange" of God's SUPERnatural Demonstration. On October 14, 2011 "E2" was NOT, in any form or fashion, about "Entertainment" but "Empowerment"! Jehovah "Elohim" made His presence known "Essentially" to "Everyone" who came with Great "Expectancy."


Thank you, "Elder" Wanda Bell, for having an "Ear" to Hear & a Heart of Obedience to "Execute" your assignment with a Spirit of "Excellence"!


Keepin' it Kingdom,


original - 2023-12-21T151501.867.jfif

As you can see, iAm still "Energized" after four (4) hours of sleep!

"Lady Cassandra Bering," you made a terrific HOLY dance partner, Sis.

Be blessed today and always. iLove you, and to God be the Glory! :)



And ANOTHA "thang" (NEW Glory is still on me, y'all!!):

The "Evidence" of Change is my "Extraordinary" NEW name:

"Exhibit" (A) aka "(A)LTERED (A)T the (A)LTAR."

As an Intimate "Expression" of "Extreme" Worship,

iHumbly say "YES, LORD!" Because You're WORTHY & WELL WORTH it!

\0/<--(Coming OUT with my hands UP...

where is Dorinda Clark-Cole? "Sang," Sis!)


"Lady Wanda":

Lady C, I don't know what to say! I believe you've said it all!! And YOU are truly one anointed vessel of God! Pure worship is what it's all about!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!!!



"Lady da WANDAful Bell," iWill follow you around da 'tire wuhl (the entire world), as you follow Christ, of course...and iKnow it's "kewl" with Him as well. ;) **wink** We love you, Sis. MUAH! :) xoxoxo


"Lady Minister Cassandra Bering":

Indeed, Lady Cassie! I totally AGREE (where 2 or 3 **wink**)!!

I love you too. Your ministry has ALWAYS blessed my soul. Smooches.


"Cassie" NOTE:

"Lady Cassandra" touched on the Scripture which reads: "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven."

~St. Matthew 18:19 (King James Version)




"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On Her FB Wall 10/15/11:

E2..."Eleventh-Hour Encounter"...Don't sleep on it...It's God ordained!!

Next one to be announced!! To God be the Glory!!!

Looking to establish an E2 Youth Division!

God has added to the vision!!!!!!!



Honey, "E2" only lemme get 'bout four (4) hours o' sleep last night as it was! But iAin't COMPLAININ'...just EXPLAININ'. Now, THAT's my kinda "Evening" right there, Sis! Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb!

Touch somebody, and say "NEW Glory!" :)


An "Ecstatic" AOW member 4Life,




"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On da FB 10/15/11:

Glory to God! If you missed prayer, listen and

be blessed and encouraged!!!

Join us for DAILY PRAYER at 6:30 AM/CT. Call 218.862.6789,

Access code: 625153 ~ THERE'S POWER IN AGREEMENT!

Journeying Beyond the Veil Ministries ~ Minister Jackie Hill, Founder



Good Saturday "Morning Mocha" to you, "Lady J"! Thank God iDidn't miss it, Sis. iWas right there with you! Thank you, as well, for being the POW'ful Intercessor that you are. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and know that iLove you...not just today, but ALWAYS. :) xoxoxo


Because Prayer Works,



"Lady J":

Thank you, Cassie, for ALWAYS encouraging a sistah!

Love you always!


"Lady Mary Edwards Banks":

Do you have this on Sunday too or only Monday thru Saturday?


"Lady J":

@ Mary, it's EVERYDAY! God bless you!


"Lady Lela Brown":

I'm encouraged, thank you.




"Lady Paulette Huewitt-Fecunda" On My FB Wall 10/15/11:

Good morning to you!!! Wow!! What a blessing you are!!!!!

You truly blessed us!! Thank you! To God be the glory!!!



Good "MornTing" to you, my fellow-AOW teammate! Indeed, ALL THE GLORY does belong to GOD, without Whom iWouldn't be here to join my OTHA "Kingdom Kinfolks" in giving it to HIM. Ya heard me? iKnow ya did.

