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Cassie's Comedy Corner II

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

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Welcome To "Hill AIRious"!

(It is SO Hilarious! Got Air?)


Strictly For Laughs...I Promise!

Ya might need a "Phee-ä-si-kee-ä-trist" after this one. :)

(How "Ricky Ricardo" pronounces, "Psychiatrist" - lol)


Enjoy, and God Help Us All!

Definition of a "flyswatter": a mat wit' a handle on it fo' killin' dem "devilish" flies (that's what my Late Maternal "Big Mama" Carrie D. Bradley used t' call 'em - lol). A "fly" is one of God's not-so-beloved, disgustin' critters (creations) that I consider t' be a pest, a nuisance, and a nerve-wreckin' annoyance that tempts me t' wanna go on an "insect killin' spree"! Ya heard me? In all o' my gettin', God knows...since I "cain't" hide nothin' from Him NO HOW...that THAT is one understandin' (amongst many, by the way) that I ain't got yet! I'm just tellin' ya like it is, people. **smh**


Okay, let's be honest here. A'ight? How many of us, at some time or another, have swatted and killed/slaughtered/massacred/annihilated our share o' flies without any remorse WHATSOEVA, huh? \0/<--(me, raising "bof" hands - lol) Well, guess what? Picture this, if ya will: Some folks have a tendency t' exhibit the "nature of a fly" in their daily lives!


BABIEEEES...lemme tell ya somethin': I ain't scared o' NONE o' dem nasty, disease-infected FLIES! During "life's picnics" you'll find that Ignorance (the lack of knowledge) is da BIG "Fly Swatter" that'll zap-slap 'em t' smithereens (causin' 'em t' perish), wit' li'l or no chance o' notifyin' their next o' kin! But what if...just suppose what would happen if Truth miraculously transformed 'em into harmless BUTTERFLIES, ya know, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar?


Uhm...hellerrrr. How are yerrrr? DON'T tell me what God "CAIN'T" do up in here! LOOK: Whether He does it not is left up t' Him. REMEMBA: He is SOVEREIGN, which means that He CAN do ANY-n-EVERYTHING He wanna do, HOWEVA He wanna do, WHENEVA He wanna do, and with WHOMEVA or WHATEVA He wanna do, with or without our permission! Whoo-hoo! Get a clue, 'cause I done already told you, "Boo"! :)


Next on da agenda: Get somewhere...SAT down, and read the Old Testament fo' a few "POWer points of reference," why don'tcha? LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz **crackin' my OWNself up wit' this here unheard-of, never-before-seen, sidesplittin' sense o' humor that God chose t' give me! Why? "Honey Chile," I don't know...I'm still "tryna" figure that one out, too!** :)

CraZy enough t' BELIEVE-n-TRUST in the ALL-POWERFUL

"Miracle-Working" GOD OF THE JUST,



Morning Mocha

w/"Lady Jackie Hill":

"Some people don't like being around you, because you EXPOSE who they're NOT! Major love!"



To da "Some People": WHATEVA, "Boo"! Come what may...I STILL love you! Okay?


Before my eyes CLOSE, I do SUPPOSE that I might EXPOSE, if God allows me to IMPOSE. Otherwise, who knows...Satan might drag you by da NOSE; and when he gets through with you, you WON'T be smellin' like a ROSE!

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Here whether you LIKE me or NOT,




FUN'n With "Lady T'Mil Curtis" On da FB:

Cassandra (56).jpg

"Lady T'Mil": Inspired by Michael L. Loyd: "There are no pointless persecutions or trivial trials. It's ALL significant to get you to your expected end. So, stop askin', 'Why me?" & start declarin', 'It's NECESSARY & workin' for MY GOOD!!!' \0/ [insert praise right here.]


ALL things work TOGETHER, if you love God & HE called you for HIS PURPOSE!"


(NOTE: Scripture Reference: Romans 8:28)


To "Lady T'Mil" N'em

("And Them") lol:


\0/<--(wit' "bof" hands raised in praise) YES!

