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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXVIII

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Honest Expression of Adoration Reaching (Its) Target

(Acronym By Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)

Even Before iGave My HEART To My Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST,

HE Willingly Shed HIS OWN Precious BLOOD & Died To Set ME Free.

Right After iJoined My HEART With My Lawfully Wedded Husband,

MR. WALTER KELLEY Instantly Became a RICH MAN,

According To Proverbs 31:10 Aha! Gotcha, didn't I?

Yep. Hehehehe! :) #WealthIsMOREThanMoney



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"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill"

On da FB 03/01/12:


The wrong people will surround you, to stop

the right people from coming around you!!! Everyone's not in our lives because they

love us, some folk are on assignment!

Don't downplay or 2nd guess what you

have heard in the Spirit!


Allz iKnow Iz: WHOEVA da "Wrong" People ARE,

"They" BEST BELIEVE That GOD'S "Correctional Rod" Ain't TOO FAR!

As a MATTER of FACT, Hell Ain't EVA (ever) Welcome Here, JACK!



A "Jackie Hillite" 4Life...Whetha Ya Like It or Not (BAM!),



"Lady Deidra Fransaw":

Be Ye Removed!!!!



iLove it, "Lady Deidra"! Honey, "They" Cain't Get Wit' This Groove,

So iJoin You In Sayin': "Be Ye Removed!" (See St. Mark 11:23)

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! **Smh**


Sir Bishop Harrison Johnson:

The more anointed you are the smaller your circle must be!




The GOD Of ALL Creation Is Yet WORTHY

To Receive Glory, Majesty, DOMINION &

POWER Every Second, Every Minute Of


"We" Live, Move & Have Our BEING. To

Exist Outside Of HIS Presence Holds NO

MEANING. Who Is "We"? YOU ME...

But iCain't Just Sit & Wait Around On

"THEE" To Thank HIM & Bless HIM In Song & Dance, YA SEE. For HE Has Been TOO GOOD To Li'l Ol' ME!

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Yes, SIR & Yes, MA'AM, Totally Awesome Is The Great "I AM"!

If YOU Have ANY Kinda Sense, Exalt HIM In The Beauty Of HOLINESS


**Cues The World-Wide Praise & Worship Team**



Singing, "Come And Go With Me" by Psalmist Sharon Jackson,


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"Lady Roslyn Crump" aka "Lady Rozz":

On The Praise Team!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah



GET 'EM, "Lady Rozz"! :) xoxoxo


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes indeed...He's been too good to me, too!!!

I love Him, I love Him, I love Him!!!


SHOUT It From da ROOFTOPS, "Lady Phebe"!

iHEAR Ya, Sis! Yes-to-da-MA'AM & Hallelujah To THE LAMB! :)


"Lady Psalmist Sharon Jackson":

Let's Go Up...I wanna be where Jesus is!!! Love you, Cassie!



iAm EVA (ever) SO pumped 'bout that "thang" too, "Lady Sharon"!

You know...but you DON'T know. Got it? GOOD.

iAppreciate you, my "Kingdom Sista-Friend"!

Be Blessed! :)




Sir George L. Clinkscale, II On da FB 03/01/12:

The State of Oklahoma decided today in a landslide vote of 83 to 8 in favor of the



They felt strong enough about

unsanctioned boxing events that they

literally named the law in his honor.

This new law causes no other families in

Oklahoma to ever experience what

we've had to. Thanks to those of you

who prayed with us for this outcome.

I'm smiling today...Thank God!

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GOD Gets The GLORY Out of The


Indeed, It Is "THE LAW" From Which We

All Should LEARN & DRAW. #CaseClosed


Because "I BELIEVE GOD" With or

Without a VOTE or NOD,



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On da FB 03/01/12:


Prayer Fact:

When the sentiments of your heart line

up with what your mouth is saying,

God responds!

I see I have a few witnesses!

