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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XIV

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(Above image used by permission 05/12/11 from in Freemont, CA)


"God The Great I AM Extraordinaire" has PROVED Himself to be SO MANY things to SO MANY people for SO MANY years now until, after searching among SO MANY descriptions of Him, I finally chose to call Him my "JEHOVAH EVERYTHING!" That there 'bout covers it, if ya ask me. :)

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(Free graphic-clipart for websites.)




"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":


"Thanks be to God that He's by my side/

See, I was losing oxygen, due to secondhand pride/So now I'm learning how to's killing me inside/but I gotta drink from the cup, if I want to be His bride." -Fruitfulpoet

original - 2023-11-13T152930.029.jfif

Me/"Mama Cassie":

0/<--Drink up, "Boo," and "be of good cheer!"

Trust ain't by yo'self, my dear. :)


Here "drankin'" right along wit' ya,



original (79).png

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

I thank God for "mama 'nem." lol #carryon


Me/"Mama Cassie":

**Cheezin' "as all get out"!** :)


Da "mama" in "mama 'nem" (lol)


"Lady Lisa Ann Panzino DiPunzio":

Relaxing lunch break...looking out my back yard at the nicely mowed field and yard, and enjoying all the beautiful chirping birds eating at the feeder...a cardinal is trying to teach it's baby to fly to the cute! =)



**Gettin' a visual right about now**


That's bea-YOU-tiful, Sis! ;) **wink**


One of God's nature-lovers (within,


original - 2023-11-14T091214.222.jfif


"Lady Psalmist Evangelist Beverly Crawford" On da FB 05/11/11:



original - 2023-11-14T092109.654.jfif

Me/"Cassie": done used THAT name!

It's DONE because of THAT name.

You know THAT name says it all, too,

don'tcha? What's THAT name again,

honey? JESUS! Yes, THAT name

above every name. LOVE IT! :)


Favored because of THAT name,



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 05/12/11:

Oh my goodness...what I could do with a day like this...if this ain't writing weather, I don't know what is!!!!! So in the mood to write...but duty calls...gotta stay focused on the task at hand.



You & I are SO MUCH alike in SO MANY ways, "Lady Phebe"! I am SO GLAD I met you...even if by da FB. Oh, but one day (touch somethin' or somebody and say, "One day...") we WILL meet face-to-face!

original - 2023-11-14T092251.969.jfif

I love you, Sis. Enjoy your Thursday! :)


SO BLESSED right about now,




"Lady Phebe":

Oh, we will meet soon, Lady Cassie...

I'm making it a point to see you and Lady Linda (Ransom) face to face THIS YEAR...some way, somehow...yes, indeed!! :)







"Lady Linda R. Ransom":

Yay!!! **clapping** I feel so honored...

Psst...Uhm, you were talking about me?? Right?? ;-/



"Lady Phebe":

LOL!! Yes, you're the Linda! :)



"Lady Linda":

Yay!!!! **dancing around** lol



"Lady Phebe":





Awww..."Lady Lindaaaa"! GROUP (((HUG)))! LOL



**"Cassie" NOTE:

Ahhhh...YES! The POW'er of the BOND of Friendship & Sisterhood! :)**


"Lady Dr. Claudette A. Copeland" On da FB 05/12/11:

original - 2023-11-14T093620.246.jfif

Good Morning FB Family and those waiting in the wings to be added. I just wanted to let you all know that my friend additions are at capacity. As MORE space becomes available, I will continue to add you. ALWAYS feel free to visit my website at:



Dr. Claudette A. Copeland

Stay blessed, and thanks to all of you who continue to support my ministry!



Love you, "Lady Claudette"!


Keep ROCKIN' on Him and in Him...hear? Have a "Thrilling Thursday,"

while enjoying MORE of His grace and mercy! :) xoxoxo


ROCKIN' right along wit' ya,



"Lady Toni Dixson Buford":

The EVIDENCE of my FAITH is in my PRAISE to GOD!!!

It has NOTHING to do with EMOTIONS.





Yes, Lawd!!!!

original (80).png


Yes, ma'am, "Lady Toni"!

EXHIBIT A: Praise EXHIBIT B: Worship EXHIBIT C: Thanksgiving


Now, uhm...need I go further?

