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More Cassie Quotes & Comments III

Picture this: Thousands of years ago "The Virgin Mary," who willingly BORE Jesus Christ the Son of God, Whom I ADORE, was falsely accused of being a WHORE, impregnated by Joseph, her fiancé and nothin' MORE! Of course, it was all a part of God's "Big SCORE" via the Holy Ghost - something that had never been done BEFORE! This method still leaves questions GALORE, and we might not fully understand it 'til we meet "on the other SHORE." Oh, well...I'm just glad to be saved! But had a "repeat" been necessary (but it ain't), I'd holler, "ENCORE!" Whoo-hoo! :)

Apostle Donald Thompson:

Simply Put> Most people challenged with accepting this also doubt God's ability to be Maker & Creator. There is no searching His understanding; if it were so, no one would have faith. Faith requires us accepting, believing and acting according thereto without having physical concrete evidence first. Rather, we trust what is written, that it was first spoken, and once it is mixed with our faith, it becomes manifested.

The Angel Gabriel spoke it; Mary accepted it. Therefore, mixed with her faith, it manifested.


"Lady Phebe Moore Simmons":

Praise the Lord!!! Tell us, Lady Cassie! :)



BABIEEEES...y'all betta hurry up and RECOGNIZE that our God is and

FOREVER SHALL BE "What THAT Is"! Okay? The End :)


"Lady Jermia Cannon":

You know how to tell it like it T-I-S!! Love it, Cassie!!


"Lady Velma Alexander Franklin":

Awesomely said as usual, Lady Cassie!




"Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham":

In this hour God wants to UPGRADE your discernment & prophetic giftings from TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS to HD (HIGH DEFINITION). Now is the time for your eargates & eyegates to be sharpened with a higher resolution so that the quality of your seeing & hearing is maximized! Don't be deceived by the enemy with 'outdated' & 'out of style' devices!



Choosing to UPGRADE to HIGH DEFINITION is the BEST DECISION I have EVA (ever) MADE. Away with STALE TRADITION! It's time to TRANSITION, leaving NO room for the enemy to INVADE! Yes, HIGHER RESOLUTION is the PERFECT SOLUTION to sharpen and enhance our Spiritual senses without a CHARADE. No more bad RECEPTION or demonic INTERRUPTION, while God is showing us off in, "THE KINGDOM PARADE"! :)


Viewing KKTV ("Kingdom Kinfolks T.V.") even now,



"Lady Sylvia":

Love it!


No bad connections, blurry visions or interferences when you have UPGRADED to high tech, state-of-the-art equipment!




Sir Tavares Gardner:

If you're alive and breathing, YOU ARE BLESSED!!!



Yes, indeed, Sir Tavares!

That's why when we find ourselves fixin' our lips t' COMPLAIN,

we need t' "unfix 'em" wit' da quickness...and stay in OUR LANE!



Too BLESSED to be "a HOT MESS" (lol),





"Lady Alisa Peoples":

Christmas is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In all our giving to each other, let us not forget who's birthday it really is...and give Him our gifts. For He gave us the ultimate...the gift that keeps on giving!



JESUS is pleased just to receive ONE (1) special gift on His "Holyday": US! Is that asking too much? I think not. Merry CHRISTmas, everyONE! xoxoxo


To: "The Gift That Keeps On Giving,"

From: "Cassie"




Sir George L. Clinkscale II:




0/<--High-five me on THAT, Sir George!

Uhm...just don't crack or break da computer screen, hear?

K, thx (that is all).


