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More Cassie Quotes & Comments VIII

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Can YOU imagine being led by the PEACE of God...OUT into a field, with the JOY of the Lord in your soul...and while OUT there, lo and behold, MOUNTAINS & HILLS begin "singing," as the TREES clap their "hands"? Read Isaiah 55:12. Honey, God is "Somethin' Else" at "making it do what it do," and He don't stutter NEITHA! :)


Some of you are at the BRINK of a BIG ol' BLESSING, just on the edge of a BEA-YOU-TIFUL BREAKTHROUGH; BUT don't BE so foolish as to BLOCK it BY BEING negative-minded and impatient. BEAT the devil at his own game. The BEST won't come in BOUNTIFUL proportions, until you ignore the devil's deceitful and sometimes deadly propositions. BOOYAH!


"Lady Esther Womack":

Good morning, luv. Sweetheart, I keep my "beat-the-hell-out-the-devil" stick with me at all times, and it keeps getting bigger and stronger. Much love to you!!!



GET him, "Queen Esther"!

Ya got him runnin' scared even now! LOL


Sir Rishon-Thompson Keeps It-Onehundred:

So real. So real. Yep!!! =-D



"Lady Tyecha Wilson Curley":

Say that!



Thanks, "peeps"!

;) **wink**


"Lady Lisa Ann Panzino DiNunzio":

Oh, Yeah!!!!! Amen!



"Lady Lisa," I KNOW ya feel me, Sis.

Come on here! :)


"Lady Tams Wroe":







"Lady Tams":




"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

"It was the Holy Ghost that kissed us this morning and woke us up..."(Mother Mildred from Brooklyn).



Thanks for sharing, "Lady da WANDAful Bell," via Mother Mildred from Brooklyn. Indeed, the Holy Ghost is a "Good Kisser" and

a "Great Comforter." I SO love Him! ;)**wink**




"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":

What happened to the OLD time tarrying services????? What happened to the old sanctified mothers in ZION????? What happened to the old preacher that had little "formal training" but had a Ph.D in HOLY GHOST studies????? What happened to TRUE reverence for GOD????? What happened to HOLINESS??????????

What happened?????

original - 2023-11-02T174210.189.jfif


"Those in charge," who THOUGHT that THEY were in charge, altered GOD's program and switched to THEIR OWN! What happened to letting GOD have HIS way????? Now, THEY tell HIM when, where, and how long to have that THEY can, seemingly, remain "in charge." WOE be unto ALL who do these things and continue to THINK that THEY can get away with it! The BIG CLOCK is "counting down" SWIFTLY, and "the UNREPENTANT" is "going down," too...QUICKLY. Just WATCH-n-SEE, people. WATCH-n-SEE!


Missing & Longing for "The Old Time Way,"



"Lady Jessica":





The Late Bishop Chandler D. Owens

(October 1, 1931-March 6, 2011)

original - 2023-11-05T101104.684.jfif

In MY li'l humble, yet SIGNIFICANT opinion: THIS is one of the GREATEST spiritual GIANTS that the original GRAND ol' COGIC, Inc. has EVER had the privilege to be WORD- connected & FITLY-joined to! Sure...we WILL miss him; but we also KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is in GOOD hands with "GODSTATE," which supersedes "ALLSTATE"...n'em ANY day!


Hello & "O Happy Day," Saints & Friends! 

In Loving Memory,




As soon as it is DISCOVERED

that one is living UNCOVERED...

that is, no longer BLOOD-COVERED

and highly-FAVORED,

then one must hastily REDISCOVER

that the quickest Way to RECOVER

is through JESUS CHRIST our precious


Who's working UNDERCOVER

for GOD the FATHER

(seeking and searching to save the lost, reconciling them to Him at any cost).

original (53).png

**Remember, Jesus said:

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

No man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

~See St. John 14:6**




Sir Billie Miller:

There is no substitute for your GIFT on the planet.

No one can do you better than YOU. Your VISION solves a problem.

The world is waiting on you.





I'm on my way, world! Just give me a few more minutes...will ya? Thanks!

After all, I might be a li'l TOO MUCH fo' ya; but I'm comin' atcha anyhow.

Wheeeew! **smh** LOOK OUT NOW! Ya heard me?

Ya betta! ;) **wink**


Presenting "The Gift of Me,"



Sir Billie:

Ahhh, there goes my girl Cassandra. The world told me about YOU.

The world said, "I'll make room for 'The Gift of Me'".

The world is waiting. I'm waiting. LET'S GO!






"Lady Trice Scott":

SAYS: Wow...Another philosophy of mine!!!


Sir Billie:

GREAT minds think alike, Trice. ;-)



original - 2023-11-05T101816.636.jfif

"Lady Nicole C. Mullen":

It's Spring break, y'all!!! Woo Hoo!