Not really, but I know you catch my drift, Sis...

'cause we'z "Kingdom Kinfolks"! WHAT?! Ha-glory! :)




"Lady Toni":

YES, Sis!!! Now FAITH is the SUBSTANCE (profitable) of things HOPED





OH, THANK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



GOD ALMIGHTY...Go 'head on then, my PRAISING sista! :)


original - 2023-11-14T101723.655.jfif

"Lady Vonnie Lopez":

Let God handle it...HE'S ABLE!!



Yes, indeed, "Lady Vonnie"! Besides...that "handle" can be SO BIG until ONLY HIS hand can fit around it good enough to grasp ALL of it and "make it do what it do"!


Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. God bless yerrrr. :)


MORE than happy to LET Him "handle" it,



"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill"

On da FB 05/13/11:


Morning Mocha:

Even if you take my place,

you can't replace me!

Major love!


"Lady Lela Brown":




KNOW that "thang," honey!

original (81).png

The POSITION is NEVA (never) MORE important than the PERSON! Come on outta here, and LEARN somethin', why don'tcha! Thanks for sharing, "Lady J"...and uhm...YOU are about 7 or so weeks away from gettin' a BIG ol' hug from ME, Sis. Watch out now! ;) **wink** xoxoxo


Preparing for COGIC's AIM Convention in H-Town,

Yo' Sista-Friend "Cassie"


"Lady Yulanda Holmes-Taylor:

Min. Hill, that's what they call, "checkmate"...meaning, "Amen!"


"Lady Evangelist Toni Ramey-Webster:



original (83).png

iCassie, being of sound mind and body, hereby declare with EVERY fiber of my fearfully and wonderfully made self that JESUS is da "BALM" dot com! Get it? Like the "BALM in Gilead" (Jeremiah 8:22)? Chile (Child), I thought you knew! He is "The Great Physician" & "Medicinal Salve" from waaaay back when...STILL healing minds, bodies, and sin-sick souls ALL over the world. DO NOT play with' REAL! Ya heard me? Ya betta! The End


Cassandra Roberson-Kelley aka "Cassie"


"Lady Felecia Long-Russell":



"Lady Roslyn Crump" aka "Lady Rozz":

Yes, Sis. He is the Balm~~~~~~~~

healing for yo' sorrow, your pain, and your soul.

Thanks for sharing.



Y'all "ackin'" (acting) like y'all KNOW a li'l somethin' 'bout JESUS!

I ain't mad at "NOWN ONE" (neither one) o' ya NEITHA! :)


"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

I knew that, but kept reading, 'cause I like the way you said it.

Keep it up and you will have me jumping around on this bad knee.

Love you, and keep telling it like it is.



Oh, naw...NOT the "bad" knee, "Lady Lynda"! LOL

Then again, JESUS got somethin' fo' that, too!

You don't hear me, tho. ;) **wink** MUAH!


"Lady Barbara Watson Jackson":

I love the way you express yourself..."Barb"

You should write a small book with all this!



REALLY & LITERALLY "cain't" help it,'s the GOD in me.

Therefore, I take NO responsibility NOR glory for ANY of it.


"Lady Barb":

It is the reading and the way it is written.

It is awesome.


Me/"Cassie" on da FB 05/16/11, Sharing Something Serious

For All To Consider & Remember:

  • Deafness

  • Dumbness

  • Blindness

  • Crippleness

  • Handicapness

  • Weakness

  • Powerlessness

  • Cluelessness

  • Hopelessness

  • Deception

  • Rejection

  • Depression

  • Disillusion

  • Confusion

  • and other potentially deadly propositions that SATAN plans to provide in a neatly wrapped package for those who choose to participate on his side of da "playing field"!

original - 2023-11-14T102639.879.jfif

Well, personally, I AIN'T da one! I choose CHRIST!


"Lady Cymien 'Cym' Hughes":

I know that's right!



I just don't have that kinda time, "Lady Cym"!

That's all I'm sayin'' NOW, anyway. :)


"Lady Cym":

Me and you both!


"Lady Katheryn Clark Davis":

Lady Cassandra, you said a mouth full, AMEN.