PTL (Praise The Lord)

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A "few witnesses" will MOVE HEAVEN "wit' da quickness"!

They're called: GOD'S REMNANT :) #AreYouTrynaGetMeStarted?


One of da "few" too,



St. Matthew 12:34

~King James Version~


"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?

for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."



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"Lady Charlene D. Ayers"

Sharing A Profound Quote

On da FB 03/03/12:


"Just because I LAUGH a lot, doesn't mean

my life is EASY. Just because I have a

SMILE on my face everyday, doesn't mean

that something is NOT bothering me. I just

choose to MOVE ON, and NOT dwell on all

the NEGATIVES in my life. Every NEW

moment gives me the chance to RENEW

ANEW. I choose to be that."


O say, "CAIN'TCHA 'C'" what's being CONVEYED



Now, THIS here Quote MOST DEFINITELY describes ME to a "T"!

Understand that ALL things that Life CONSISTS of

just so happens to BEGIN END with anotha "C" word,

befittingly referred to as: CHOICE.

Even The CREATOR of ALL mankind

gave EACH of us the "Gift" of FREE WILL.

Well, honey, iAIN'T gon' be SO STUPID,

CRAZY & FOOLISH enough to


That's fo' SHO. Shoot!


iLOVE to LAUGH & iSMILE LOT; because, regardless of Life's UNpredictabilities,

MY FRONT & MY BACK, no doubt,


original (22).jfif

Betta CATCH da Vision & CUE da Musician...I'm just sayin'.

;) **wink**


CALLIN' It Like iSEE It,


original (23).jfif

"Lady Charlene":

Yes, Cassandra - it describes M-A-N-Y of us,

especially those in leadership. If we let people

see how they get to us (dwell on the negatives),

we'd all come to a dead-standstill! Why do I say

DEAD stand-still? Because the Nay-Sayers

do nothing BUT "nay-say" -- all substantive

productivity would cease! I SAY:






A-to-da-MEN (Amen) & da-WOMEN, too!

For this iSend a WHOLE heapin' helpin'


Now...GO GET 'EM, "Boo"! :) xoxoxo

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Me/"Cassie": GOD IS. #Period


"Cassie" NOTE: Thanks for the inspiration, "Lady Marquita Dunn"!

iViewed this Bea-YOU-tiful profile cover on your FB page & iLove it! :)




Quote Defining The Example of Faith, Hope & Love

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FAITH {fáth} v. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability - HOPE {hõp} n. to look forward to with confidence or expectation - LOVE {luhv} n. the benevolent affection of God for His creatures or the reverent affection due from them to God


Scripture Reference: I Corinthians 13:13

~King James Version~


"And now abideth faith, hope, charity (love), these three:

but the greatest of these is charity."


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Above graphic: Christian "Team Jesus" by T-ShirtGifts

Color: Creme (


The MORE we PRAISE the Name & Person of JESUS CHRIST,

the MORE we RAISE the Standard & Value of a CONSECRATED LIFE.



By ushering in HIS PRESENCE, we're SETTING the atmosphere

for HIM to release the "Latter Rain" in ABUNDANCE,

while GETTING the Glory that's DUE HIM.


**Singing in my BEST Kirk Franklin voice:**


"Who got the PRAISE? We got the PRAISE!

And Who we give the PRAISE to? JESUS!"



Representing "T. J." aka TEAM JESUS (All Day),




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Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 03/04/12:







iLikes that, my "Kingdom Sista-Friend":

TODAY EVERYDAY iAm a "Kingdom VIP" who, along with Dr. SWC,


Uhm...Do NOT MESS with ME, if ya know what's BEST for THEE!


Tuning UP in da Key of "C" (Skillful Musician, where YOU Be?),





Sir Pastor John E. Taylor" On My FB Wall 03/05/12:

original (29).jfif

Hey, My Sister, Thank you so much for allowing God to use you at our service on yesterday. We were blessed by your ministry.