He who pursues RIGHTEOUSNESS (right standing with God and the right way of doing things) and LOVE finds LIFE, PROSPERITY and HONOR. Proverbs 21:21



Uhm...THAT would be ME, "Lady Nicole."

Thanks for pointin' a sista out! May YOU be THAT as well...on da daily. Go 'head and receive it in Jesus' name. AMEN...and it IS so.

Ya got it? GOOD. :)

Because of Christ...for the cause of Christ,



"Lady Nicole":

Lol! I receive it! I do...Grace and peace to ya.




From "Cassie's" Inquiring Li'l Mind:


U know what? Someone needs to UNDERSTAND that with ALL their getting of what's out there to get, they also need to be sure to get an UNDERSTANDING, in order to truly UNDERSTAND what it is that they need to UNDERSTAND. Ya get it? Come on...think about it: How does one UNDERSTAND something without first having an UNDERSTANDING to begin da initial process of it all? I just don't UNDERSTAND it. LOL


"Lady Chiquita Tate":

Yes, yes, yes!!!


"Lady Roslyn Crump aka Lady Rozz":





A "New Balance" Commercial Quote

**Posted by "Lady Eddrena Miller" on da FB**


"Let's make excellent happen!" -NB



YAY!!! I'm "i(N), (B)oo!" Let's do this! :)


Ready to make excellent happen for our Excellent God,





Apostle Donald Thompson:

Know that we are yet watching thereunto with great expectancy of what the Holy Ghost will verify: moreover, with hands lifted high and mouth filled with praise, we are blessing the name of the Lord God Almighty through thanksgiving in the name of Jesus the Christ.


Our hearts are filled with joy and gladness, because we actually believe to see the manifested goodness of the Lord in the land of the living on your behalf. Amen.



Thank you, Sir, for always seeing in me what God the Giver of every good and perfect gift sees in me. Because of Him...I AM. Without Him...I DON'T exist. So, may the divine assignment from Him to me be daily fulfilled through me to you. In the mighty-n-matchless name of Jesus Christ I pray, believing that I shall have whatsoever I say. May God bless you, my friend and brother, wherever you may go, as He alone receives the glory. Amen...and it IS so. :) ~Love, "Cassie"




A Bishop T. D. Jakes Quote Posted by "Lady Renee' Hornbuckle"

On da FB:

"Eyes on the Prize. If you're going to get anything from God, you have to step around some people. It's not about them; it's about getting the help you need. If the belligerence of men can kill your dream, you have no right to obtain your dream.

original (55).png

You have to be willing to withstand insults and keep on moving. Darts may be thrown on every side, but you've got to focus on your mission." -Bishop T. D. Jakes



With ALL four (4) "eyes" FIXED & FOCUSED on "the Prize," let's GO,

"Lady Renee'" and Bishop T. D. Jakes...n'em! We got THIS, and God's got ALL o' US! Again I say, "Hello & 'O Happy Day,' Saints & Friends!" :)


Knowing WHAT I know from WHOM I know and believe,





A Self-Improvement Quote by Sir Dr. Myles Munroe:

original - 2023-11-05T105757.076.jfif

"Failure is only a temporary detour and should never be a permanent




Yes, Sir! Temporary is TEMPORARY, and permanent is PERMANENT. Don't turn the TWO (2) into a "MIX-MASTER"! In other words:

"Don't get it twisted." Let FAILURE know up-front that this DETOUR visit will only be long enough to LEARN something from it...on your WAY to your PERMANENT destination called, "DESTINY."


Packin' Up...Gettin' Ready t' Go,




PICKIN' to PURPOSELY PARTICIPATE in evil PASSIONS PUT them into PRACTICE will PROMPTLY PROVE that you're POSSESSED by 'em & PRONE to PRODUCE the fruit thereof. PERHAPS you will be PERSUADED to let Jesus, the PROPITIATION for our sins, PARDON & emPOWER you at the POINT of Grace, to rePOSITION you to your rightful PLACE in God. PEACE! :)


"Lady Sharon Rushing":

My sister in Christ Cassandra, I love the Jesus in you!!

Have a blessed weekend!!!



Thanks, Sis...I'm lovin' the Jesus in YOU as well. MUAH! ;) **wink**


"Lady Katrina Bryant Dawson":

An Amen goes right there, Lady Cassie!



Yes, ma'am! If NOBODY's got a "Amen," I gotz PLENTY of 'em! Hear?

Bless God, and hallelujah to The Lamb! :)


Sir Prophet William Thompson, Jr.:




Yes, Sir, that was "ON" PURPOSE..."FOR" PURPOSE!