"Lady Katheryn"...a "mouth full" of TRUTH sets me FREE to SAY what my GOD "spoon-feeds" me EVERYDAY! ;) **wink**


Sir Michael L. Rogers:

I don't indulge in that mess!

That's a bunch of!



THAT's the spirit (way t' go), Sir Michael!

SATAN is a BIG ol' JOKE that I have NO time to ENTERTAIN EVA (ever)!


Sir Michael:

You betta preach, Cassandra!

That's a good word this morning!


"Lady Lynda Burrell Hickman":

Thank you!!!



You're quite welcome, "Lady Lynda"...anytime! :)


Sir Elder Victor E. Brown:

Let the church say, "AMEN!!!


Overseer-Elect Sylvia W. Cunningham:

original - 2023-11-14T102938.759.jfif

There's a difference between HISTORY and a RAP SHEET! History is a REPORT of what is legit. A Rap Sheet is a REPORT of what is criminal! GOD HAS HISTORY! In the beginning...GOD! HE CREATED, HE SPOKE, HE BREATHED, HE SAVED, and HE IS ETERNAL! The devil has a RAP SHEET! He's the father of lies! He's wicked, and he's a deceiver! He came to kill, steal, and destroy! Now, whose REPORT do you believe?


I believe GOD'S HISTORY REPORT, "Lady Sylvia"!

The devil, on da OTHA hand, can take his li'l "RAP SHEET" and WRAP his li'l tail ALL UP in it, then burn wit' ALL da rest o' HELL'S TRASH!


Stickin' wit' "GOD The LEGIT" and NOT that li'l HYPOCRITE,



"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

Morning Mocha (05/17/11):

If you have the FAITH,

God's got the POWER!

Major love!



Yes, ma'am...put those two (2) "secret ingredients" together, and you've got enough POWER-filled FAITH to cut up, tear down,

move out, and bust through

original - 2023-11-14T103420.471.jfif

ANYTHING goin'-n-comin'! WHAT?! :)


A "Morning Mocha" lover...for my "cup" runneth over,




Me/"Cassie" on da FB 05/18/11:

original (84).png

Feel like you've been dealt a bad HAND? Is your BACK up against the wall? Did someone step on your TOES with the Truth? What about the lightning bolt of correction that hit you in the top of your HEAD? A li'l weak in the KNEES? Got a case of FOOT-IN-MOUTH disease? Well, JESUS is the CURE-ALL for ALL. Give HIM a call. #Thatisall

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

His line is never Him up!!


HE'S up 24/7, people! :)


Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

Yes, ma'am! God will give you a makeover...on the potter's wheel!



"Lady Sylvia"...if da CLAY would just cooperate with THE POTTER, it could become and remain a bea-YOU-tiful VESSEL fit for THE MASTER'S use - to serve anyway HE may choose. I know ya feel me; that's why I ain't worried 'bout you! :)


"Lady Melissa Harden":

LorrrrrrDDDD!!!! My li'l sistah!!! LorrrrrrDDDD!!!! My li'l sistah!!!



Once again, "Big Sis"...Ain't He Good?! SHO' He is! Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?

**Takes off runnin' down da virtual aisles of "Facebook Cathedral"!** LOL


"Lady Melissa":

I'm going dat-a-way!!! LOL!!




Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

There's 'baggage check' at the airport, 'security check' at the court room, and 'coat check' at the banquet hall. But who's checking the devil at the house of God? He brings in undetected bags of drama, weapons of warfare, and wears sheep's clothing! God is calling for discernment in this hour! He says...MY HOUSE shall be a house of prayer! Watchmen, Warriors & Worshippers,

GET ON THE WALL! Who left the gate opened?

original (85).png


LOOKS like somebody has LOST their FOCUS! Don't just stand there...

DO something! Otherwise, GOD is gonna MOVE you HIMSELF and get somebody who WILLWAKE up, GEAR up, MAN-up & WOMAN-up, "Kingdom Kinfolks"! Come on here! UNITE & Let's WIN this Spiritual FIGHT!


Grateful for BOLD BEAUTIFUL examples like "Lady Sylvia,"





Sir Pastor Rod Swinson:

original - 2023-11-14T104601.022.jfif

Respect The Process! The Quality Of Your Faith Will Be Tested By Fiery Situations. Don't Faint In The Fire! Be Steadfast In Adversity. God Has HIS HAND In The PROCESS, and The Potter Is Simply Molding The Clay Into HIS Design. Like Moses, God Will Hide You In A Basket; Test, Teach, and Transform You In A Desert, and

THEN Bring You Back With A Power

To Deliver Those You Left Behind. You're Coming Out BETTER Than You Went In!