Y'all, ALL-in-ALL, GREAT and SMALL,

It's ALL GOOD...because it's ALL GOD! :)


Livin'-n-Walkin' in HIS PURPOSE for which I've been CALLED,



"Lady T'Mil":

Ummm...okie dokie. lol


Pastor Sylvia Cunningham (Overseer-Elect for 2011)

Doin' What She Do on da FB:

"Lady Sylvia": Make sure you do a spiritual "SOUND" check! Everything you hear or someone else hears & speaks into your spirit may not be God! TESTING 1-2-3...Did God really say that, or are you just "hearing things"?


Me/"Cassie": "Lady Sylvia"...WHY are you doin' this t' me?! You're already BLASTING on my website as it is! TESTING 1-2-3...GOD's words through YOU are LOUD-n-CLEAR to me. :)

Cassandra (57).jpg

Not "just hearing things" but "tryna confirm some things,"



Cassandra (58).png

I am an AVID lover-n-supporter of the Truth. Sure...sometimes Truth DOES HURT, but it will also set-n-make you FREE. For example: It'll jap-slap you into REALITY, then kiss ya, love on ya, and tell ya, "Now, get on out there and BE SOMEBODY!" Yes, LAWD! The Truth will get us right on together, honey. "I ain't lyin'!" **in my BEST "Madea" voice** LOL


Uhm...Name (Temporarily) Withheld To Protect the Innocent

(Or maybe the not-so-innocent? lol)

Cassandra (59).png

"Just heard my coworker say, 'Like the Bible says,

"If God can't bless you, love your neighbor."'

Ma'am. Ma'am? MA'AAAAM, where does it say that?!?!"



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!

"Lord, forgive said co-worker, for she knoweth NOT what she sayeth. HowEVA, we ALL know that she just lied on You." **smh**


Goin' t' go "brush up" on my Bible-reading my OWNself (lol),


"Lady Wanda Bell" N'em Cuttin' Up On da FB

(I already know y'all ain't ready fo' dis one! lol)

Envision the Hammond B-3, drums, tambourine, and the baddest ("Cassie" Note: that's "best.") bass player you can think of and hear this::: IF GOD BROUGHT YOU *THROUGH IT*, THAT MEANS YOU ARE NO LONGER *IN IT*!!!!!! 1,2, 1-2-3 GO!!!!!!

Cassandra (60).png

"Lady Tasha M. Tezeno": I can see all of AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship) running right now!


"Lady Wanda" @ "Lady Tasha": You know it!!! Let's gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Y'ALL DON'T HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dancing the spikes out of my hair style!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!


"Lady Katrina Bryant Dawson": Glory!!! Pick 'em up, put 'em down!!!!!!


"Lady Tasha M. Tezeno": Move over Eld. Bell. I can't dance around you.


Me/"Cassie": **Runs SLAP OVA da ushers, da greeters, security staff, "Lady Wanda," AOW...and "errrybody"! LOL


Because GOD's been JUST THAT GOOD,



"Lady Apostle Renee' Tarkington": GLORY!!!! ((((RUNNING ON THE BACK OF THE PEWS!!!))) Lol...ya'll don't know nothing about dat!!!!


"Lady Wanda": Yaulz crazee!! LOL!

"Lady Wanda":



**Later That Afternoon**

"Lady Wanda": I'm intelligent and have class, but errynow and then I gotta have me some foot stompin', tambourine beatin, old fashioned Holy Ghost sto'front speakin' in tongues, anointin' oil, slain in the Spirit church!!! How 'bout you???! What y'all know 'bout that? Don't get too dignified on me! Don't be ashamed!!! LOL!


"Lady Schnise Robinson-Johnson": Say that again! Lol!


Sir Tristan Smith: That's the kinda church we have!


"Lady Wanda" @ Sir Tristan: I know! We do, too! Just trying to express how much I love it! LOL!


"Lady Katrina Bryant Dawson": Oh, yeah!


Sir Johnnie "Jmworship" Murray: ROFL! Praise Him!!!


"Lady Katrina Kirk Franks": How about back in the day when the kids would get their shout on, too. That's when I perfected mine. lol!


"Lady Regina Neal": Sho' ya right, Wanda! Love me some old fashioned church! :)


"Lady Marlow Shields Talton": Gibbin' (giving) ah-nuh (honor) to God, Passa (Pastor), Saints and Friends. I have been saved ALL day, no ebil (evil) have I dun (done). LOL WOO!

