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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XV

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Words To The UNwise...

From GOD The ALL-Wise:


"Outright Stupidity" is NOT your friend.

Drop it like a "hot potato" and

cling ever so TIGHTLY to Wisdom,

Who'd be glad to have you from here to ETERNITY...100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

Sis, great word from Zion. I think I'll take heed!!!!


It's the BEST path to take, me on this! :)




"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell" Preachin' on da FB 06/10/11:

LADIES, respectable, good-hearted men are turned off by loud, neck jerking, foul mouth women who are just looking for a fight because of what some other man did. You should have handled it with THAT man and closed the book. It doesn't fit, especially if we say we are in the Lord. Respect yourself. Don't run a good man away. #bealadyatalltimes


"Lady Tammy Jordan":

YES and AMEN!!!!!

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Sir Tyrone Lamar Smith:

Help your sistas out, Elder!


"Lady Wanda":

I'm trying, brother! Some women say there are no good men left,

but it is very possible that they never meet them because of this very thing!



See there? Gotz MINE for 26 years (come June 22nd)! Listening & Obeying the (V)oice (O)f (W)isdom (VOW...get it?) will make you a Winner at ALL times, honey. Come on outta here, and LEARN something for Christ's sake and yours! **smh** Thanks for sharing, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"! I're helping SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE. Keep it UP, and DON'T eva (ever) let DOWN. I love you! :)


Your sister-in-Christ and friend for life,



"Lady Wanda":

Yes, ma'am...congrats to you and hubby!!!

I love you guys!!!

"Lady Symintha Radford":

You've said a mouthful!! Say it again! When will we African American women learn this? ("Cassie" NOTE: Yep...that's what she said, y'all! LOL) We need to turn the page on the hood and adapt some new ways to communicate. The old way is so tired and played out, and these men are not having it.


Sir Tyrone Lamar Smith:

The sad thing is, Elder, they see how crazy women are acting on these reality shows and think it is ok, but they fail to see there are very few men in them...Our young women really need a wake-up call...pray about what we can do to reach them, and I'm all in. #let'


"Lady La'Donna Fields-Davis":

Ooooooo JESUS...this is my heart, and GOD knows it. I really would like to do something in this area!!! GOD KNOWS WE NEED IT!!! It just ain't cute at all...and then they wonder why they can't get a man...RESPECT STARTS WITH SELF-RESPECT!!!


"Cassie" NOTE: The End




From Sir Michael L. Rogers (a Fellow AOW Member) on my FB Wall:

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Good afternoon!!

Spreading some love to you on this day!!



Love APPROVED & ACCEPTED, Sir Michael!

Thank you SO much,

and you KNOW I love you, too...right?

Of course, you do.

Be blessed, my brother. :)


Sincerely, "Cassie"

Sir Michael:

Yes, I know this! And I hope you know that I love you right back!!



"Lady Christella Young":

"The light of God surrounds you.

The love of God enfolds you.

The power of God protects you.

The presence of God watches over you.

Wherever you are, God is.

Thank you for the friendship!!!"

original (88).png


These very words I speak into YOUR life as well, "Lady CHRISTella"!

Being sista-friends with YOU is one of the BEST decisions I've made.

Good ol' me, huh? I know, girl! WHAT?! :) xoxoxo


Exemplifying CHRIST in my daily life,



"Lady Christella":

Awww, that's so sweet of You to say...

Thank You so much! May GOD keep You as the apple of HIS eye

and Bless You beyond measures...






"Lady Psalmist Evangelist Karen Clark-Sheard":

Thank you all for the wonderful support on the TBN show...

(Aired Friday Night, 06/10/11)

Karen Clark Sheard Jun 10, 2011 Inseparable

Sacred Love Songs


There ya have it, Ladies & Gentlemen:

KCS...ALWAYS doin' her BEST to excellently REPRESENT

those who are unmistakably HEAVEN-SENT!

;) **wink**


Givin' HER a "gazillion" kudos and "two thumbs up,"





DrB Ministries "Lettin' 'er Rip" on da FB...