TRUTH is spilling out of your mouth, man of God!

Let 'er RIP the devil's lies to SHREDS!

Process is NECESSARY to supersede the ORDINARY!


In the capable Hands of an EXTRAORDINARY God,





"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

Did you know that what you make happen for others,

God will make happen for you? Encouragement is

contagious...while you're blessing someone else,

things will happen on your behalf! Remember: God

won't forget your labor of love! He is faithful to

perform His word! Have a great day!


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Thanks, "Boo"...I RECEIVE that, and SAME to you!

MUAH! :)

original (86).png







Me/"Cassie"...Thinking & Sharing on da FB 05/19/11:

original - 2023-11-14T110725.179.jfif

The PROBABILITY of maintaining our STABILITY rests heavily upon the POSSIBILITY of allowing God's CAPABILITY to help us with our RESPONSIBILITY to shun blatant HOSTILITY and lessen IRRITABILITY, so that our SUSCEPTIBILITY to INTRANQUILITY

won't jeopardize our AVAILABILITY.


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Girl, you said that!!!

The doors of the church are now open...will there be one?



The peace of God SURPASSES ALL understanding.

That's the kind I want at ALL TIMES, "Lady Phebe." :)


"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

Hmmmm, one mo'gin! Smile.


**"Cassie" NOTE: "Ms. Peaches" means, "once more and again"**


Sir Pastor Waylon Sias, Sr.:

Say it, Cassandra!!! It all lies in our relationship with the Master!!!



original - 2023-11-14T111011.475.jfif

Apostle Cedric Adams:

Revival or Revolution - you decide. God is not interested in refueling faded glory. He desires to unveil Himself in ways that religion is not strong enough to carry. Good church or Great God - a line is being drawn in the sands. In the words of a great Father, "Religion has failed us". Let's stop fighting and start activating!!



REVOLUTION and a RECONSTITUTION from man's systematic CONSTITUTION that's filled with CORRUPTION!

Yes, GREAT GOD, I too am on YOUR side! :)

Because the start of a "New" ACTIVATION is "Now" in SESSION,




@ Cassandra -- woo!!!!!!




My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. aka "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"...

Sharing a Quote on da FB 05/20/11:


"Stop trying to fit in...You were made to stand out." -Pastor Jamal Bryant



Well...I KNOW I don't "fit in" with just anything, 'cause with ALL o' this GOD in me, I "cain't" help but "stand out"! Even HIS hands and feet are "sticking out"-n-carryin' on! You see HIM? Now...Just how am I supposed to cover that up, huh? Forget about it. What you SEE is what you GET, honey! Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrrr. GOD t' bless yerrrr. ;) **wink**


Taking HIM with me EVERYWHERE I go (lol),




In CONVERSATION CONSULTATION with the "Mighty God of All CREATION" - the central focus of my CONCENTRATION throughout my daily devotion and CONSECRATION - He shared that with His love there is neither CONDEMNATION nor CANCELLATION. But without man's COOPERATION in fulfilling his own obligation, he will be constantly seeking CONFIRMATION from other sources of CONSIDERATION.


So, always put GOD first!

Ya got it? GOOD. :)

original - 2023-11-14T122141.488.jfif



"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis":

original - 2023-11-14T122709.408.jfif

Awesome time in Chicago this weekend (05/22/11), glad to be home. The Lord said never trust your destiny to anyone else. Do it yourself for best results!



A-to-da-MEN and da-WOMEN, too! Wheeeew! :)

Opting for the "BEST" results,



"Lady Enette A. Hayes":




"Lady Charlene Ayers":

**Re: The rain-n-hail storm that hit

DFW metroplex-n-surrounding areas**


Dear Lord today (05/25/11), some of us are weary after the storm (05/24/11) and though we're thankful for a job, Lord, we are just NOT feeling it. Please "ignite" our "imagination," "infuse" us with "ideas," "increase" our energy, "invade" our enemies, and "intensify" our "integrity" so that we may give our very best at work.

original - 2023-11-14T124020.871.jfif


Also, Dear Lord, "intercept" ANY-n-ALL "idiots" who attempt to purposely "ignore" this "intelligent" plea. In Jesus' PRECIOUS-n-POWERFUL name I pray. Amen...and it IS so.


