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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XVI

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

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Hmmm...lemme see:


You WOKE up, which means you're BREATHING. You know your NAME and what DAY it is? Are you in your RIGHT mind? What TIME is it? Can you MOVE any of your limbs? WHO made the heavens and the earth? Okay. It seems to me like you owe HIM a li'l somethin' somethin'.


\0/<--Get your hands up!

DON'T make me come through this screen after you!

Give GOD a praise! :)


"Lady Lisa Brown":

Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyy \0/...hands up in PRAISE!!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes indeed!!! I know ya right! Praise Him!!!


"Lady La'Trice" Wilson aka "Peaches":

I've been missin' dis here sayin's you be puttin' on 'ere. Love it.


"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":

Don't despise the peripheral...

GOD is "blessing on the borders" also!



**Hyperventilating-n-carryin' on**


My sister-in-Christ and friend for life is

BACK ON DA FB, y'all!

**"breave" (breathe) in..."breave" out** Welcome, welcome, welcome!

original (6).png

It's SO nice to "see" you again, "Lady Jessica"!

GO GET 'EM, Sis! :)


"Lady Jessica":

Blessings, Sis. I had to retreat for a while.

LAW school is very demanding, ya know?



MOST def, Sis! But when you're FINALLY done with LAW school,

LAWD help da LAWLESS! Best wishes to you today and always! :)





"Lady Jessica":

LORD, keep me humble and make me "careful"...

of what I am asking/praying for...



AMEN...and it IS so,

in the mighty-n-matchless name of JESUS CHRIST our Lord.




Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

original (64).jfif

Your NOW is not NEXT,

but your NEXT is NOW!

You're in an ACCELERATED process!

The wait is OVER!!!!!





Come on, "NOW"! :)

Positioned "in an ACCELERATED process" that I can't miss,




"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Nothing but Heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.



A-to-da-MEN & da-WOMEN, too,

sista-friend! :)


A REAL friend from beginning to end &

one I HIGHLY recommend,


original (65).jfif

"Sweet Lady Candy":

I HIGHLY Receive and keep CASSIE as my FRIEND! What??????

And you know this.



original (66).jfif

"Lady Evangelist Vera L. Lewis":

Life has a way of handing out unexpected surprises...Sometimes you look up and say, "How did I get here?" The thing is... HERE is where God wants you to be. Never waste time wondering WHAT IF or WHY ME...The road map to your destiny is full of adventure, drama, love, laughter, and just a little bit of heartache...




Yes, ma'am! EMBRACING IT ALL sets you up to RECOVER IT ALL...

so you can HAVE IT ALL! Come on here, "Lady Vera"!

Bless God, and hallelujah to The Lamb! :)


Goin' to GET what's to be GOT (lol),



"Lady Tonya Castleberry Kirby":

Aunt Vera, YOU said a mouth full...

Thank you for that wonderful word!!! Amen, Amen, and Amen.




"Lady Eddrena Miller" On da FB 06/28/11:

Stop living life in reverse...Life is meant to be lived moving forward, not going back. If life was meant to be lived going backwards, then your future would be behind you and your past in front of you...but it's, accept the sequence God has already established for us to live life and LIVE...I speak LIFE!!! -EM

original (67).jfif


Speak on, "Lady Eddrena"! Forwaaaarrrrd...MARCH! Yeah, even in the month of JUNE, facing STRAIGHT AHEAD t'wards the hotter month of JULY! With CHRIST we absolutely CAN do ALL things that HE has ALREADY established...up in HERE & EVERYWHERE. Wheeeew! **smh** I love you, Sis. GO GET 'EM! :)


SO "ver, ver" encouraged by this GREAT status,




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"Lady Charity E. Lacy":

Don't allow the pain of your past to hinder the possibilities of your present and the fulfillment of your future. Let the past pass.


"Lady Nerissa Lee":

Needed that push.


"Lady Charity":

Keep pushing, N. Lee!