Thank you for recognizing it "right off da bat"! :)

Sir Rashaad Washington:

Omg! So powerful!



Yes, Sir...straight from the REAL "POWER Source"! Ya feel me?

Wheeeew! **smh** :)




In Loving Memory of The Late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark

(March 26, 1925-September 22, 1994)

Dr. Mattie Moss Clark - I Can Do All Things Through Christ

The 'Supreme' Choir Master

Loooonnnngggg live the memory of Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark!

I SO love this woman until it's utterly ridiculous...but WHATEVA, tho! :)


A Lifetime Fan of the Moss-Clark Family,



"Lady Melissa Harden":

Hey San! Just want to tell you that I really enjoyed last night.

("Cassie" NOTE: It was after, technically, it was the next day, March 26th.)

The GUT LAUGHS were just awesome for me. It was just good to laugh HARD!!! Reminded me of real old times, when the family was together and we had such good times. Nothing like YO' family.

"Know what I mean, Vern?"



Yep...I know EXACTLY whatcha mean, "Big Sis"! As a matter o' FACT, "bof" (both) o' my sides are STILL in recovery, from laughing SO HARD

last night...early this morning, one (1) day from tomorrow! WHAT?! **smh** Keep me in yo' prayers, hear? K...thx (that is all).


"Lady Lisa Brown":

Cassie...I still miss her soooooooooooooooo much...

There'll NEVA be another!!



"NEVA" is right, honey!

ALL o' da wanna-be's can just get somewhere-n-SAT down wit' da quickness, 'cause it AIN'T happenin'...PERIOD. The End


Apostle Donald Thompson aka "Triple 'A' Preacher":

Me too; they always came to Golden Gate C.O.G.I.C. (in Fort Worth, TX) every New Year to orchestrate our candlelight musical, until she was just too sick to come. Since those years, I have seen The Clark Sisters, and they have all been so very warm and loving. What a memory of such one who taught us to take on the spirit of excellence.



Yes, a member of "The Concurring Committee," I readily concur.

God bless you! :)


"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

That's my Ma. I lived in Detroit (Michigan) and had the privilege of living with her. She was an awesome woman of God.



What a privilege indeed, Sis! Ohhhhhh...if I could just "turn back da Clock"! The Clark Sisters sang, "Can the clock be rewind?" **huh?**

And we ALL know the answer to THAT question is:


And I'm like: SHOOT...why NOT?!



"Lady Lisa":

Girl - we can't reWind that clock...cuz we would NEVA wanna go forward, cuz we wud know what was to come. Then Mama Clark wud say,


"Y'all ought-ta-be further up the Road by now..." LOL!!

...and, "I know I got that Right, too!!"


Ahhh...such memories...I'mma let it alone now!!



\0/<--(wit' hands all up in da air)

HOLD UP, Sis! I gotz ANOTHA one fo' ya!

How 'bout when she used t' say,


"If Jesus was to walk through that door,

and you can't sing no louder,



Yes, ma'am...THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout! LOL



Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

[[Thought Of The Day]]


Someone in your life needs a friend willing to tell them the TRUTH. Someone in your life needs a friend to step in and STOP them from doing something stupid. Someone in your life is suffering, because you are AFRAID of confrontation and afraid to correct them. Pray that God gives you the strength and courage to say what needs to be said the next time you see that person in the mirror.

original (56).png


Well..."I" might not like it, but "I" will be told the TRUTH and set on STRAIGHT STREET by "Me," even if it means getting "Me" run ova in the process. It's just good to know that "You" will be there to help "Me," if necessary. Do "You" hear "Me"? ;) **wink**


A friend indeed,

"iCassie" aka "The Woman In the Mirror"


"Lady Terry Potillo":

Confirmation...I just laid me out last week.

"Get up, and Get moving!"


"Cassie" @ "Lady Terry":

Way t' go, Sis...THAT's tellin' ya! :)


"Cassie" NOTE: Sir "Bo" celebrated his birthday on March 25th!

Below is my reply to his FB Post:


Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

original (57).png

If life is what you make it, then I've done alright. Would I do some things different if I had the chance? Sure. But would I trade today for a chance to fix yesterday? Not a chance! I understand and appreciate my ENTIRE journey. Past, present, AND future. This is indeed my "Golden Time of Day." Thanks for the FB love, fam. Keep shining.



YOUR life is like NONE OTHER, Sir "Bo."

Neither should it EVA (ever) be.