To Sir Pastor John Taylor & "Lady Sonya Taylor"

& The New Life Worship Center Family:

Be it known THIS DAY that y'all are MY kinda

people ALWAYS! Ya heard me? Ya betta!

MUCH Love, Fam. & THAT's 4Real, Too...MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Your "Kingdom Sista-Friend" Sho Nuff,



"Lady Sonya Taylor":

Thank you and bless you, Sis! You are our kinda people, too...

Love you so much!!! Still basking in His presence...

Hope to see you again soon.




"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson" On da FB 03/05/12:

Such a beautiful day!!



HOWEVA, my "Kingdom-Sista Friend" & Encourager, YOU are bea-YOU-tiful-er!! :)



Your Namesake Wit' LOTS o' Love & Stuff,

"Cassie" (too)

original (31).jfif

"Lady Cassandra":

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, you make my heart smile!

I simply love you!



**Blushin'-n-carryin' on, as usual...Sigh**



"Cassie's Heart-To-Heart Transplant Tribute of Transparency"

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At This Time iWish To Thank Those Who Took Turns Collectively & Respectfully, While "Staying In Their OWN Lanes," Decently & Orderly, To Touch & Agree With Me Consistently & Faithfully, in Covenant With "The Blessed Trinity." You Tell The Truth In Love, Though Sporting "Spiritual Boxing Gloves"! Your Talk Is Backed Up By Your Walk & You NEVER Have To Apologize For Living Holy & Sanctified!

iApplaud Your Tenacity, Giftings & Talents, Which You Wouldn't Compromise or Get Twisted By Leaving GOD Out of 'Em! You've Taught Me How To Take Life's Blows Without Throwing In The Towel, Staying Focused & Committed To My "Kingdom Vows." Today & Always My Prayers & Thoughts Are With You. So, If You EVER Need or Want a Sista...Uhm, You Know What To Do. #It'sAHeartThangHoney! ;) **wink**


Yours Truly & Triumphantly,




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iRepeat: "True friendship is a gift that is given without expectation of anything in return. Instead, the reward is the friendship itself!"

The GIFT of TRUE Friendship, Even In The MIDST of GREAT Hardship,

Is An Expensive PRIZE To GAIN, Exhibiting a LOYALTY That

Forever REMAINS. But To Experience The BEST Companionship,

ALWAYS Make JESUS The HEAD of Your Relationship. :)


THOROUGHLY Enjoying The Fellowship,





"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

Sharing a "KaPOW'ful" Quote

On da FB 03/12/12:


"I don't have time

to hate people

who hate me,

because I'm too busy

loving people

who love me."

original (34).jfif

"Lady Bridgette Clinkscale":

I love this!


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

Love it!!!


"Lady Peggy Bishop":

I like that. Thank you for this word. Have a good day.

original (35).jfif


Ditto & AWAY iGo! MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Lovin' GOD & Lovin' YOU,



Sir Min. Myron Williams:

Love it, Candy, and love you too.

"Lady Pat Fields Rutledge":



"Lady Mardell Clinkscales":

Das wassup.


**Interpretation: That's what's up.**


"Lady Wanda Bell":

Looking at this again! Awesome! Right on!!!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@Wanda...Love it too.

We spend too much time worrying

about who don't love us.

We need to reverse that energy on

those who love you.

You won't have blood pressure problems!

Real talk.

@Cassie...Love you, girl.

@Myron...Love you, friend...miss you too.

See ya soon.

original (36).jfif

Sir Donnell Jones:

So right, My sister!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

"Sweet Lady Candy":

Love you, Donnell...