Note to my "Cyberspace Peeps":

I went ahead and interpreted "Lady Marlow"'s and my jargon fo' ya in parenthesis. A'ight? lol -"Cassie"

Me/"Cassie" @ "Lady Marlow": slapped da wuds (the words) clean outta (out of) my "mouf" (mouth) and left me wit' (with) no "bref" (breath) t' (to) say NOWN NOTHA (none other) "thang" (thing) 'bout (about) this here Holy Gho...(couldn't finish the sentence. lol) **THUMP! (passes SLAP OUT on da flo' (the floor), from da ovaPOWerin' (overpowering) effect of da "laughin' spirit"!**


Solicitin' da prayers o' da righteous even now,



"Lady Marlow": Lady Cassandra 2 MUCH!!!! Those were the days, I learned early "precious one" (LOL) to PIN UP my split and to make sure I got some Tea Cakes from the district missionary (LOL) WOO!


"Cassie": Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb! LAWD, if I could just rewind da "BIG CLOCK" right about now! Wheeeew! Help me, Holy Ghost fo' REAL, tho! **smh** :)


Cassandra (61).jpg

My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. & Me on da FB

(Sisters Keeping In Touch To Love, Encourage and Support)

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton": As a child of God, prayer is kind of like calling home every day.


Me/"Cassie": **Rrrrring! Rrrrring!**

"Hello, DADDY! Thanks for answering Heaven's telephone t' talk wit' li'l ol' me. I was NOT "tryna" miss our "daily convo" fo' NOTHIN'-n-NOBODY. I love YOU "ver, ver" much, and I am SO enjoying representing YOU in the earth. Everyone I meet immediately recognizes my resemblance to YOU. I'm like, 'YES!' lol 'Antywho'...lemme shut up now t' hear what YOU have t' say. WHATEVA it is, I will trust YOU and obey." :)

One of a plethora of "DADDY's GIRLS" (lol),



" the way, 'Sweet Candy' also says, 'Hello, DADDY!' and she's gonna call YOU, too. MUAH!" **listens attentively** :)


"Sweet Candy": Hey, my Sis. (Cassie) I have already called home early, early this morning when most were sleep. Had a wonderful talk with my Daddy and read, and read His Word. I think He was kind of proud of me this morning. I'm feeling good and trusting my Daddy for what I have before Him! Ready for a Blessed Day!


"Cassie": Way t' go, Sis! It is ALWAYS imperative to start our day in prayer and "stuff" ourselves with as MUCH Word as we can hold. So, then, when Satan and his "imps" come "tryna" talk that SMACK, we got somethin' fo' 'em that'll make 'em STAY BACK! lol Ahhhh, YES! I like livin' this kind o' life! I love you, Sis. Now, let's "bof" (both) go seize the day, shall we? DADDY is countin' on us! ;) **wink**


Yo' CraZy-but-faithful S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. 4 "ETERNAL" LIFE,



The One-n-Only "Lady Evangelist Beverly Crawford" on da FB Y'all!

Cassandra (62).png

"Lady Bev.":




Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb, Who has my BACK, my FRONT, my TOP, my BOTTOM, my SIDE, my OTHER SIDE, my INSIDE and my OUTSIDE! In THEE, O LORD, I put ALL MY TRUST! :)

Sayin' "CHOO-CHOO" & "WHOO-HOO! I love HIM & YOU, TOO!"




When someone tells you, "Put your BEST foot forward," and you're blessed t' have TWO of 'em, how do you determine which o' da TWO is da BEST one, especially when NEITHA is BETTA than da other by comparison...that is, when it comes t' walkin' forward, backward or side-to-side? I'm just askin'. :)

Cassandra (63).jpg


Sharing For Your Viewing Pleasure...

"The Java & PMS Experience":

Cassandra (64).png

Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons:

I can't imagine life without you...feels like I've known you all my life...I still get excited when I see you...touch you... smell you...hold you in my hands. The way you make me feel all warm and fuzzy rock!! I truly thank God for dear, faithful cup of coffee!! :)


Hey, don't judge me! LOLOLOL



Ahhhh, YES! "Coffee the Java Man" & PMS...PRICELESS! lol


In my OWN"Happy Place"-n-lovin' it,


November 1, 2010...