Believing that with God the "impossible" is possible,



"Lady Cheryl Y. Powell":

Once again, I think you have peeped into my hidden thoughts with this prayer. This morning, the Word that God is speaking to me through you, my Sister, is...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! God bless you!


"Lady Karen Taylor Jefferson":

Amen, and amen!!




"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Testifying on da FB 05/25/11:

original - 2023-11-14T124417.063.jfif

I'm alive!! I made roll call!! Whoo-hoo!!

I'm just tickled pink to be here!!

Happy Wednesday to ya! :)




Me too, "Lady Phebe"! Tuesday had to move on out and make room for Wednesday to bring herself on in here and sit her hips down until tomorrow @ 12 A.M., which will be Thursday's shift...that is, if everything goes according to GOD'S Master Plan. After all, HE is LARGE & IN CHARGE, and what HE says goes. Period. Ya feel me? ;) **wink**


Wishing you a Happy & Wonderful Wednesday,



Also, Dear Lord, "intercept" ANY-n-ALL "idiots" who attempt to purposely "ignore" this "intelligent" plea. In Jesus' PRECIOUS-n-POWERFUL name I pray. Amen...and it IS so.


Believing that with God the "impossible" is possible,



"Lady Cheryl Y. Powell":

Once again, I think you have peeped into my hidden thoughts with this prayer. This morning, the Word that God is speaking to me through you, my Sister, is...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! God bless you!


"Lady Karen Taylor Jefferson":

Amen, and amen!!




"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Testifying on da FB 05/25/11:

When it gets easy to compliment someone else's achievements over your own, you have finally found security in yourself! Great feeling!



That's ME alright, "Lady Vickie"! I don't have a problem with that AT ALL, because I realize that WITHOUT GOD there is NO WAY in HIS WIDE "WUHL" (world) that ANY of us could achieve ANYTHING at ANYTIME. So, it's best to just STOP HATING and START CELEBRATING. Otherwise, WHATEVA else you're WANTING to receive will be FOREVA WAITING! #Justsayin'

original - 2023-11-14T125943.921.jfif

Done LEARNED The Truth & Now LIVING In The Truth,



"Lady Carla E. Small":


I like that.



"Lady Vickie Winans" Preaching Violently on da FB...

Giving "Satan da Vile Viper" a Taste of His Own Venomous Vapor!

original - 2023-11-14T132126.404.jfif
  • It tears me up to see somebody striving to do good and have to do it with seemingly the whole world against you! Everybody, keep pushing!

  • You will NEVER EVER please ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY! Let your ways please the LORD, and let the CHIPS fall where they may! PUSHPEOPLE, and be YOU!

  • Life is too short to be fake! The thing about being fake: one day you're gonna forget to be fake and the real YOU IS GONNA SHOW UP!


"Lady Deborah Dudley":

Preach that, Vickie!!!


"Lady Tara Legard-McDaniel":

It'll show up and show out!


"Lady Cheryl Wallace":

I am going to preach about that very subject!!!!

It has really been heavy in my spirit. It's bad when it's in the "church"!!!


"Lady Tashawndra Washington Colston":



Sir Bishop Jesse E. Grant:

Love It!!!!!


"Lady Selena Sparkles":



**"Cassie" NOTE: From the hit song of the same name! lol**


"Lady Helen Parker-Smith":



"Lady Tashawndae Baker":

Speakkkkkk!!!!! :)


"Lady Tashawndra Washington Colston":

Scream and shoooouuuutt...Sing, Vickie {QUEEN4LIFE}


Sir Hector Diaz:



"Lady Janet Harper":

That's soo tru!!


"Lady Dionne Biggs Hill":

I'm gonna borrow this quote tomorrow, Vickie!!!




@ "Lady Selena": DITTO with the MEMO, honey!

"Lady Vickie," YOU are ON point and hardly ever OFF of it!