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 03/12/12:

("Worship Matters Mentoring Program")

original (37).jfif

WORSHIP is only true worship when it lives and flows from a Heart of Obedience to God. A heart that is not divided and does not crave for the fleshly, sinful gratifications of this world. The lifting of the hands, dance, and other expressions are associated with worship, however they are by-products/side effects which are rightly in order. We must make sure that we do not exemplify the "side effects" more than a pure heart that is focused on serving and pleasing God. Otherwise, it becomes mere entertainment to those who see us, and bodily exercise for us. Living a life of obedience and reverencing God for Who He is, (which cannot escape His Holiness) is the Heart of Dwelling that God longs to be enthroned upon. Is that heart yours?


\0/<--(Uplifted hands expressing the sentiments of my heart)

"Yes, Lord!"

"Lady da WANDAful Bell," as one of your dedicated mentees, iPersonally thank you for "bringin' it" HARD STRONG with this WORSHIP MATTERS series. These teachings are desperately needed in our personal lives as Christians & Baptized Believers. The church building is not the ONLY place for our Sacred Worship, targeted specifically unto the TRUE LIVING SOVEREIGN GOD. It is a DAILY lifestyle, having TOP PRIORITY in reverent obedience to the CREATOR of ALL living creatures. Indeed, iTake GREAT pleasure in Worshipping & Honoring HIM in EVERYTHING that concerns HIM about ME. So, Forever & Always iOwe HIM this living sacrifice, which is ME: "Cassie" :) xoxoxo

original (37).jfif



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

original (38).jfif

So excited to announce---AOW's "Live" Night of Worship Recording & DVD Taping!!! SAVE THE DATE!! **Saturday, April 14, 2011**

YOU are invited to be a part of the worshipping congregation as we, capture this awesome night of worship on DVD! Open to see details. Official flier coming soon!!!!

"Cassie" NOTE:

Click on flier above to enlarge.




Grab yo' FAMILY, FRIENDS & FOES, and head on ova to this "Live" DVD Recording, where the Spirit of the Lord is ALREADY present! **You'll catch that momentarily.** Make NECESSARY PREPARATIONS to join the rest of the WORSHIPPING CONGREGATION that's filled to da brim with GREAT EXPECTATION! C U There & To GOD Be The GLORY! Amen...and it IS so. :) ~Love, "Cassie"


"Lady Wanda":

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, you got that riggghhhhtt!!! TGBTG!



"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall"

On da FB 03/13/12:


GRACE MEETS us right where we are...


where we were FOUND!

~Lady Alana~

original (39).jfif


iSO love you, "Lady Alana..."! Keep PREACHIN'-n-REACHIN', hear?

K...thx. #Thatisall







"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

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Sharing a CHRIST-Like Quote

On da FB 03/14/12:


"It's Not Enough To Be

A Christian In Name Only.

You Must Live The Christian




DON'T Just GIVE Lip-Service Without BACKIN' IT UP With Yo' LIFE,

Which Is Now BRANDED!"



CHRIST-Owned, CHRIST-Bred, CHRIST-Centered & CHRIST-Led,


And ANOTHA "Thang":

Christ Cares For Candy Just Like da Rest of Us

"Candy Lovers"! So, There! :) xoxoxo



"Sweet Lady Candy":

Hahahaaaaaahahaha! You know what to say,

Friend! Smiling....

original (41).jfif



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

Sharing ANOTHA Thought-Provoking Quote On da FB:

original (42).jfif

"Never lose yourself while trying to

hold on to someone who doesn't care

about losing you." Real Talk...

"Lady Michelle Vinson-Seeden":

Can you hit "like", say 50 times? If I could I would mail it to some people, because they will never get this concept unless they hear it from a stranger. "Make me wanna holler, throw up both my hands."