The UNIQUE mold that "God the Great I AM Extraordinaire" used to make you was "ditched" and is NOWHERE to be found. ANYONE who tries to duplicate YOU is a phony, a fake, a fraud, and a "hot mess"! AIN'T NOBODY allowed to "mess" with or "mess up" OUR "BO"! Shoot...I done got MAD! Ahem...please excuse me. What I'm REALLY "tryna" say is:


MAY the day of your MIRACULOUS & MOMENTOUS birth be MADE even MORE MEMORABLE, as you and others, who love you so MUCH, celebrate the brilliant and MULTI-TALENTED MAN that you are, oh "MIGHTY Warrior For God & Example For All MANKIND"! We love you, Sir, and wish you well in the MARVELOUS & MATCHLESS name of Jesus Christ. Amen... and it IS so. MUAH! And I MEAN it, too! ;) **wink**


Celebrating "The Gift of You,"



Sir Pastor John E. Taylor:

Are church pulpits being invaded by professional orators and hirelings who have never received the heart of the Great Shepherd? Many "pastors" claim to be too busy to visit hospitalized members, yet they MAKE time to golf, fish, and "network" every week. Pastors, our #1 responsibility is to make time for what's most important to God 1st. Golf, fishing, and hanging out can come later. Disagree? Read Matthew 25:35-45...


Sir Maurice D. Willliams:

Consider this text from Jeremiah 5:29-31

(New International Version)

original (56).png

"Should I not punish them for this? declares the LORD. Should I not avenge myself on such a nation as this? A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?"


Sir John:

Awesome text from God's Word! Thanks for sharing!


I'm sure the hirelings won't be happy with me, but it's time someone called them out for what they really are: HIRELINGS!!! These people will leave a church for a larger one with a better "compensation package" and they will water down the true Word of God for the sake of keeping carnal people happy and pacified. The harsh truth is, they are not pastors at all!!!


Sir Reginald Lee:

Amen, Pastor Taylor!!!!

"Don't compromise the Work of God, or twist what He has said; For blessings come from faithfully Proclaiming truth instead." -Hattie Lee


"Lady Roberta Woodard":

From my findings, there are too many "feel good" preachings instead of the TRUTH! The truth will not only set you free, but make you free!! Some folks are sooo busy trying to get a "feel good" word and not a good feeling OF the Word. It's 80º now, and it doesn't feel good at all. Hell is a smidgen hotter.


"Lady Ruth Darden-City":

Pastor Taylor, I thank God there are some pastors that still remember why God called them. There are too many ELI's in the pulpit.


Sir Rev. Willie Stewart, Jr.:

It certainly has become a profession instead of soul winning at any cost!

It's unfortunate.



Sir John, as I POSTED on another FB Friend's PAGE...

and because it's worth PASSING on:


The "PEOPLE in the PEWS," as well as some "PRIESTS & PRIESTESSES in POWER" seem to PREFER the so-called POPULARITY that comes with being PUT upon a man-made PEDESTAL, through POLITICSPROTOCOL and, if truth be told, PRETENTIOUS methods of operation to remain in their "POSITION OF PROMISE." Honey, PUH...leeeeaaaasssse! God is NOT the least bit imPRESSED by such foolishness, and PRETTY soon He's gonna show just how PERTURBED He truly is with ALL of it!


So, folks betta get their PRIORITIES straight, with a PURE heart, and don't PROCRASTINATE. We must stay PRAYERFUL and do our PART, to get through those PEARLY Gates as true Servants of God.





Sir John @ Cassie:

Thanks for the post. Paul warned that these days would come.

(2 Timothy 1:1-4)




Sir Rev. John W. Delley:

Don't let "no one control" your emotions thru arguments.

Be at peace with yourself, knowing blessed!


Me/"Cassie": it known THIS DAY & EVERYDAY that AIN'T NOBODY GOD BUT GOD! When I surrendered FULL CONTROL over to HIM, that meant that HE ALONE is NOW & FOREVER "LARGE & IN CHARGE" End of Story. Well...actually, it's "The Beginning," "The Middle," and "The End" of ALL things that concern ME, especially since I can ONLY answer for MYSELF anyway. Come on outta here! Uh-huh...y'all don't like me, but WHATEVA, tho. :)


At PEACE knowing JESUS-n-lovin' it,





In ALL our ways we should ALWAYS AIM to ACKNOWLEDGE and obey the "ANCIENT OF DAYS." For ANYTHING is possible to ACHIEVE by ANYONE who ACCEPTS Him and believes. My Shepherd, my Shield, my Strong Tower, my ANCHOR, my Solid Rock, my Heart-Song, my Solace, my Savior. In the midst of my trouble, I APPROACH Him for the Solution. He's Jesus Christ, the most ACCURATE, ACCESSIBLE & APPLICABLE "Final ANSWER."

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes indeed!!! Jesus is the answer!!!



A-to-da-MEN (Amen) & the WOMEN, too. ;) **wink**


"Lady Phebe":

LOL @ "and the women, too!" Too funny!! :)

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