Thanks, and see ya real soon! :)


Love, "Cassie"



"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On My FB Wall 10/15/11:

This lady right Here!!!! OMG!!! That's what I'm talking about...

real sanging!!! Anointed!!!! Humble!!!!!! Real!!!!!!

I'm gonna say it again: Humble!!!! A Kingdom GIFT!

Work, Woman of God!!! I LOVE IT!!!



**blushin'-n-carryin' on**


"Lady Cym"! Why ya do me like ya do, "Boo"? Thank you EVA (ever) so kindly, tho. By the way, I've been listenin' to you playin' some SHO' NUFF organ on my website, on the "Cassie Sings..." page! O-to-da-M-to-da-G! And YOU talk about ME?! lol "Kingdom Kudos" & iLove you! :) xoxoxo


Your fellow-AOW teammate 4Life,





Sir Pastor/Prophet Clinton Smith On His FB Wall 10/15/11:





I M E A N B A N A N A S!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sir Pastor/Prophet Clinton, iWant you and your precious wife, "Lady Somer," to know that the GOD in you TOTALLY ROCKS! Wow...BANANAS & ROCKS! What a combination, huh? LOL Oh, well, HE did say that HE would do a NEW thing! Lord, lemme stop. **Sigh** "Kingdom Kudos" to the both of you, and - as with my OTHA "Kingdom Kinfolks" - iLove you two (2) TOO! Get it? Oh, NEVA mind. :) xoxoxo


Experiencing the "NEW Glory" & Lovin' It,



"Lady Somer":

Lady Cassandra, thank y'all so much for embracing us with open arms!!

We appreciate that so much. Can't wait to see y'all again!




"Lady Dr. James Etta-Hughes" On My FB Wall 10/15/11:

Lady Cassie, what an anointing you have. However, that is to be expected, because the apple does not fall far from the tree (Mama Carrie). All I can say is that you took me there. Whew! Anxiously waiting for the next time we are together in praise and worship. :-)



Absolutely, "Lady Dr. James Etta Hughes"! iHeard & iRead somewhere that "An apple a day (or WHENEVA) keeps the doctor away;" HOWEVA, iBeg da difference (beg to differ), because JESUS the "Tree Doctor" is ALWAYS welcome in MY "neck o' da woods"! LOL i"Cain't" get no help **Smh** Smooches, NEVAtheless, "Queen of da Journey" (notice iDidn't say "Jungle"!) Lord, lemme quit.

Known by da FRUIT iBear (lol),



"Lady James Etta":

Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL




"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 10/15/11:

Random Thought: Between these two (2) ladies right here...

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley & Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson,

God has blessed me! Love them!!!


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Awwww...thanks LOTS, "Boo"!

0/<--High-five to "Lady Helena" (Shawn) as well! Whoo-hoo! :)


Privileged to be your Natural Mama, along with your "Spiritual Mama,"

"Mama Cassie" (lol)


"Lady Shawn":

Thanks for sharing your daughter, Mom.



"Evangelist," it is my PLEASURE to share such a TREASURE. :)




From Me To Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham

On Her FB Wall 10/15/11:

Hi, "Pretty Lady"! :)


From "Guess Who" (NEVA ALREADY know),

"That CraZy Chick Down Yonda in Texas" (lol)

"Lady Sylvia":

Hello to my BEAUTIMOUS sister!!!!

Love you, and thank you for always thinking of me!



Truthfully speaking...i"Cain't" help it; but WHATEVA, tho. ;) **wink**





(W)icked, (O)bnoxious, (R)ebellious, (M)alicious (S)nakes are WORMS.

Now, check THIS out: "When the Wicked, even My Enemies & My Foes,

came upon Me to Eat up My FLESH..." (see Psalm 27:2) iMounted up with

Wings as an EAGLE (see Psalm 40:31) & Ate THEM instead!

You'll catch that momentarily... **whistlin'-n-waitin'**

Ok. Time's up! Ya got it? GOOD.


SOARING right along with a FRESH WIND beneath My Wings,



"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

You and God (together) are just what I need at any given time.