**O-to-da-M-to-da-G! Some o' this is SO me! Gotta learn to "weed out whatcha DON'T need"!**

original - 2023-11-15T093239.452.jfif

DISCONTENT? God is stirring up a group of people who are discontent to totally change the course of history. Martin Luther was discontent. The Founding Fathers were discontent. I WANT MORE. I want more of God, I want more of Jesus, and I want to impact more people for Him. Am I the only one who feels this way? ~DrB~



Jesus Didn't!!!!


Changing Yourself has nothing to do with anyone else or any institution. Everyone does not have the same drive, love and passion for what they do. So why go at the rate of the slowest one in the class of Institutionized teachings? Thank God for Spiritual Dominion and Freedom! ~DrB~



FACING TRUTH. Don't expect those that have been living a lie for a long time to readily be able to accept or even handle the truth. Lies have become their truth! They take truth as being put down or not understood. The truth does not fit their lies. To add insult to injury, they also surround themselves with people that support and keep their lies alive, not knowing they are Mentally Unhealthy & Dying inside! ~DrB~



KNOW WHEN TALKING IS ENOUGH. A person has asked you for help, then they are not doing what you told them to do. Then you point it out to them, and they have an excuse every time as to why they are not changing! BEWARE: It can be you that ends up being mentally sick, as it is only a fool that would keep talking after the person is telling you in their actions, "I am not listening!" Time to Stop Talking! ~DrB~




I am ALMOST speechless! **Notice the "keyword"** Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..."breave" (breathe)...Thank you, and thank you for sharing, "DrB"! I'm GOOD-to-GO fo' REAL, Sir! Watch out now! VRRRROOOOM! VRRRROOOOM! :)


Revving UP to Run 'em DOWN,






Self-DISCIPLINE, in and of itself,

is not a DIRTY word, people!

DOING what is necessary to DEVELOP our bodies and command the sinful nature of the flesh to DIE DAILY to Worldly-n-Wrong DESIRES will DUTIFULLY restrain us from reaping inevitable Self-DESTRUCTION!


Hello & "O Happy DAY," Saints & Friends!

original - 2023-11-15T094010.117.jfif

DEMANDING order to




"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Wow!! What a word, what a word!!!

We DEFINITELY have to fight our sinful ain't easy,

but it can be DONE!


DON'TCHA see, "Lady Phebe"?

We must either "get 'er DONE" or be DONE away with!

The DECISION is an individual one...all DAY long.

Come on here now! God bless you, Sis. :)


"Lady Phebe":

That's the truth!!! It's so easy to let our flesh take over and give folk a piece of our mind or bless 'em out (like the ol' folk say)...or just give in to stuff that we know ain't right!!! We have to fight satan 24/7...gotta keep our war clothes on at all times!!!



Yes, ma'am...even sleep in dem "war clothes," 'cause even yo' dreams can be a "Spiritual war zone"! That's why we gotta guard the mind at all times, too! Wheeeew! **smh**


"Lady Phebe":

Oh my, Girl! That's the truth!!



original - 2023-11-15T094222.692.jfif

"Lady Denise Mosley":

Sometimes God has to BREAK you

to BLESS you...



>->0 "Cassie" on the floor...

from a POW'ful TKO in the Spirit!

Thank You, Holy Ghost, and thank you, "Lady Denise,"

for hittin' me upside the head with the Truth!

SO love and appreciate you for that,

in all honesty. MUAH! :)


Remaining in the capable hands of God The Potter,



"Lady Denise":

Bless you, Ms. Cassie...Bless you.




Sir Bishop Darrell L. Hines:

Never limit yourself to others' expectation.

Their expectations are based on

what they think of you,

but your success comes from

what you think.



Yes, Sir...words to LIVE & SUCCEED by,

according to the I AM that's within me.

Amen...and it IS so. :)

original - 2023-11-15T094436.435.jfif

'Cause that's WHAT & HOW I think daily,




original (89).png


"The End" :)

Starting a "New Beginning" SMACK-DAB in "The Middle,"



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

**(S)isters (K)eeping (I)n (T)ouch (T)o (L)ove, (E)ncourage & (S)upport**


Awwwwww how sweet! Thank you, my friend. I believe it with all my heart. I love you. A blessing to have you in my life!!!!!!




From: "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

To: "Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis"

original - 2023-11-15T094923.149.jfif

Click on flier above to enlarge.

I pray your conference will be a great success.

If one soul receives Christ, it's worth it all.