This is not the time to quit, second guess yourself, give up,

or have any doubt. You are closer than you think. Hold on.


"Lady Nerissa":



"Lady Karimah Lemon":

Save me!!!!



**Grabs a PERMANENT marker to write BAD "Mr. Past" a "Hall Pass" to da "Sea of Forgetfulness" wit' da quickness!**


Only GM (GOOD MEMORIES) can stay here.

Yepper, GET T' STEPPIN'! The End


Movin' right along,



"Lady Charity":

I can dig it, Mrs. Cassandra!



Sir Derrick Huggins Decreeing & Declaring ALL UP ON da FB:

**"Cassie" NOTE: I promise...THIS is gonna BLESS ya fo' REAL!**


  • (06/27/11) I'm on my way to the TOP, people! Negativity in any form will be shown the door!!!! I'm so excited about what's to come and need to reinforce that excitement with POSITIVE people who are on a track to success!! Old mindsets, philosophies, battles, disagreements, grudges are NO MAS! ¡Permítanos tiro lejos negatividad y celebre la vida abundante!!

  • (06/28/11) Let me tell you guys b: I'm watching EVERYTHING that I've worked for, fought for, cried about, agonized over, and almost GAVE UP on come to pass right before my eyes! THANK GOD that in the midst of being criticized, counted out, and talked about, I never lost my PASSION! God is PERFORMING in my midst, and you know why? Because I stopped trusting THEM and started trusting HIM!

  • (06/28/11) Continuously speak what you desire! Moreover, continuously speak what GOD has spoken to you! No matter who grows tired of hearing it (or reading it)...KEEP SPEAKING IT!! Even if it appears to you that it won't happen, KEEP SPEAKING AND WORKING TOWARD IT!! You shall have what you decree!!! The old folks used to sing, "Put your time in, payday is coming after a while!" CLOCK IN AND GET YOUR CHECK!!!




**With "time card" in hand**


SHO' you're right, Sir Derrick! DO know this "word" was/is for me, don'tcha? Okay, okay. It's actually fo' ERRRRYBODY that's got sense enough to RECEIVE & LIVE by it! HA-GLORY! Lord, I LOVE Ya!

Thank Ya, Sir! :)


"Finna" GET MY CHECK(S)...but y'all DON'T HEAR me, tho (lol),




original (69).jfif

It's NO SECRET that I have an ENORMOUS capacity to love STRAIGHT from the HEART, where GOD resides daily...NEVER to PART. Yet many would-be recipients MISS OUT, unfortunately, because they LACK the capacity to CONTAIN it efficiently.


"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

I know this to be a fact!!!!!!! And it's real, sis!

You are my heart, Cassie.



**Tears** :)


"Lady Lora Lopez":

All I can say is "Amen"...It's tight, but it's right.

Love you, Sis. :-)



I KNOW ya feel me, Sis...and I thank ya for it, too.

MUAH! :)


"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

I just love your posts and believe me, I receive my portion,

just keep 'em coming. Love you, Sis-neighbor,

and your whole family.



**Singing in the tune of the State Farm Ins. commercial...**


"And like a good neighbor, 'Cassie' is there." ;) **wink**

The same applies to YOU, "sister-neighbor" (I like that, by the!

Be blessed! xoxoxo



original (70).jfif

FAITH-TALKERS & FAITH-WALKERS might be the LAST in line CURRENTLY, but rest ASSURED that after the "CHRISTIAN RACE" they've ENDURED, their prize is: FIRST PLACE, both FAIRLY & UNANIMOUSLY!


Be ENCOURAGED, "Kingdom Kinfolks"... you're ALMOST there! :)

"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

C ya @ da finish line...



THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout right THERE, Sis!

Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to THE LAMB! :)




Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

There are too many people in this hour walking around with TITLES in front of their names and no POWER from God! Can't speak to demons and they flee - can't speak wholeness and restoration to the sick - can't chase a cat out of the kitchen!




original (71).jfif

Some things only come by PRAYING, TARRYING, TRAVAILING,



"Lady Nikita Garris":

Overseer, all some of them wanted were the titles, "having a form of Godliness." They really never wanted the humility, process, nor prayers that produced the power of God, "denying the power thereof."




Our ETERNAL reward is based upon SPIRITUAL "works"



Keep keepin' it REAL, Sis.

GOD ain't accepting NOBODY's excuses...just righteousness.

The End


Serving notice on the DEVIL and his li'l imps,



"Lady Veejay Johnson":

Say That, Overseer - so sad but true - that is what happens when people skip the Process. Too many don't understand that times of preparation are never wasted.




"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" on da FB:

original (72).jfif

Random Thought: I'm sitting in my car, and my side mirror reminded me that, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." So I have to be careful, because what looks far away, is actually right behind me! (somebody will catch that next Friday) So, don't be ashamed of the road you're traveling. What you have need of is closer than you think!

Sir Colton Blake:

That'll preach...


Me/"Mama Cassie":

>->o On da FLO' from ANOTHA Spiritual TKO!

*POW'ful word caught THIS Friday, 07/01/11, and NOT "next Friday"*


Unashamed of the "road" I'm traveling,

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Reshunda Butler":

Girl...these words you speak are awesome!


"Lady Crystal":

Thanks, ma'am...I have to share when inspiration hits me. :)


"Lady Gail Lee":

That was right on time! I needed to hear those words!!!!!


"Lady Crystal":



Sir Domingo Brooks:

Good one!!!!




Sir Domingo Brooks On da FB 07/01/11:

Random Thought: David had no fear of fighting Goliath, because according to his "resumé," he had already defeated a bear and a lion. Therefore, he had "been there, done that." What we walk through is only to add to our resumé so when the next fight comes, we can stand strong in the face of our "this" and say, "I'm more than a conqueror! Been there, done that!"



**Thinkin' t' m'self: 'Nuff said, "Boo"! :)**

original (73).jfif


original (7).png

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On da FB 07/05/11:


Pressures of life will change your life,

either for the good or the bad.

I choose to let God handle it.

How about you?


"Lady Katherine Beacham":

I am with you on that!!!

"Lady Kisha Dunbar":


Never let the pressures interfere with your praise.



Uhm...You know EXACTLY where I STAND, honey. If at ANYTIME you "ACK" (act) like you DON'T know, I will personally SIT yo' li'l self down and 'SPLAIN (explain) it MORE thoroughly FOR "thangs" will become even MORE clearer TO you! Come on outta here! I done told you: DON'T play wit' me, "Boo"! In other news: I miss you. MUAH! :)


Cuttin' up in "H-Town" (Houston,,



"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Katherine, and you know this...@ Kisha Dunbar, and that's a word for real. @ Cassie, Yes, I do know where you stand. I also know you know!

I know you are with me, Sis. Miss you too.


Sir Carnell Bonner, Sr.:

When you've suffered life's pressures and come through as a precious gem, that's when you know you're a diamond...Hum! I wonder how many carats I weigh?


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Carnell...Well, don't know if I am a Diamond,

but I know I'm a precious GEM!


Sir Carnell:

Yes, you are. More precious than you'll ever know.


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thank you, always bring a smile to my face.



original (74).jfif

Everywhere I go I (R)epresent (C)hrist

(C)arrying (O)ut the (L)ove (A)ssignment

(RC COLA...get it! Lol) Each & Everyday

(see I Corinthians 13th Chapter).

C Y I SO Love YOU?! :)


"Cassie" NOTE:

No ARTIFICIAL flavors or colors NEITHA! :)


"Lady Robin Gray":

You absolutely make my day, Sis. Cassie!




Ahhhh...YES! A Tall & Spiritual "Glass o' Love on da Rocks"

(Jesus Christ, of course.)