Thank you!



And for THAT reason iAvail myself to Him on da daily.

To Him be Glory forever and ever. Amen...and it IS so. :)


"Realddyradio Monton":

Oh, ok. I like that.



iKnew ya would, blessed! ;) **wink**


"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

ALRIGHTY then, SIS!!!!! I got it at the beginning.

I said, "I know where she is going with this one!!!!"




You smart like that, Sis.

If NOBOBY ELSE got it, iKnewed you'd grab-a-hold to it!

Come on here! :)



"Lady Psalmist Sharon D. Jackson" Sharing On My FB Wall 10/17/11:


Wow!! This picture speaks volumes!!

original - 2023-12-21T151634.246.jfif

"Very emotional moment for me! I pray for the day when we TRULY

embrace the philosophy and teachings of my father

and not just lip service! I miss you, daddy!!!!"

-Bernice A. King ("Be A King")


There is a "word from the Word" in this prophetic picture, "Lady Sharon":

St. John 11:25-26, "Jesus said unto her (in this case, BERNICE),

'I Am The Resurrection & The Life:

he (in this case, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.) that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and

believeth in Me shall never die (having eternal life).

Believeth thou this?'"


Forever Believing "The Report of The Lord,"





Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/17/11:

PRAISE God even in the midst of your PAIN!! The battle scars are PROOF you have PAID a PRICE! It's only a PROCESS! The PRESSURE & PERSECUTION you have endured or may be enduring right now is only PUSHING & POSITIONING you for your divine PURPOSE!


Sir Trenton O. Daniel:

Bless you, woman of God!


"Lady Teresa Shanklin":



Sir Daryl Dudley:

It is hard to PRAISE in the midst of PAIN, but ALWAYS remember that dying on the cross was much harder...Stay Encouraged!!!


"Lady Sylvia":

Indeed! To SUFFER is to GAIN!



**Singing** (Dedicated to my sista-friend Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham):


"I've LEARNED how to live HOLY, and I've LEARNED how to live RIGHT. I've LEARNED how to SUFFER. For if I SUFFER, I know I'll GAIN eternal LIFE. And when I see JESUS, Amen. When I see the ONE Who died for me way back on Calvary, Amen. That's when ALL my TROUBLES, ALL my TRIALS, ALL my HEARTACHES, ALL my DISAPPOINTMENTS, ALL my PAIN & PERSECUTION (etc.) will be over, over, OVER! When I see JESUS, it will be AAAAAAAMEN!" Hallelujah! :)


In the MIDST of it ALL...for the sake of the CALL,


Sir Dr. Gerald T. Hightower, II:

Come on and declare this word, Apostle Sylvia. This is "The Word of the Season!" Thank you for your obedience to GOD, which has allowed us to receive this word from you. Miraculous Blessings 2U!




"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 10/17/11:

H A P P Y M O N D A Y!!! :)


"Lady Sandra McKever Boone":

Happy Monday, Doc., glad to be in the land of the living.


"Lady Phebe":

I hear ya, Ms. Sandra! :)


"Lady Yvette Galvan":

The devil sure is busy on this Monday!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ok...I'm done.


"Lady Phebe":

Just stomp on him and keep stepping, Yvette!

Satan is just doing his job.



ATTENTION on da "Phebe Island,"

centrally located in "The Wonderful World of FB":

(P)lease (M)eet your (S)ista-friend "Cassie"

for "Monday Morning Mocha" one o' deez ol' days, in the year of our Lord

2012...sometime or 'notha before, during or after da Winter Months.

(P)raise (M)y (S)avior & Amen. ;) **wink**


Havin' my "PMS Moment" again (but WHATEVA,,



"Lady Phebe":

I love your spirit, Girl! :)



Anything to (P)roduce (M)oore (S)miles!

Get it, "Lady Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons"?

(P)ractice (M)akes (S)uccessful!

BAM! (B)ust (A) (M)ove, Sis!

iLove you! :)


"Lady Phebe":



I'm "tryna" keep up with (P)retty (M)rs. (S)immons!