GOD ALMIGHTY! I SO love you for this Spiritual "Fruit Basket of Truth"! ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT...that's what I'm talkin' 'bout right there!





Free Indeed...Clean Through To Eternity,



"Lady Shantee Lewis":

True dat!!!!! Not literally funny but...LOL!


"Lady Felicia Williams-Woodard":

I know that's right!!!

"Lady Viva King":



"Lady Charisse Thompson":

That is so true.

Trying to get people to wake up and realize this is another story.



original - 2023-11-14T135912.050.jfif



Truth will ALWAYS triumph over


So, either ya gotz to COME WIT' IT

or else ya GON' GIT IT!

Ya GOT it? GOOD.




"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":



@ My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Sweet Lady Candy":

I want the DEVIL to KNOW that I AIN'T playing GAMES wit' his RETARDED self! GOD'S time is TOO valuable to WASTE on CRAP!

The End


"Sweet Lady Candy":

I'm so there with you, SKITTLES/Friend. It's too late in the day for all the lies, confusion, and mess. God is coming soon. I hope we get that!






During a "SET Period of Space In Time," God wrote a "SET Of Standards" that are now "SET In Stone." We are to be "SET Aside" & "SET Apart" to help "SET The Stage" for our Heavenly Home. Soon Christ will come to "SET the 'Broadway' record 'Straight'" and finally "SET In Order" His Kingdom to a permanently "SET Tone."


Are you "ALL SET"? If not, then GET SET. #TickTockGoesTheFather'sBigClock



Date: May 27, 2011


To My FB (I)nspirational (S)idekicks,

Wanda Bell, Candy Clinkscale Morton, Sylvia W. Cunningham, Jackie Hill, Patricia R. Lewis & Phebe Moore Simmons:

You "IS" my (I)ntelligent (S)ister &

(I)ron (S)harpener (I)n the (S)pirit.

May God's FAVOR empower you to be GREATER with Anointing & (I)ncreased (S)trength, since you "(I)s (S)tuck" with me FOREVER! LOL


~Love, "Cassie"


"Lady da WANDAful Bell":

Same to you, girlfriend!! Love you much!!


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Awww...My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

You just brought tears to my eyes.

You are my Sis. and friend for real. 

original - 2023-11-14T144902.650.jfif

You have been my Tower of strength and one who I can depend on besides the Lord. Thank you for such heartfelt words. You know how I feel about you, and I'm happy to be STUCK with you forever! Blessings!



From "Day One" (when was that exactly? Lol) YOU light up MY life.

"I ain't lyin'!" **in my BEST "Madea" voice** :)


Right on schedule...according to God's Purpose,


Overseer Sylvia W. Cunningham:

Bless you, Cassie! You made my day!!!!


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Awwww...thanks, Lady Cassie!!

You know I'm happy just to be in that number of your

"Intelligent Sister & Iron Sharpener In the Spirit" club!

Whoo-hoo!! Have a fantastic Friday, my Sista!! :)




"The BIG Difference"

original (87).png

When you're looked upon as BEING DIFFERENT, "don't sweat da small stuff," honey. Even with a DIFFERENCE of opinion, it's okay to BE long as you're making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE with what it is that's DIFFERENT about you. See the BIG DIFFERENCE? I figured you would. ;) **wink**


Different & Lovin' It,


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Yes, indeed! I concur! :)



"Lady Phebe," YOU have made a GREAT DIFFERENCE in MY life, Sis.,

and I SO thank GOD for PMS...I mean, for YOU! lol


"Lady Phebe":

LOL! PMS it ya, Sis!


The Holy Spirit is the Covenant Seal of PROTECTION & Ultimate INTERCEPTION from Satanic INFECTION. By setting one's AFFECTION on Godly Order & DIRECTION, it counteracts the unwanted SELECTION of any moronic INJECTION by serving notice in the form of its immediate REJECTION!

original - 2023-11-14T150422.000.jfif

"Lady La'Trice Wilson aka "Peaches":

Deep!!!!!! Love it. REAL TALK!!!!

Listen and heed to it.


If "it" doesn't pass God's INSPECTION, forget about "it"...hear?

I'm just sayin'.


"Lady La'Trice":

Sister Cassandra...My sentiments exactly.

Speak Bishopett, Speak well!!!! Smile.

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