"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell" on da FB 07/06/11:

Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes!!!!!


**Expectedly, there were HUNDREDS of well-wishes fo' a sista! :)**


Sure thing, Sis! Do "enjerrrr"...I mean, ENJOY your "New" BIRTH Day, dipped in "New" MERCY and sprinkled with a heapin' helpin' o' "New" GRACE! Watch out,'s "Lady Jessica" comin' right atcha! Piece of advice: DON'T "git" knocked ova! LOL I gotz nothin' but LOVE fo' ya! Be blessed! ;) **wink**


Celebrating the GIFT of my sista-friend,


original (76).jfif



On My Way Back Home 07/09/11:

original (77).jfif

Click on flier above to enlarge.

Well...Houston, TX, parting is such SWEET sorrow. **tear**

Thanks, COGIC AIM Committee, Hyatt Regency Hotel

(nice Tunnel system!), Starbucks, Subway Sandwiches, Otto's BBQ,

Houston's This Is It Soul Food...OMG! Bless er'body! LOL


"Lady Marylane Lawrence":

I see what you did! LOL!



\0/<--(with uplifted hands)


Yes, LAWD!


"Sangin'" & Holy Dancin' after two (2) or three (3) Music Ministry classes PER day, Midday Services, International Mass Choir (IMD: International Music Department) rehearsals PER day & Evening Services NIGHTLY, ending with a late night musical/recording on Friday, will DO that fo' ya! Wheeeew! **smh** "Enjerrrred"...I mean, "Enjoyed" ALL of it, too! Whoo-hoo! & Glory-hallelu! :)


"Lady Annette Bowers-Clemon":

Glad you enjoyed yourself - it didn't feel the same this year - if the Lord shall bless, I will be there next year - where is it being held next year?



Birmingham, Alabama. :)


"Lady Annette":

Yayyyy - a place I've never been!


Sir Rodney & "Lady Tina" Gamble:

I'm glad you had a great time, but it's time to come on home! LOL



"Cowtown," TX or bust...right? NOT!

Okay, okay. **sigh**



original (78).jfif

To My "Kingdom Kinfolks" of the COGIC AIM Convention, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister, Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig, Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy, Psalmist Sharon Jackson, Evangelist T. Lynn Smith & Sir Min. Sam Townsend, Jr.: Thanks for enlightening me on a plethora of Spirit-filled nuggets regarding a lifestyle of worship. I loves me some y'all! MUAH! :)

original (79).jfif

"Lady Psalmist Sharon Jackson":

You're welcome, Cassie. It was great seeing you!

original (80).jfif

"Lady Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy":

What a blessing it was to fellowship with you and share.

Please keep me in your prayers, sis.

original (81).jfif

Sir Min. Sam Townsend, Jr.:

Bless you, Sis. Cassie. I'm honored to even be named among such anointed vessels. I was blessed by the entire experience, and I'm looking forward to worshiping with you all again in St. Memphis! (St. Louis, MO)



"St. Memphis," here we come! YEAAAAH, babyyyy! lol


"Cassie" NOTE:

The COGIC International Holy Convocation will convene in St. Louis, MO

October 31-November 9, 2011.




From One GPS (G)odly (P)roud (S)ista To ANOTHA:

original (82).jfif

(G)od (P)romotes (S)ervanthood.

You, the (G)orgeous (P)astor (S)ylvia,

are (G)od's (P)romise (S)uper-sized!


Congrats on (G)etting (P)apers (S)erved,

stating your new status as "Dr."


You've (G)otten (P)ast (S)elf;

now (G)o (P)reach (S)alvation! :)

"Cassie" NOTE: My sister-in-Christ and friend for life...

Overseer Dr. Sylvia Washington Cunningham



Happy "Continual Independence Day"

To: ALL who are FREE in Christ Jesus!


Stand fast (and walk boldly) in the "Liberty" wherewith Christ has MADE you "Free," and be NOT entangled AGAIN with the "yoke of bondage."