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?! LOL




"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" 10/18/11:

Roll call! Are you alive this morning? I am!! Praise the Lord!

Happy Tuesday to ya! :)



\0/<--(P)resent, (M)y (S)ista! PMS and all! :)


"Lady Phebe":

Well, praise the Lord, Lady Cassie!! So happy to hear this!! :)




"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall" On da FB 10/18/11:

IF you only knew just how CLOSE you were to your BREAK-THROUGH,

you would NOT even 'consider' BREAKING-DOWN!

Keep pressing; it's on the way!


~Lady Alana~



RIGHTeous you are, my lovely sista-friend Alana!

iWill BREAK-UP some stuff before iLet somethin' BREAK me DOWN,

honey; 'cause iGotz to BREAK-OUT when Jesus come.

i"Cain't" have nothin' hinderin' my flight and makin' me miss

BREAK-FAST! Shoot! Gimme me a BREAK! lol


"Finna" BREAK-AWAY and seize da day,





"Lady Lisa Page-Brooks" On da FB 10/18/11:

Hey, it's great to follow people and appreciate others' talent!

BUT, Dear God, invest in YOU! Follow your Dreams!


"Lady Kay Maddred Meekins":

Thanks for the reminder.


I'm AT it, Sis. You have just slapped ANOTHA encouragement sticker on

my fo'head, honey! ;) **wink**


Following My Dreams & Lovin' It,





From Me To "Lady Evangelist Dr. Juanita Bynum"

On Her FB Wall 10/18/11:


Greetings, Gorgeous "Lady Dr. Juanita Bynum"!

Go GET 'em, and let 'em know what's UP, Sis!

God's Got yo' back, yo' front, yo' sides and "errrrythang" else!

Grab da bull by da horns and GRAZE 'em Good;

'cause we Gotz "thangs" to do...both Locally & Globally.

You don't hear me, tho. :)


Just REALLY Gettin' Started & Gon' Watch God Finish It,




Glorious is Thy Name! Promo 1

The Church of God in Christ International Music Department Presents....THE ST. LOUIS EXPERIENCE!-WATCH ME PRAISE HIM! Pre-Released EXCLUSIVELY during the 104th Holy Convocation!! AVAILABLE 11/1/11


St. Louis...EXPERIENCE IT! After you do, then WATCH ME PRAISE HIM!


Now, are you READY? You're SURE 'BOUT IT?

Well, alrighty then. LET'S GO! :)



original - 2023-12-21T151934.932.jfif

"LIFE is a Song. LOVE is the Lyrics."


**Adding my two (2) cents in, to go wit' it...**


LAUGHTER is the Rhythm that keeps me "rock-steady."

It keeps a smile on my face, as well as "camera-ready"! lol

Thanks to FRIENDS & FAMILY, who make my HEART Sing.

iHear the Music in the air, and it's a bea-YOU-tiful thing.

;) **wink**


"Lady Vertisha Craig":

Lol, Aunt Cassandra got flow!!


Me/"Aunt Cassie":

Uhm, "Lady Vertisha Craig," DON'T HATE "on" your "Aunt Cassie,"

but DO CELEBRATE "with" her, and BE HAPPY!

Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. iLove yerrrr. LOL




"Lady Dr. Judith Christie McAllister" On da FB 10/18/11:

Good Evening, Everyone - #SOUNDTHETRUMPET was included in the ballot portion of the Grammys for Best Gospel Album! We are now believing for a nomination! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!



iCommand the nomination to COME FORTH even now!

"Sound The Trumpet," the Joy Bells, the Tambourines, the String

Instruments & Organs, the Psaltery & Harps, the Loud Cymbals & the

High-Sounding Cymbals! Everything that hath breath (see Psalm 150:6),


as they hand OVA the AWARD!

In the "Record-Breaking" Name of JESUS the CHRIST iPray.