"Lady Phebe": Happy, happy, happy Monday!! Whoo-hoo!! You know you're excited, too! Only 54 more shopping days 'til Christmas!! :)


"Cassie": Good "Marvelous Mocha Monday MornTing" t' ya, "Lady Phebe" N'em! May the memories of this day keep yo' mind and yo' "mouf" (mouth) in "rest mode"...from constantly remindin' us 'bout yo' Monday (as if YOU have complete ownership of it-n-carryin' on), wit' all its merriment, madness, AND mayhem. Shoot! **exits t' go get a strong "drank" o' coffee on THAT note** LOL


Makin' it do what it do...wit' da help o' "You-Know-Who,"



"Lady Phebe": LOL @ "strong drank!" Sounds just like my grandma! I just love me some Mondays...born on a Monday, got married on a Monday, and will probably go on to glory on a Monday. :)

"Cassie": 0/<--(wit' coffee mug raised) Okay...okay. Here, here (cheers) fo' Mondays! Hehehehe! :)


"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Cassandra (65).jpg

"Give up something to get something else.

Excuse me.....I got to get to Jesus!




DONE, Sis! I GAVE da devil a "PIECE o' MY (old) mind" and replaced it

wit' da "PEACE o' THIS (new) mind," which was also in Christ Jesus (read-n-feast on Philippians 2:1-11). Oo-wee! **smh**

It's ON now, "Boo"! Let's DO this! :)


A member of "DELETE MINISTRIES, INC." **What?!** (lol)



"Sweet Candy":

Girl......I'm a member of DELETE MINISTRIES TOO...

'Cause I know that's what it takes to get to and stay with God!



YEAH-yaaaah! :)


Sisters Keeping In Touch To Love, Encourage, and Support:

"Sweet Candy":

Hello there, S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S......It was so good to see you yesterday (10/31/10), as always.

Me/"Cassie": was SO good to see YOU, as always, Sis! Ya got me GOOD, too! I'm gon' get you and "Lady Viv"! LOL Thanks for brightening my day and lighting up my life. I wouldn't trade ya fo' a WHOLE platter o' catfish, and fish filets, and fried clams (oh, yeah, and shrimp), and corn-on-da-cob, and broccoli, and a FULLY-LOADED baked potato, and a nice house salad w/Italian dressing, and a hot-buttered roll, and a TALL glass o' ice tea, and anotha glass o' water, and a slice o' cheesecake! Well...lemme pray hard-n-serious 'bout that, and I'll get back wit' ya on it. Hear? LOL J/ KNOW I loves me some YOU, girlie girl! ;) **wink** Be blessed! :)

Cassandra (66).png


Cassandra (67).jpg

(11/02/10)...To one of my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) "peeps"

in da BIG, WIDE "wuhl" (world):


"Lady Cyndi" aka "Da One-Woman Evangelist SmackDown Champion of All Times"...What?! LOL


"Antywho," had it NOT been for GOD our CREATOR, Who blessed us with your presence, taught us by your message, and loved on us through your essence, LOOKA here at what ALL we "woulda" MISSED, girrrrl! Wheeeew! **smh**


("Lady Cynthia Diggs")

You are "what THAT is"! Ya heard me? Ya betta! MUAH! ;) **wink**

"Lady Cyndi":

Oh, wow! MY, MY, MY!

I am winking, smiling, praising, and typing all at once.

MUAH! Lady Cassandra!


My Sister-in-Christ and Friend For Life:

"Lady Christella Young"

"Lady Christella":

Harry Potter isn't the real POTTER,

but GOD IS!!!



"Lady CHRISTellaaaaaa"!


Wheeeew! **smh**

That bewitched "Harry Potter" deals with SORCERY: Evil we shouldn't make room for; but our GOD specializes in making "UNIQUE POTTERY"...

ya know, such as WE are. ;) **wink**


FINE-n-FIT for the MASTER's use,


Cassandra (68).jpg


A Question From My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":


"How do you give up something you really enjoy? Remember:

Every a...gotya. Be careful what you get involved in.

You might get got."