"Sweet Lady Candy":

I hear you, Cuz. got to love yourself

not to get to that point!



iSO thank JEHOVAH JIREH for graciously PROVIDING me with

enough TENDER LOVING CARE from my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S., as well as

other GENUINE "peeps," to snuff out ALL of da CARELESS-natured,

HARD-hearted folks who DON'T give a "Flip" or a "Flake"

(Uhm...notice iDIDN'T cuss, hear? lol #Keepin'ItHoly)

about me or NOTHIN'-n-NOBODY else that is in ANY wayz connected

to me. When iTell you that iAm COMPLETELY delivered from "PPS"

or da "People-Pleasing Syndrome," BELIEVE me! Okay? #JesusHasTaughtMeWell


'Cause iRefuse To Lose My MIND...Living In da BLIND,





"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes" On da FB 03/14/12:

God wants to take us, with all our weaknesses and inabilities, and transform us, by working from the inside out, to do something powerful in this earth. If we're going to overcome insecurities and succeed at being ourselves, we can't continue to be afraid of what everybody else may think. A person's perception of you can also become a prison for you. I'm learning to let people think what they choose. Their opinion is not YOUR reality! We can't continue to allow others to fit us into their mold. We are different! We are unique! God created us this way to accomplish His purposes here on earth! #LovingCymtodaycauseI'moutthabox!!

original (43).jfif

"Lady Lakitsha Lee":

This is beautiful! What a word!


"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

Profound!! Yes and Amen!



Outthabox & StandinOndaRock! THAT is what I'm talkin' 'bout,

"Lady Cym"! To da Pit o' HELL with the devil and all o' his li'l imps!



'Cause My Time Is Too VALUABLE To Waste On IMBECILES,



Sir Kenny Skinner:





Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 03/14/12:


When you ask God to protect you

from your enemies, don't be alarmed when

"FRIENDS" begin to disappear!



Uhm..."FB Audio Tech," WILL YOU KINDLY




Just "Stupid-CraZy" 'Bout This Here Woman (iAin't Lyin',





Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB

**"Crying ALOUD & Sparing NOT"...Hear Ye Her!**

original (45).jfif

Some folks will jump, dance, shout, speak in tongues, and do cartwheels after they've been given a personal prophesy about how FABULOUS they are! They testify about how much they love God, but when the Word of the Lord has come and told them WHERE they should be and WHAT they should be doing, they REJECT it and do what THEY want to do!!! God says they will HOLLAR (Holler) for a DOLLAR - ministering through song!

God is saying they CHASE DOWN FORTUNE, FAME & A NAME! God is saying there will be MANY who will MISS THE MARK because you DIDN'T DO, DONT WANT TO DO or ARE NOT DOING what HE told you to do!!



Tell yo' neighbor, "DON'T BE TRIPPIN'!"

original (46).jfif

Therefore, while you were settling for the comfortable place and getting paid, you MISSED your ETERNAL NOW - the WEALTHY PLACE because it wasn't fancy, fine, fabulous or BIG enough for you! It was TOO SMALL, out of your league, didn't give you a GOOD LOOK! You were looking at the NATURAL MANIFESTATION instead of the SPIRITUAL RELEASE! But God says The REMNANT shall RAISE UP, and you will look up and see you MISSED your TRUE ASSIGNMENT! HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!



"Lady Pastor Carolyn T. Parker":

When GOD elevates you, you know it! He'll take the little and make much! He'll show you how HE can make a way out of no way. He'll use the enemy to bless you! He'll take that which you GIVE UNTO HIM and multiply it. I thank God that HPCC (Higher Praise Christian Church) doesn't run after anything but the heart of God. The lives that we see changing right before our eyes, the mouths God feeds through our obedience, the great things God's doing through a few faithful...I am truly humbled...And that humility brings FAVOR. And when FAVOR shows up, we know it...Glory to God!!! All worth it, Sis. All worth the pain, misery, being talked about, stepped on...all worth it that HIS GLORY may be seen. Every round goes higher and higher. Reaping season for the faithful...