Amen...and it IS so. :)


Speaking those things that be not as though they were,





"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On My FB Wall 10/19/11:

Dear Sis. Kittles, um, so I was thinking...because #operationgoingglobal has already begun, WE need to start requesting that in order for you to go, I should be given a plane ticket as well...#justsayin' LOL



Your agent/mgr/daughter/biggestfan

Me/"Mama Cassie":

You KNOW iGOTchoo, "Boo"! WHEREVA iGoeth, YOU shall go also.

MY people shall be YOUR people, and MY God shall be YOUR God.

WHAT?! #Justplannin' ;) **wink**


SO Blessed to have LITERALLY "Birthed a Blessing" (You),

"Mama Cassie"




Today, 10/19/11, is the Miraculous & Blessed Birthday of my

FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) female vocalist

in da 'tire wuhl (the entire world):


"Lady Evangelist Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole"! She Is Yet:

(D)etermined, (O)ptimistic, (R)evived, (I)nspired, (N)oble, (D)edicated & (A)nointed.


"Lady Tamela Mann", my childhood friend, and I used to be Karen Clark-Sheard (Tamela) & DORINDA (that would be for hours on end,

in front of Mom's console TV/Record Player. Remember da LP's? Ahhhh..."Those were the days!" :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dorinda Clark-Cole!

iLove you, Sis...MUAH! :) xoxoxo


"Tryna" Be a BIG Girl & NOT Cry & Stuff,



Sir Rev. Robert L. Redding, Jr.: many awesome peeps' Birthday on this Glorious Day:

Evangelist Carrie Naomi Redding (RIP), the Song Bird of the Midwest and

surrounding areas! She is truly one of God's finest, and she SANGED!!!

Miss you, Mom.



God Bless You, Sir.

Just think: Our Mom's share the same first name: "Carrie" :)


Sir Robert:

This is one of the many reasons that I knew our Relationship was Precious

and Divinely Orchestrated before the beginning of time!

OMG; another epiphany!!!!


"Lady Cheryl 'PoeticOne' Murphy":

My Shero!!!!



@ "Cuz'n Cheryl": ALL DAY/24/7! Hear? :)

"Lady Elaine Reed Washington":

I remember the LP's!!

That's how we got through cleaning on Saturday mornings!

It was actually fun! Happy Birthday, Dorinda!



Come on here, "Lady Elaine"!

DON'T start nothin', and it SHO' WON'T be nothin'...

up in here, up in here! LOL


"Lady Elaine":

We had the Mighty Clouds of Joy and Walter Hawkins Love Alive

just blasting through the neighborhood!! LOL!!



Ya know...iKinda feel a li'l sorry fo' dem dat MISSED "back in da day."

NEVAtheless, in the words of Maya Angelou, iRISE. :)


"Lady Elaine":

I feel ya on that, Lady Cassie! Youngsters these days just don't know...

I was trying to explain to my daughter last night who Billy Ocean was...

We used to make fun of his jerry curl! LOL!



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! HELP LAWD! Wheeeew! **Smh**


"Lady Elaine":

I'm trying to contain my outbursts in my office!! LOL!!



Be STRONG, "Boo"! Be STRONG! :)




"Lady Evangelist Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole"

On Her FB Wall 10/19/11:

original - 2023-12-21T152048.132.jfif





"He Brought Me," "You," "Us" & "Them" for such a time as THIS! Now,

"Forwaaaarrrrd MARCH"...iMean, OCTOBER! Get it? Ohhhh...NEVA mind.

Just "Enjerrrr"...iMean, ENJOY your day, Sis.

SMOOCHES-n-STUFF! :) xoxoxo



Celebrating the GOD in You,







"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On My FB Wall 10/19/11:

Good morning, Singing Angel!! I am still humming the medley you ministered on last Friday (10/14/11) night! Can't get it out of my head! Anybody who can stand flat-footed and sing with no music and bless God's people with power and anointing is ALRIGHT WITH ME!! AOW and I love you to pieces! Muah!!!!



"Lady da WANDAful Bell," iAm BEGGING you:

PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME CRY up in here, on da FB! K...thanks.

#Thatisall **sniff-sniff (reachin' fo' da nearest box o' Kleenex) sigh**




"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell On da FB 10/19/11:

Stay faithful. Stay humble. Stay with God.