As a member of "The Concurring Committee,"

I concur. Amen...and it IS so. :)


In your "cornTer,"



"Lady Patricia":

I concur also, that is my endeavor...

thanks so much Candy!

@Cassie, I like that committee.

And it is so...!!!



"Lady Evangelist Vanessa Winbush-Gatlin":

Mountains must move either all at once or one piece at a time. But thank God it will move by faith. Use your mountain moving faith.



Yes, ma'am..."Mountain-moving faith" makes mega-monstrosities, as well as other multiple malfunctioning mishaps of life, "bust a move" and eventually melt away! Don'tcha just love it? What a mighty magnificent God we serve! :)


Merrily & Meekly serving One Who is

"More Than Enough,"


original - 2023-11-15T095057.762.jfif


original (90).png



(K)infolks (I)n (C)hrist the (K)ing

(B)uffet (U)niformly, (T)otally & (T)riumphantly!

In other words:

We "KICK BUTT" in the Spirit realm!

So, if ya DON'T want none,

then DON'T mess around with God's "Little Ones"!

Definition of "buffet" (buf´it) n. slap; any blow.

-v.t. 1. beat. 2. contend against.*


*Reference: The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary

Third Edition © Philip D. Morehead and Andrew T. Morehead, 1995


"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

(U) you (R) (B)rilliant...(T)his (I)s (C)razy N (S)ane.

I had to read this one twice before I (A)ctually got it!!!!! (L)ove It...

(O)nly (C)assandra (R)oberson-(K)elley could think of such a (T)hing.

It's called the (G)enius (I)ntelligence side of our (F)ather.

(C)reativity at its (T)ruest of (F)orms...

Cassie, I ain't messin' wit' (Y)ah! (L)OL...



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! Thank you, Sis. I love you fo' REAL!

;) **wink** xoxoxo

"Lady La'Trice":

Just let me know when I can sign up for your classes.

I could use an (M)(B)(A) from your (U)niversity -

CRK (U)niversity.

Now it's up to you to think of a (M)ascot.



Yeah...sure. Ahem...okay.


original - 2023-11-15T100335.476.jfif


original - 2023-11-15T100243.904.jfif

"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell:

**In looking into the life of Joseph (of the Bible)**


There are some people who can't stand the sight of you. It is not because you did anything to them. It is because they see the favor of God on your life. Joseph's own brothers saw him at a distance and they said, "Here comes that dreamer". They didn't know that the one they hated would be the one who would help them in the end.


"Lady da WANDAful Bell," just call me "Josephine"...'cause I'm "dreaming" BIG TIME ova here, and gettin' ready t' BE A BLESSING t' da "haters n'em"! HUP! LOOKA here! HA-GLORY! :)


Singing, "If I can help 'somebody' as I travel along..." etc.,



"Lady Regina Neal":

You have the wisdom of God in your heart and mind, Lady Wanda! :)

Two "thumbs up" for this one!


"Lady Felecia Curlett Gardner":

Thank you for my confirmation!

Thank God for the timing. I like that "JOSEPHINE". :)


"Lady Robin Gray":

Elder, looks like we're both in a zone, lol! I'm loving it!



Some "Food For Thought"...




It's N.E.W. (N)ever (E)nding (W)orship,

which (N)ot only has to do with your "singing" but (E)verything to do with your "lifestyle" rooted-n-grounded in God's (W)ord. Let's TALK about it and BE about it, so that our Lord & King will be PLEASED about it. :)

"Lady Kathy Bowman":

Talkin' good in da house, girl... ;-)



What part of, "Behold, ALL things are become NEW,"

do we NOT understand, "Lady Kathy"? #I'mjustaskin':)




Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

original (91).png

Refuse to focus on NONSENSE, NEGATIVITY or NAYSAYERS! God has given you the power to walk in AUTHORITY! You are in control of what you IGNORE or what you ENTERTAIN! GUARD YOUR EARGATES & EYEGATES!

What you allow to enter into your spirit and take residence there is what ultimately CONTROLS you!




SILLY RABBIT! Hop da Hell on outta here! LOL


Reminding him to NOT play with ME,


"Lady Sylvia":

LOL...We give control to what we should have control over. Instead of hunting the rabbit...we allow him to hunt us.