Ooooo, "Lady Catherine" & "Lady Sylvia"! Y'all DONE DID it now! DA DEVIL is DEEPLY DISTURBED 'bout y'all DISSIN' him and his DEMONIC DOOFUS assistants DOIN' their DIRT! But WHATEVA, tho! DO it again, and DON'T DOUBT that DOORS of opportunity to DISABLEDISENGAGE and cancel out his DUNG-infested assignment to DESTROY da "Messenger" for DELIVERING da Truth shall open even more, in da "KaPOW'ful" Name of JESUS! Amen...and it IS so. :)




Sir Apostle Gregory Crawford:

Great Word, Correction always comes before Elevation.



"Lady Carol E. Briscoe":




A Glimpse of Special Guest Speaker

Mother Pia Haynes-Williams


At The Texas Northwest Jurisdiction

32nd Annual State Women's Convention,

Hosted By Holy Tabernacle COGIC

In Fort Worth, TX on 03/14/12


Host Pastor & First Lady of New Birth District:

Superintendent Robert L. Sample &

Missionary Dollie V. Sample


Photo Taken By:

Missionary Barbara Frederick Sample

(Their Daughter-in-Law)

original (47).jfif

BABIEEEES...Let da "Kingdom Record" show that Mother Pia Haynes-Williams (wife of Superintendent Reginald Williams, mother of two sons: J. Neaul Williams & Chandler D. Williams, and first-born daughter of Bishop J. Neaul Haynes & Mother Vivian Haynes), in ALL o' her "Kingdom Royalty," just FLAT-OUT "preached da poop stuffin'" outta Esther 4:16, encouraging us to persevere "Beyond The Perishing Point"!


O-to-da-M-to-da-G! iWill NEVAEVA be da same.

THIS iCan GUARANTEE! :) #QueenEstherSTILLRocksHoney!


Lovingly & Respectfully Submitted (of,





"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 03/15/12:

original (48).jfif

I promise you this, if you don't know it:

GOD can take you and make

something beautiful out of your life!

Just thinking about how I was

the "least likely" and God is using me

for His Glory.


GOD is amazing! His Glory!





make GOOD on His PROMISE, Sis.

After all, He IS GOD. ;) **wink**

GLAD iKNOW fo' My OWNself,


"Lady Psalmist Mershelia Williams":





"Lady Wanda":

So, I'm not the only one who was the "least likely", huh?? :)




Uhm...lovingly and respectfully speaking, NAW,

you AIN'T da ONLY one, Sis! lol



"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On da FB 03/16/12:


If you are going to minister this Gospel in

any form or capacity (Word, song, dance, etc.),

you won't survive if you have "thin skin".

Only the strong survive! Selah.


"Lady Candice 'Ordered Steps' Johnson":

So true! I learned that very quickly! ♥


Sir Pastor Jay Moss:

That's perhaps the best thing I'll hear today.

original (49).jfif
original (50).jfif

"Lady Wanda":

@ Jay Moss...

GM (Good Morning), Pastor!

Just trying to help those who are

new in this thing and encouraging those

who've been in it awhile to

stay strong! will be attacked, criticized, lied on, plotted a matter of

fact...see the Life of Jesus...

You may never be hung on a cross literally, but you've gotta carry one!



You SAID THAT, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

Oh, and "Good MornTing," by the way. ;) **wink**

THE REMNANT has THICK SKIN. Anyone who desires a FIRE-PROOF "Coat of Armor" in the "Army of The Lord"

GOTZ to GET it while it's yet AVAILABLE to GET GOT!

So, iSTRONGLY SUGGEST that they (B)ust (A) (M)ove

wit' da quickness! BAM! & Selah.


Ova Here Thriving & Surviving With NO Shucking & Jiving,





"Lady Laura Littlestar" On da FB 03/19/12,

Sharing An Encouraging Quote By The Late Great

Connie Ten Boom, Who Was RIGHT ON TRACK:


**You'll catch that momentarily.**

original (51).jfif


\0/<--(Wit' "bof" (both) hands wavin' all up in da air-n-carryin'

original (52).jfif

"Choo-Choo" to HIM that

"makes it do what it do":






THOROUGHLY "Enjerrrrin'"



original (53).jfif
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