There is no telling what God will do!!


"Lady Felecia Curlett Gardner":

Susta...Ain't No Tell'n! Psalm 37:4



\0/<--YES, LORD! iChoose to "Stay" ALL three (3) of them:

Faithful, Humble & With God, because that "Special Combination"

ALWAYS works for me. :)


According to the "I AM" that's within me,





From Me To Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham 10/19/11:

PEEK-A-BOO! iSee da Spirit and on da FB (too).

Ohhhh, but HOWEVA, touch yo' neighbor and say "June 2012!"

Say it again: "June 2012!" One mo' time: "June 2012!" #Nuffsaid


Me Bein' Me...Don'tcha "C" (lol),



"Lady Sylvia":

YES, MA'AM!!!!! YES, MA'AM!!! YES, MA'AM!!! :)



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/19/11:

Guard your EARGATES and your EYEGATES!

What you see and hear the longest is what you become!

What you feed your spirit is what manifests!

Negativity breeds NEGATIVITY,

but The Word of God breeds POWER & LIFE!!


"Lady NiCole Ashley Henderson":




iChoose The Word, "Lady Sylvia." Be it known THIS day that


for NO reason WhatsoNEVA! NEITHA is its right-hand cohort,

Operation: "NONSENSE"! Amen...and it IS so.

NOW, without further ado: 0/<--"ON GUARD!"


NEW Creature rollin' with BodyGuards: GOODNESS & MERCY,



"Lady Michelle Thompson":

Speak the word, Woman of God.


"Lady Dr. Avril E. Wiggins":

Very Good Word.




"Lady Vanessa Brown" On da FB 10/21/11:

original - 2023-12-21T152154.124.jfif

You are really "greedy" if you need more than...J E S U S!!!



And THAT is ALL! The End :)

Just sayin'...and obeyin' (lol),





From Me To "Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On Her FB Wall 10/21/11:


Good "MornTing," O Mighty Woman of God & Magnificent Mentor! May this Marvelous day bring with it even More favor, Moving in a "truck-load" of new Mercies, and Monumental blessings that Make your "Lifestyle of Worship" with the Most High God SUPER-Maximized with increased Wisdom & Worth! Now, try THAT on for size, why don'tcha. iLove you, Sis.

MUAH! ;) **wink**


The Mentee in the Middle & Reflection of God in the Mirror,



"Lady da WANDAful Bell":

LOL!! Thank you, dear angel, and I receive all of that!

And sending 10 x more right back to ya!!!!




Sir George L. Clinkscale, II On da FB 10/21/11:

original - 2023-12-21T152437.489.jfif

Click flier above to enlarge.

NEWS FLASH: Benefit Concert for Mother Gwen Franklin @ The New Breed Christian Center, Fort Worth, TX. Sunday, October 30th @ 6:00 p.m. GUEST: Chrystal Rucker, Kirisma Evans, Pastors Darrell & LaTonja Blair, Madam Carrie Roberson, Myron Williams, San Franklin-Jackson, Professor James Hall and Kurt Carr. Sounds like FIRE!




H. G. (Holy Ghost) got this!

Yes, Sir! :)







"Cassie" & COMMON SENSE (whereva it is) says,

"If you DON'T KNOW THE STORY 'behind' THE GLORY, go to da 'back'




This is a PAID IN FULL advertisement by Yahweh

(not to be thoughtlessly confused with Yahoo!)


"Lady Phebe Moore Simmons":



Apostle Donald Thompson aka "Triple 'A' Preacher":


The time shall come in your maturity that it will behoove you not to waste words on haters! I had to learn from Apostle Paul at Galatians 1:15-16 <the Holy Ghost infused him with "Holy Boldness," thus he refused to "Confer with flesh and blood." In other words, Sister Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, he did not seek the approval of people; he did not join the company of Apostles so that they might examine him; he did not seek they who were elite or Elders before his time, in hope that they might approve his calling and election. Rather, he trusted in the Lord Jesus the Christ, whom entrusted him with the gospel, and anointed him with magnanimous power and authority in the Kingdom.