I hear ya LOUD-n-CLEAR, "Lady Sylvia"!

Rabbit stew is finna be on and BOILING, honey...

but I ain't gon' eat THAT particular kind, tho.

I'm just sayin', ya know. :)


"Lady Diane Noble":

O' Woman of God!! I needed this one! Mwah.

original - 2023-11-15T103146.400.jfif

"Lady Sabrina Clemons":

An on-time word! AMEN!!


Sir Minister James Lewis:





"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

original (92).png

Morning Mocha:

You cannot give someone a word FROM GOD, if you have not heard FROM GOD! Major love!


"Lady Joan Coleman Watson":



"Lady Brenda Foy":



SO TRUE, and you can't HEAR FROM GOD without drawing NEAR TO GOD. The EVIDENCE is in the DELIVERANCE, having no need for DECEITFULNESS or PRETENSE. Thank you, "Lady J," for always "bringing it" with REALNESS. :)


Protecting my EAR GATE before opting to PARTICIPATE,



Sir Darell Maddox:

Let the church say...Amen!!!


"Lady J":

In the words of Pastor Landrew,

"get somewhere and sit down"...don't play games with God's people!




From "Cassie" To You: One-On-One


SOMEHOW I've come to REALIZE the SHAME in the fact that SOME folks have been treated "Badly" for SO long until when "Good" SUDDENLY appears, STARING 'em STRAIGHT in da face, they STILL "cain't" SEEM to RECOGNIZE all of its "goodness." Well, SURPRISE & Hello! I'm "Good"...and you? :)



"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell" on da FB 06/21/11:


I'm just being me today. Aside from the titles and responsibilities, there are days that I just want to be WANDA, WB, WAN. So glad I can live WITH myself and not have to pretend with myself behind these closed doors. Now that's some real freedom! Maybe somebody wants to know how...inbox me, and I will give you some advice to set yourself FREE!! #hereandlovingit

original - 2023-11-15T105351.134.jfif

"Lady Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

I dare not call you Wan!! Lmbo!!! I love this post WB! Man, it's so good that you know how to chill sometimes...Wand...nevermind. I dare not call you by your first name!! My momma would give me a facebook beatdown! Hahahahaha! Really love your post. It's good when a person can really just be transparent and real like this!



@ "Lady da WANDAful Bell & "Lady Cym":


stay FOCUSED! That's what I like-n-love 'bout US! WHAT?! :)


Still DOIN'-n-BEIN' me...'cause I CAN DO-n-BE me U C,



"Lady Telisha Brown":

I am already there, WB33. Usually everyday.

Don't let people confine you. Do you.


original (93).png

Sir Broderick E. Rice:

"Somebody can greatly benefit from who you are Right NOW. You don't have to be a SUPER HERO for that."

--Broderick 'The' Empowertainer--(c-2011)



Yes, Sir...I'm just me, "SUPED UP" by other folks; but that don't count, 'cause ONLY JESUS is the REAL SUPER HERO. I mean that, too!


Thanks for settin'-n-keepin' da record STRAIGHT up in here and EVERYWHERE!

A continuing student of the "BroDERickan language,"





Never Ending Worship w/Dr. Judith Christie McAllister:

Inspiration Moment - When you die, will it have mattered that you were born? The way you can answer "Yes" to that question is by endeavoring to walk circumspectly in the middle of God's purpose for your life.



My life SPEAKS & SINGS for me, even if others CHOOSE & CARE not to hear my plea.

original (94).png

In the MIDDLE of my Purpose...with an EXPECTED End,







There is a SECRET PLACE within the SPIRIT of GOD that each of us SHOULD GO. It is the most FULFILLING SPACE to enter in, to experience HIS GOODNESS & GLOW! Softly, gently, calmly, quietly HE calls us unto HIMSELF. Then HE rewards us openly and MORE abundantly until our desire is for NOTHING & NO ONE else.


Psalms 16:5-11

~New King James Version~

original - 2023-11-15T114503.748.jfif

5) "O LORD, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot. 6) The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes, I have a good inheritance.

7) I will bless the LORD who has given me counsel; My heart also instructs me in the night seasons.

8) I have set the LORD always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.

9) Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will rest in hope.

10) For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.

11) You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is the fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

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