Scripture References:

Galatians 5:1 & St. John 8:36


That's a (D)irect (O)rder (DO it!)

From: "HG (H)oly (G)host Headquarters"

Any questions? KEEP 'em! J/

original (83).jfif

"Free" Christ has SET me to BE,






original (8).png

"Once upon a time (In the BEGINNING) God...THE END (Amen)"

Huh? What about the MIDDLE? Well, THAT's up to YOU, precious.

Make it a GOOD'n before "Mr. Time" runs out on ya, hear?


"Cassie": A Living Epistle

(read of men)




"Lady Carla Gardner":

original (9).png

People are brought into our lives for reasons and seasons. Ask God to reveal to you the reason, and show you how to let go when the season ends.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says "There is a time for everything,

and everything on earth has its special season."



Indeed, "Lady Carla," this truth I have received. Dear Lord, the God of ALL Seasons, to Your will I humbly yield, that I may daily live to please You and allow myself time to completely heal.


Leaning on the Rock that is higher than I,



"Lady Carla":

Amen, Woman of God! So many times we miss out on our blessing, because seasons of change have come and gone, and we should have shifted with the season, but instead, we end up spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally sick and need to be healed. Summertime has gone, and it's wintertime, and we refuse to put on the proper clothing for the season. So, we end up sick and about to die, and God has to come rescue us before we end up somewhere fighting for our lives, just to survive.


"Lady Andrea Jackson-Kelly":

Thank you, sister. This is a real word to me this morning...

winning for Jesus!


"Lady Carla":

@ Andrea, to God be the glory!

He knows what we need and when we need it.

Be blessed, and be encouraged!



"Just" like THAT (with a **SNAP** of a finger) & "Just" as QUICK as it took you to read the FIRST word of this sentence, is "Just" how FAST Christ's Return for the "Just" is going to be! Question: Have you checked the OIL in your LAMPS lately? "Just" DO it - (D)on (O)bedience & HOP to it - (H)elp (O)thers (P)repare!

original (84).jfif

Scripture Reference: St. Matthew 25:1-13




"Overseer Dr. Sylvia Washington Cunningham":

original (85).jfif


just like they left JESUS HANGING...

it is because THEY REALLY DON'T


People will leave you in the midst of your

CRUCIFIXION, but be encouraged...

your RESURRECTION is on the way!

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

(Luke 23:34)



Uh-oh...I'm 'bout t' GET UP! Look OUT now!

Thanks a "gazillion" for the REMINDER, Sis.

God KNOWS I love you! xoxoxo


AIN'T HARDLY playin' wit' NO devil NOWHERE,



"Lady Teresa Shanklin":

Folk will leave you hanging because they received what they NEEDED or what they WANTED, and they DON'T NEED the individual ANYMORE. So, NOW they are saying, "Do what you gotta do, because I DID what I HAD to do, and NOW I'm DONE with you!!!" But NEWS FLASH: Devil...LOL You AIN'T DONE NOTHING that GOD'S children can't HANDLE, and know that you did a GOOD FAVOR and LEFT, with your THIEVING, ARROGANT, DESTROYING, HIGH EGO SELF!!!


"Cassie" @ "Lady Teresa":

Come on here, Sis! WHAT?! Honey, THAT's tellin' 'em, hear?

0/<--High-five on da REAL! :)


"Lady Teresa" @ Sis. CASSANDRA:

See, the devil thought his plan was better. He thought he was going to have his way, but God said "No," and now the devil is mad because doors are being SLAMMED IN his FACE!


Sir Kenneth Tarver:



"Lady Linda C. Smith":

Bless you, women of God. Thank you for this word.

They really don't know.


"Lady Marteshia Gant":

Yes!!!!! When they left me hanging it created honor...When they killed me, He could live...Forgiveness becomes easy, because it was all favor...




THIS is "living proof" that the devil is DUMMER (dumber) than DUMB

and STUPID "as all get out"!