Needless to say, while there are many imposters on "renegade boulevard," no need to worry, everybody can see the difference between darkness and light: let your light so shine that Christ may be glorified on high. Amen. I must re-post this. :)





Amen...and it IS so. Thank you, Sir. :)


You don't need to seek God's validation; when He anointed you with the Holy Ghost and that burning power you feel in your belly "Like fire shut up in your bones" - that is Almighty God's signet and significant validation stamp of approval. Acts 2:22 Now go forth and make full (fool)-proof of your ministry, {2nd Timothy 4:5} do the work of an Evangelist - thus there need be signs, wonders and miracles manifesting from your Ministry. Don't be afraid to trust God. He will never leave, forsake or fail you: and won't leave you out on a limb.



I LOVE YOU, SIR! Of course, you ALREADY KNOW that...

iJust WANTED to tell you AGAIN! :)




"Lady LaKreiasha Wright" On da FB 10/21/11:

Lord, I thank you that I'm getting better at this thing called "MATH"! The more I learn it, the more I find it fun to do! We all have an issue with something in our lives - but the most important thing to do is to believe you can (MASTER) it! -Lady Kre!



Whoo-to-da-Who that makes it (MATH and otha stuff) do what it do! :)


Talkin' 'bout God the MASTER of 'em ALL,



"Lady Kre":

Thanks, Lady Cassie! To God be the glory!!!!




Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/21/11:

If GOD DISCONNECTED you from something that almost KILLED you BACK THEN...What makes you think that RECONNECTING to it won't intensify and go to another level to totally DESTROY YOU RIGHT NOW?!





"Lady Victoria Johnson":

Amen, Apostle/Mom!!

"Lady Sharonda Johnson": are saying something right here, ma'am...

Serial Killer, just keeps on repeating himself...same devil, new tricks!!!!

Sorry, devil, tricks are for kids, we getting grown now...

no more milk, we've moved up to meat now!!! Ha!


"Lady Jennifer Robinson":

Running on this one!!!



In OTHA words: SAME DIFFERENCE! iHear ya, my "Kingdom Sista"!

Spottin' da DEVIL for miles...waaaayyyy from up on high,

"Cassie" (with da EAGLE-EYE)


Sir Bishop Rick Boykin:

Preach, Apostle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Lady Michelle Thompson":

Make it plain...We need not be Stuck On Stupid and Parked on Dumb when it comes to the enemy. His job is to steal, kill and destroy. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Don't be entangled in the yoke of bondage...



@ "Lady Sharonda" & "Lady Michelle":

Y'all gon' make me run seven (7) laps 'round "Facebook Cathedral"...

grabbin' Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham by da hand and draggin' her right along

with me! Come on here, now! MY GOD! :)


A "Kingdom" Marathon Frontrunner fo' da Lord,



Sir Pastor Clifton Doughty:

P R E A C H, please excuse me because I am screaming while the Apostle Cunningham is preaching...P R E A C H!!!!!!


Sir Samuel Clarkson-Williams:





"Lady Teresa Shanklin":



Overseer Marlo Washington:

Oh, God!!!! A word for me!!!!!!!!

"Lady Adrienne Ezell":



"Lady Dr. Avril E. Wiggins":

Amen, let go of the past and all that tried to kill you.


"Lady Adrienne":



Sir Prophet Charles Brown:

My God!!! WOW!!! Now that's the TRUTH!!!




NO MATTER WHERE you run, you "cain't" OUTrun Somebody Who's ALREADY THERE! Who "AM I" talkin' 'bout? HE is The Great "I AM"! Now, here: _/ <--Get somewhere (preferably where HE sits you), and SAT DOWN, before you runOUTTA "bref" (breath) and DIE! #KaPOW!


"Lady LaKreiasha Wright":

Hiyya! Say that, sis!!!!!


"Lady Vanessa Brown":

WOW!!! Cassie, I am sitting down, I am out of breath...

whooo (blow) on me, Jesus...Amen!




