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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXIV

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

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Some of us block our own blessings...simply because we try to figure out the "how" of what God tells us to do! How big is your faith? If He tells you to do it, the path is ready...every platform, person, door, etc. is in place waiting for you. Now, go forth and be about the Father's business! :)



0/<--(Saluting-n-carryin' on)






"Lady Psalmist Sharon D. Jackson":

Amazing things happen when you

allow God to just be God!!



iAgree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you,

"Lady Sharon"!

Just as well..."Damaging-n-Damnable things happen when you DON'T allow God

to just be God!!" WHAT?!


Ain't "Tryna" Change or Cramp His Style

At All (lol),


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Date: February 20, 2009

Time: 7:30 P.M.


Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:

Somebody needs to hear this today: You don't have to DIG in the devil's trash can to REGAIN, RECOUP, RECUPERATE, REBUILD or RESURRECT what he stole from you! It's now TRASH - not TREASURE! Leave that contaminated, tainted garbage alone! STAND STILL, and wait on the GREATER manifestation!! God's about to give you "YOUR NEW STUFF!"



YES, MA'AM! I'll take my "NEW & IMPROVED STUFF" for FREE,

versus paying the UNnecessary COST of getting the SIN-INFESTED,

SICK-TO-DA-STOMACH STANK off of what the devil


Are you kidding me? PUH...leeeeaaaase!

He betta ask somebody wit' da QUICKNESS,

'cause iHave NO time or space for his MANGY (filthy) MESS!


Because my LATTER shall be GREATER,





Sir Bishop James H. Bowman, Sr.:

2205 Clinton Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76106

Pastor: Apostle Cedric C. Adams

First Lady: Pastor Tonya Adams

Church Phone: 817.870.2088


I believe everything the Bible says

about any subject!

It's not open to debate...

It's the Word of God!!!



Yes indeed, Sir Bishop...

10-4, Roger That, OVA-n-OUT! :)

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Without any debate, dispute or further discussion about it,





"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 12/05/11:

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Click flier above to enlarge.


The cat is out of the bag...The official announcement was made at 11:30 this morning. Guess who has joined the Family!! THE LADY BELL!! Listen to me beginning Monday, December 12th, Monday-Friday, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., bringing you 2 hours of the best in Praise & Worship/Gospel Music, interviews with local and national/global personalities, guidance for your worship development, etc. Welcome to THE LADY BELL SHOW...come on in where the Spirit of the Lord is....



**After a "gazillion" others'**


Oooo-to-da-weeee! Don'tcha see? Don'tcha see? Behold the MIGHTY WORKS of G-O-D! It's PART of the PROMISES once PROPHESIED to thee, "exceeding abundantly above ALL we can ask or think..." If thou canst BELIEVE, then say with me: "iAm a PRODUCT of Ephesians 3:20!" ;) **wink**


Loving, Celebrating & Appreciating You,



original - 2023-12-26T200757.427.jfif

As a Threat To The Kingdom of Darkness, You "cain't" Toil & Tussle with jive Turkeys, "Tryna" Tough Things out on The enemies' Turf, while being Timid & Two-faced at The SAME Time! They can see right Through That & WILL Turn you SLAP OFF! So, DON'T Trip! Faith-Talkers back up The Word of God with Tenacity & A "NO-Tolerance For FOOLISHNESS Policy"! The Just KNOW in Whom They Believe & Put Their Trust.

Therefore, EVERY Trivial & Tremendous Test & Trial

Begins & Ends in Triumph & A SMILE!

Now...Take That! :)


"Lady Minister Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

LOL!!! JIVE TURKEYS (Flatlined)____________love it!!

Date: March 15, 2009

Time: 6:00 P.M.


Pantego Lions Club

3535 Marathon St.

Pantego, TX 76013

Bus. Office: 817.861.3510

Contact/Sponsor: 817.689.6287

(Vanessa Chapman)

original (75).png
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"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":

Cry loud, sis! Realness!!

That's why I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZING!! POW!! ZAP!!!!!



(B)ust (A) (M)ove, people! lol

Sir Fitzgerald Davis:

Enjoyed you the other night, along with your mother, at Griggs Chapel.

You are truly a singing vessel.



Thank you EVA (ever) so kindly, Sir...

Madam Carrie Roberson, tho she IS my mama, is also my "Shero"! :)


"Lady Evangelist Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":




Watch out there, Evangelist...

You gon' make me pass you da mic,

and they SHO' ain't ready fo' YOU, Sis! lol


"Lady Shawn":


original - 2023-12-26T201606.384.jfif


"Lady da WANDAful Bell," THAT is the Truth ALL DAY LONG! Hear?

Thank you SO "ver, ver" much for accepting me into your life,

as I READILY did with you. The God in you ROCKS continually,

which means iAm here (with you) to STAY! ;) **wink**

iLove you, Sis! MUAH! :) xoxoxo


4Life & 4EVA,




Sir Tom Battle On da FB 12/06/11:


PSA (Public Service Announcement) ~

Take it as a COMPLIMENT when the devil KEEPS throwing stuff in your way, on your way to your BLESSINGS and your DESTINY. He knows your POWER. ~ REMEMBER: He don't fight NOBODIES, and IT'S a FIXED fight that God has ALREADY given you VICTORY. ~ TRUST HIM.

original - 2023-12-26T202054.084.jfif


Amen...and it IS so, Sir Tom! Thank You & God Bless You! :)


On Your Team & In Your "CornTer" (lol),



Sir Tom:

Thanks, sis. Keep me in prayer.




Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham On da FB 12/06/11:

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