Why folks INSIST on serving his UGLY BUTT,

I don't wanna know! **smh**


"Lady Teresa":

SISTERS, I TELL YOU...That ole devil thinks he is smart. lol But too bad. He's so smart until he is DUMB. When they left you hanging, they thought you were going to miss them, but hahaha, devil. You were and is a liar, because that only gave you (us) courage and strength to accept that they left and that there will be folk who will leave you (us) standing, but only if they walked away from their blessing!!!




Overseer Dr. Sylvia Washington Cunningham:

The devil plays both sides of the fence.

He loves you today, and can't stand you today!

He throws rocks and hides his hands. But there's one thing for certain and two things for sure:

He can't STAND you,

and he SURE can't SIT YOU!


"Lady Teresa Shanklin":

Yessssss, Lord!!!

original (10).png

The Sweet Spirit of the Lord just spoke to me and said he (the devil) must know he leaves finger prints behind, so he is able to be identified when he thinks he can't be.



SLAP him back 'cross that "fence"...then DARE him to even peek ova on yo' side! H. G. (Holy Ghost) got somethin' waitin' fo' him, and it AIN'T pretty NEITHA! I might be expressing myself humorously, but I MEAN EVERY BIT OF IT, seriously. DON'T let my smile FOOL ya, "Boo"! I'm just sayin'. :)







"Lady Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers":

original (11).png

"Thus far God has helped us." I Samuel 7:12...

Isn't it great to know that whatever you have encountered, God was there to help (provide what's necessary to accomplish the task)? OPG!

(Oh, Praise God!)


"Lady Evangelist Sheilah Vickers":



MOST definitely, Sis! WHATEVA the ENCOUNTER,

through God we're MORE than CONQUERORS! :)


One of "THEM" Today, Tomorrow & FOREVER,




"Lady Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers":


Thanks to all of you who constantly pray,

stop to say hello, take pictures, laugh,

speak encouragement...list goes on.

I'm always honored to spend time with you,

if only for a minute.

You are a gift to the body of Christ.

Stay focused. LOVE "U."

original (12).png


Sure thing, Sis. Keep ROCKIN' on Christ the SOLID ROCK!

We love you, too! MUAH! :)







"Lady Evangelist Barbara Jackson-Sago":

original (86).jfif

I am discovering everyday that the greatest worship

you can give to the Lord is a "YES."



Because (Y)ahweh (E)xpects (S)ervanthood,

(Y)our (E)go (S)urrenders - as a vessel that is

(Y)ielded, (E)mpowered & (S)anctified holy,

as well as "wholly" for the Master's use.

So, Today & Always I choose to tell Him, "YES."

Bea-YOU-tiful, "Lady Barbara"!

Be blessed, my dear sista. :) xoxoxo

(Y)earning (E)arnestly to (S)erve Him,





"My Personal Plea"

Prayer Warriors, Practice being Persistent in Praying for People who Prefer to be Pitiful, Pathetic & Poor examples of Priests & Priestesses that "should" Purposely live to Please God without Posting Profanity and other "sinful" Pleasures as their Public Presentation of "so-called" Purification. Then Pass it on, as we go on unto Perfection (maturity).

original (87).jfif

eep Game": It's a Part of the Process of Putting on more Patience while Possessing your very soul (St. Luke 21:19). "KaPOW!" in yo' face, devil!



Sir Prophet William Thompson, Jr.:

This is a great post, Cassandra; very profound...



'Preciate the comment, Prophet.

This Personal language of mine is actually very Plain-n-simple.

We're living in Perilous times (see I Timothy 3:1-5).

Therefore, when it comes to Playing around with Passivity and UNnecessary foolishness by folks who Preach & Prophesy holiness but behave the exact opposite, I quickly but Politely Pass!


Sir Montel Thomas:

This post is FIRE! Awesome, woman of God!!