"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis" On da FB 10/21/11:

I'm really seeking God's face for a special anointing for Morning Manna Saturday morning, in St. Louis (Missouri), during (COGIC's Holy) Convocation. I don't take opportunity lightly. My prayer is: God show me your GLORY! Touch and agree with me...less of me and more of Him!



**(P)raying** Heavenly Father, we THANK You for hearing our earnest (P)lea. Manifest Your GLORY in a "(P)rayer Atmosphere" wherein You'll be (P)leased. Make Your DIVINE (P)resence known, breaking and destroying yokes in their (P)ath. Heal ALL manner of sicknesses and afflictions that have caused so much (P)ain. ANOINT Dr. (P)atricia R. Lewis, as she (P)repares to intercede for the (P)eople, and rain down "Morning Manna" from Heaven, through the (P)ower of (P)rayer in Your Temple. In the (P)reeminent name of JESUS we (P)ray. Amen...and it IS so, without delay.

"Lady Pat":

As the young folks respond, "What you said"...

I receive that prayer and felt it become reality in my spirit...

It's done and it is so!




From Me To You On October 22, 2011:



Now, get this STRAIGHT:


There is to be NO SATISFACTION given to SATAN and his STUPIDITY today and NEVA (never)! Focus your thoughts, deeds, and SPEECH on SAYING things that SERVE well the purpose of SHINING the Light of Christ our Lord and SAVIOR into this dark and SINFUL world. SLAP a SMILE on your face, and may the Great SHEPHERD keep you SAFE. Amen...and it IS SO. :)


Your "Kingdom SISTA-Friend,"





"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 10/22/11:

WORSHIP MATTERS...for just a few minutes this morning...we will be talking about The Lethal 3: PRAYER, THE PROMISE, AND PRAISE! 9:00 a.m. (cst)/10:00 a.m. (est). Call 712.432.0075, enter pin 903653#.

The devil shouldn't have pushed me!

I'm gonna kill everything he's trying to do with P3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Lady Min. Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

I love it!! My mentor is seriously off da chain!! Let's go!



Yep. This is a "WORSHIP MATTER" that God & We take SERIOUSLY; because WORSHIP MATTERS to the Heart of God, and uhm...We ain't "tryna" break His Heart. That's why da "P3 Factor" gon' "make it do what it do"! Lord, let me be SPIRITUAL, while keepin' it LETHAL, too! #KaPOW! iLove you, "Lady da WANDAful Bell" and "Lady Cym Hughes," and AOW n'em! ;) **wink** xoxoxo


Checkin' my "Kingdom Artillery" & Checkin' it Thrice (3x),



"Lady 'Cym'":

Love you too!!!

"Lady Su-San Cannon Spain":

Enjoying you, Lady Bell!




Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 10/23/11:

You are a THREAT to your enemy, if you're always on their MIND, and your name is ALWAYS coming out of their mouth! They're not doing you wrong, they're doing you a favor! The more they think about you and the more they talk about you, they're your FREE PROMOTIONS! Through the mess, God is only taking you HIGHER & HIGHER!


"Lady Doretta Lee":

Love it!


"Lady Edith Hamn-Alsop":

My, my, my...

Thank you, JESUS, for the messenger!!



In MY book "Favor IS Fair," because MY God, Who is both Fair & Just, will use MY UNjust enemy to "do ME a Favor"! See there? The Favor of God is the "Wind beneath MY Wings," that takes me HIGHER & HIGHER above mess and OTHA (other) UNgodly things! So, to ALL o' MY enemies, haters and foes, thank you EVA (ever) so kindly for FREE PROMOTIONS! Believe it or not...iLove you, too! That's what REAL "Kingdom Citizens" do. :) xoxoxo


STRAIGHT-UP...without a WHOLE lot o' FLUFF,





"Lady Beverly Stafford-Bryant" On da FB 10/24/11:

original - 2023-12-21T152533.933.jfif


Come on, "Lady Beverly":


;) **wink**


Surrounded by GOD'S GLORY (the BEST)...through YOU,



"Lady Beverly":

@ Lady Cassandra: "Can do!" :-)

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