Cassandra (69).png


I gotcha, Sis...and you got me. Of course, GOD's got us "bof" (both), which is the BEST way t' be got, if ya ask me. Ya got it? GOOD! :)


Goin' t' get some mo' o' HIM while da gettin' is STILL good,



"Lady Wanda Bell":

"(This post got my attention...Reposting)"


Cassandra (70).jpg


So, make it a GOOD SHOW; otherwise,

GOD will give you a BAD RATING! Eventually,

it might get CANCELLED! Wheeeew! **smh**

Thank you, "Lady Wanda." ;) **wink**


Hearing, "Camera, lights, ACTION!" (lol),



"Lady Crystal Renee' (Kelley)":

Mama, why you always gotta be deep?!

That's 2011! lol I'm trying to catch up!

"Lady Wanda":

@ Cassandra~~Amen! I sure don't want to get cancelled!! LOL!!


To the One-n-Only "Lady San Franklin":' da "record," that there song: "Arise" is risin' even higher-n-runnin' up my water bill! Shoot! OMGlasses! **tears o' joy all up on my lenseses!** Water just runnin' EV'rywhere! BABIEEEES, da sound o' "that voice" and da wuds t' da song itself is "what THAT is"! LOOKA here: Chile, DON'T even worry 'bout da water bill, hear? One way or da OTHA, it WILL get paid; 'cause I believe GOD, honey, and HE gon' work it out just fo' me! LOL I love you, Sis. MUAH! :)

Cassandra (71).png


Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham

(Need I say more? I didn't think so NEITHA! lol)

Cassandra (72).png

Beware of "life-suckers." They suck the life out of you, just as the sucker that grows in a tree sucks its life from it. All it takes is one negative comment & like the flu it infects you & begins to take you down. I declare unto you today - before you develop a major infection - CUT THOSE SUCKERS OFF!




That's me and my "Spiritual Electric Saw" cuttin' dem "SAPSUCKERS" SLAP OFF...SHOOT! No "major" nor even "minor infection" here, Sis, in Jesus' "POWER SAW"-acting name. AMEN...and it's ALREADY DONE! Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb! :)

Layin' aside EVERY "weight" AND "sin"...wit' da quickness,



A Deep & Earnest Declaration Regarding My Friends

iCassie do solemnly (deeply-n-earnestly) swear, decree-n-declare that my circle of friends are amongst the BEST "peeps" you can find, "up in this piece"! Mess with THEM, you mess with ME. Mess with ME, you mess with my Heavenly FATHER. Mess with HIM...Well, you REALLY DON'T wanna do that now, do you? Well, I REALLY DIDN'T think so NEITHA! lol

Cassandra (73).jpg


The Fond Memories of P.M.S.

(Watch yo'self, now! lol)

Cassandra (74).png

Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons:

It's amazing how one thing can trigger tons of I logged in ("Cassie" NOTE: on da FB 11/15/10) this morning, I was thankful for knowing how to type...which made me think of my high school typing class...which made me think of my classmate who took typing with me...which made me think of a time when I had no worries (childhood)...which made me think of the big cooler of water my mom kept on the table for us 11 kids to use as we got thirsty instead of us going back and forth to the refrigerator...which made me think of the time she went to visit her brother in Denver and left me to help cook for the week...and I realized that it's not easy to cut a chicken (which is why to this day, I buy chicken already cut And all these memories came back in a matter of seconds! :)

I can sit for hours connecting one memory to the easily entertain myself! I'm really an only child...just happen to have 10 siblings! :)


"Lady Delores Franklin": It makes you laugh, but it wasn't funny back then. is sweet!!!


"Lady Ingrid Anderson": LOL! WE didn't have "cool" water! WE had to drink from the water hose outside! We would only go inside about twice a day to use the bathroom! But, it was so much fun!


"Lady Phebe": LOL true...we couldn't run in and out ran that house like a boot camp (but with more


Me/"Cassie": Well, "Lady Phebe," at least you have your "memories" to refer back to...'cause dem days AIN'T happenin' in THIS here life EVA (ever) again! :( <--**gasps!** Oh, NO! A frown?! Wait just a cotton-pickin', pea-snappin', hog-tyin', chicken-chasin', cow-milkin', rabbit-huntin' minute! LOL Wheeeew! :) <--**BIG SIGH of relief** Okay...there's my smile! Thank You, Jesus! **smh**


Givin' Him "a right NOW praise,"



"Lady Phebe": Yes, indeed, Lady Cassie!! Memories rock!!! Now, about this pea-snappin', hog-tyin', chicken-chasin', etc...that's too funny!!