The Price of Hell is TOO HIGH to Pay for something that is Preventative!

If God the Father has a Problem with it,

so should His Spiritual sons and daughters.

I'm just sayin'. **smh**

I'm glad you feel me, Sir. :)


"Lady Candice Ransom":

This is so on point!!!!



This Power-FILLED Point Presentation has been brought to you as a Paid-in-FULL Advertisement by Yahweh

(not to be PointLESSly confused with Yahoo!)



original (88).jfif

"For Always Being There"

A Listening EAR as a "sounding board," a Loving HAND to hold, interlocked as a cord, a Strong ARM to lean on in times of weakness, a SHOULDER to cry on to relieve some of life's stresses, "a LEG up" to be lifted up from the depths of despair: JESUS, I thank YOU for always being there.


From every crevice of my HEART which together YOU & I share,



"Lady Keosha Peyton Middleton":

This is just beautiful. =)



God bless you, "Precious Lady Keosha."





Never Ending Worship (N.E.W.)

Dr. Judith Christie McAllister on da FB 07/18/11:

original (89).jfif


Are you a "Sunday-Morning-Praiser," an "I'll-give-Him-glory-when-I-feel-like it" person, or are you one who presents your life as an offering of praise unto God?



This is a LIFETIME offering/commitment that NEVER runs out and a "Hallelujah Praise Party" that WILL NOT stop. It continues from here to eternity, because the True & Living God to Whom it is directed towards is ALWAYS AWAKE, even when my "natural being" lies down to sleep!

Get Your glory, Lord! AMEN...and it IS so.


With the "fruit" of MY lips,





"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell" on da FB 07/18/11:

Sometimes God will give you an opportunity that shows you a glimpse of greater things He has for you. There are better days that have been waiting on you to come!! Is it possible that you haven't arrived yet because you are attached to some people who are not supposed to go with you? Just maybe, who you've made to be your "Siamese twin(s)" is/are not scheduled for the trip. Selah. #Godiscancelingsomebuddypasses

original (90).jfif

"Lady Felecia Curlett Gardner":

You are so right, because everybody that celebrate with you are not for you. There is such a thing called "DREAM SNATCHERS." I'm just saying.



Yep...God has stamped "REJECTED" instead of "APPROVED," which makes certain buddies "INELIGIBLE" to travel the path, the road, or the airways "DIVINELY ASSIGNED" for you by the God Who changeth not! It's either His way, which is "ONE WAY" or "NO WAY" - equivalent to: "NOT YO' WAY."


An EAGLE...for the MOST part anyway,



"Lady Felecia":

Preach, Lady Cassie. :))


"Lady Ansonia Hixon":

You're in my tree! Seeing some things begin to shake loose just this morning, right after I did some cutting loose, letting go, and repenting just yesterday!




"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

original (91).jfif

I've learned each day to TRUST GOD ONLY.

By the time you put your faith and trust in people, friends, buddies, co-workers, family, clergy...sometimes they

WILL let you down one way or another.


That means...HE won't let you down! Real Talk!




In other words: It's GOD or NOTHING!

Everything-n-Everybody else is just one of life's li'l "Perks"!

Ya got it? GOOD. :)


Just here to HELP ya & LOVE on ya,



"Lady Kisha Dunbar":

Tho "they" may slay me, yet will I trust "Him."


"Lady Anita Traylor":

That's it! He will never leave you nor forsake you!



original (93).jfif

"Happy Triumphant Tuesday," EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE!

O Taste & See that the Lord is GOOD!


If you "cain't" do it, for WHATEVA reason, ask Him to DELIVER your "taste buds," 'cause it's a downright SHAME to miss out on ALL o' this here GOODNESS, honey! Mmm-Mmm: Magnificently DELICIOUS! :)




"Lady Lisa Fikes" On da FB 07/19/11:

original (94).jfif

Thinking about me for a change.