(On da FB 11/19/10): Ahem...

So, Mrs. Simmons, you Seem to be a "Super Smart" woman. See if you can Solve this: What beverage is it that is one Step above "Someone's" (I won't Say whose) Strawberry Slush, it is best Served hot, nothing can Substitute for its Satisfaction, and if this certain "Someone" doesn't get to Sip it Soon, She...I mean, this "Someone" is apt to Slap "Somebody Else" and Send 'em "Special Delivery," Sailing off to "Smithereens" - Somewhere out of this world? It Should only take you Seconds to answer this, Sis. LOL

Cassandra (75).png




**Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons Skips On Over to My FB Page and Scripts**:


It must to be...that good ol' coffee bean!!! :)


Me/"Cassie": Silly me! I "knewed" you'd know! LOL Happy FUNtastic Friday, Sis. I love you...even though I'm not Sure if my love Supersedes that of yo' ol' coffee bean. Shoot! **Smh**


"Lady Phebe": LOL! About to head out for my first sip of the day!! Whoo-hoo!!


The "All-New" Station: KKTV

("Kingdom Kinfolks" T.V.)

Cassandra (76).png

"Kingdom Kinfolks" view T.V. in a slightly different manner than the rest of the world does: Not only do we write and "(T)ell a (V)ision," but we (T)rain (V)igorously to (T)ackle (V)ehemently the enemy's camp, while we (T)ake back (V)iolently to recover ALL quickly and (T)riumph (V)ictoriously! I dare ya t' "tune in" daily! What?!


~A Paid in FULL Advertisement by Yahweh

(not to be confused with Yahoo!)


Cassandra (77).png

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

These leftovers ministered to a place that was once empty...#gospelface There is a fullness that has manifested in my chambers, and I need some sheets and a

pillow...k, thx. #slained


The VERY thing of which you speak is hurtin' "bof" (both) of my SIDES even now,

"sweet-n-wonderful daughter of my loins."


Smilin' TOO hard t' make da "gospel face,"



"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Hahahahahaha!!!!! Can't breathe.

**Additional Feedback From da FB: A BONUS Feature Fo' Ya! lol**


"Lady Crystal Webb":

Me too!


"Lady Melissa Harden":

Glad you enjoyed it, and I wish I had been there to help a sista out wit' those/dat there vituals (aka "vittles"), but, for shame, for shame! lol


"Lady Kym Feltus":

Y'all are funny!!!


"Lady Ebony 'Ebby' Upshaw":

Those leftovers will minister to my innermost chambers later on today! Let's give God a wave-offering for the anointment of

the leftover ministry!!


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Hahaha! I love you, Ebony!! LOL!!

There is no distance for "the leftover ministry"...

Lives are being touched from all over the building! LOL


"Lady Kym":

LOL! Stop!


"Lady Shanda Wilson":

Faith the size of some mustard greens!! lol I'm in the bed now with my leftovers praising in my stomach!! Blessed be the yams, peace be unto the dressing, mac-n-cheese, green beans, smothered chicken, and ham. I'm sorry, but the deviled eggs gave me JOY!

Feed me 'til I want no more!!! lol


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Shanda, you have changed my life! Hahaha!


"Lady Crystal Webb":

OMG!! Thank God this is a status (on da FB) & not a video...I probably couldn't breathe, seeing/hearing these comments!!! LOL


"Lady Kym":

But God said, in 2011 there are no leftovers!!!

He is bringing a more fresh food so your belly will flow rivers of Dasani Water. He said there will be a "ham in the bush"!


"Lady Crystal Webb":

ROFL @ Kym. Amint (Amen) that can be eaten 365 days. Bahaha!!


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

@ Kym: flatlined!!! "ham in the bush" Haha!

I need Whitney (Kym's youngest sister) to go "in" with me on this one...

We gotta fulfill Scripture, "Where two (2) are gathered..."


"Lady Shanda":

lol "ham in the bush" lmbo

**Cassie NOTE: In Genesis 22:1-18, AbraHAM's sacrificial substitute was a RAM!

Read it, believe it, apply it, and then SCRAM! lol**

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