"Lady Melissa Curry":

And it feeeels sooo gooood...don't it? lol



No harm here, Sis...and treat yourself to somethin' sweet-n-special while you're at it, why don'tcha. You KNOW good-n-well that you deserve it, too. DON'T "ack" (act) like you got amnesia!

REMEMBA "errrrythang" you done DONE for "er'body else and their grandmama"? THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout! LOL "Enjerrrr"...I mean, ENJOY, Sis. ;) **wink**


Lovin'-n-Missin' you ALL at da SAME time,



"Lady Norma Thomas Robinson":

Yes! I know the feeling! Finally focusing on me!

Have a great day, Lisa!


Sir Wiley Carver:

Love your neighbor as you love yourself...suggests that you love yourself first! ;-) Great Post, Woman of God!




"Lady Taronda Yahriel Harrison":

original (96).jfif

It's practically impossible to be at peace with others when you're not at peace with yourself. Solitude is soooooo necessary...take some time to just be alone.



Yes, ma'am, "Lady Taronda." You are absolutely RIGHT!

Solitude & I are "ver, ver" TIGHT. Without my par'ner,

I'm subject to challenge some innocent by-stander to a FIGHT!

**You don't hear me, tho.**

Hehehehe! :)


Solicitin' da prayers o' da righteous even now,



"Lady Tameka Watkins Hillary":

I agree!!! Great post!!!


"Lady Taronda":

I'm approaching 40 on the 1st of August, and I'm just at the point where I look at the caller id and don't wanna answer the phone. Don't care to explain why I don't return calls. Just ready to move on from the same ole people with the same old conversations. It's time to be about the Father's business and be purposeful. I'm enjoying me. Just growing, learning, evolving, soul searching, cleansing. Whenever you get the nerve to look...God will show you YOU. And taking a good look at yourself is enough to make you go sit down somewhere and just hush (as my Aunt Boo used to say when I was growing up) lol




"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Hall":

We waste energy in complaining about where we are in life instead of making an effort to change those things within our might. In order to get something of covenant, we may be required to leave what is convenient. Giving birth to a promise may require enduring some pain. ~Lady Alana~



If I could reach through this here screen,

I'd give you a BIG ol' hug, "Lady Alana"!

Thank you, and MMMMUUUUAAAAH! :)

original (13).png

Your Kingdom Covenant sista-friend for life,



"Lady Alana":

Hey, Sis! (((HUGS))) right back atcha! I have to remind myself at times that THIS pain is sometimes for His purpose.



I feel ya, "Boo"! Ouch & Amen to da TRUTH! :)




"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

(Reminiscing about her 9th Annual Women Of Wisdom Conference-2011)

original (97).jfif

One of the greatest testimonies from the conference, "The conference was a safe place for transparency!" Awesome God!


"Cassie" NOTE:




I SURE wish I could see/hear a reply from you, "Lady J." I'm somewhere among the many, MANY messages in your inbox, as well as on your FB page. I REALLY do miss you, Sis. :) xoxoxo




"Cassie" NOTE: Then...HERE COMES GOD! Watch Him! lol


"Lady J":

Hey, sis! Well, you know conference time is always a busy time for me! I did attend AIM one day...the morning Evangelist Joyce (Rodgers) hosted the Panel! I pray all is well...Love ya, love ya!!!




You done made my HEART Smile-n-Sing "REAL BIG"! I will NEVA, EVA apologize for lovin' me some you NEITHA! Ya got that? GOOD. lol Thanks for responding to a sista. I look forward to ordering the W.O.W. Ministry Conference package w/T-Shirt soon! MUAH! :)


SO "ver, ver" relieved right about now,



"Lady J":, for the order, send me your mailing address and t-shirt size!

We'll send you a package. You've TRULY been a blessing to the ministry!!!

Major loveeeeeeeee!



Uhm...that would be: P. O. Box 15221, Fort Worth, TX 76119-0221.

My T-Shirt size is Medium (10-12).



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