Wishing you and yours a "Very Merry CHRISTmas,"



Sir George:





"Lady Lisa Fikes":

"We must laugh before we are happy, for fear we die before we laugh at all." Laugh at your problems; everybody else does. Laughter is good medicine for the heart...Thank God for down to earth friends that'll help you see things from a new perspective!!! ~Diversity of Friends -I Love It!!!!! ~LF (Lisa Fikes)


Need a "good laugh" fo' REAL? I dare ya t' run on ova yonder t' "Cassie's Comedy Corner" (I & II). Don't worry, can OVERDOSE on 'em and yet LIVE! Hellerrrr, Halleluyerrrr & Merry CHRISTmas t' yerrrr! ;) **wink**


Still LIVIN', LOVIN' & LAUGHIN' (because I MUST),





Hebrews 12:1-3

(King James Version)


"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,


Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.


For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds."


"Lady Wanda Bell":

Drop the Weights. Set aside the Hindrances.

We can't afford to carry them! Let's enter 2011 right!!

"Shedding for the Race."



Yes, ma'am..."Drop the Weights" like they're HOT, because they ARE, when you realize that they come straight from the "Pit of Hell"!

What?! HOT-a'mighty! **smh**


Doin' away wit' ALL "hindrances" before and during 2011,




original - 2023-11-02T091430.853.jfif

SLIGHTLY agree with the 'fact' that you DON'T have to be DEEP to get to 'know' GOD; howEVA, I STRONGLY agree with the 'truth' that you DO have to 'obey' GOD's Word to 'miss' goin' to HELL! Now, I 'know' I got THAT right. HELLow, and HEAVENhigh! Which direction are you goin' ...and why?!

Just askin',





Sir George L. Clinkscale, II:




Well, Sir George, if you (by faith) EXPECT it,

our God will (with evidence) MANIFEST it.

Be blessed, my brotha! :)


Standing on His PROMISES right along with ya,





"Lady Pastor Sheryl Brady":

Let's aim for "Order" in 2011. Once Moses set the house in order, "THEN" the Glory filled the house! ALL of our needs are supplied in the glory. What has been difficult can become easy, when we make the decision to submit to Divine order!



Uhm...don't just AIM for it; but let's HIT it, people!

After all, we only get so many chances at it, ya know.

I'm just sayin'.


BEST WISHES t' ya! xoxoxo :)


Determined to MAKE IT HAPPEN in 2011,



.......CQC....... here's the deal: If at ANYTIME we try to be ANYTHING or ANYBODY "other than" what GOD created and purposed us to be, in essence we're tellin' HIM, "I neither like nor APPRECIATE what YOU've chosen for ME & MY life; therefore, 'I' am takin' the liberty to go AGAINST YOUR will to do as 'I' will." Now, THAT's just cold-blooded on ALL levels! To whom this APPLIES: Please do better! **smh**




"Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham":

Your LATTER days shall be GREATER than your FORMER!!!




NO umbrella required NEITHA!

Just get on out there, and sing-n-dance in the RAIN! Hear?



\0/<--wit' BOTH arms & a BIG heart opened WIDE to RECEIVE,




"Overseer-Elect Sylvia Cunningham":

Your PERSISTENCE, PRAYER & PRAISE will strategically shift and unlock the Heavens, and God's mind will change EXPEDITIOUSLY, and His actions will ACCELERATE concerning you!! You have the God-given authority and dominion in the earth realm to initiate a Heavenly Influence by an Earthly License you already possess. Partner your PURPOSE with His POWER!




CLICK! **the sound of "the Heavens'" Doors UNLOCKING!** Heads UP,'s gonna RAIN BIG TIME! Splish-splash! It's comin' down FAST - more than you've EVA (ever) experienced in yo' PAST! The Heavens are tellin' the glory of GOD, Whose heir and joint-heir with CHRIST we inherently ARE! :)






"Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson":

The more I seek God, the more I find Him; the more I find Him, the more I want Him!!!! God loves to be pursued! He has so much to show us!!!



RIGHT you are, "Lady Cassie"! HE is SO spoiled...and KNOWS that HE is! Okay? Try puttin' something or somebody else before HIM,

and see what happens! Personally, I AIN'T the one! LOL


Chasing after and runnin' GOD ova (over) wit' HIS OWN love,





"Lady Kristle Murden":

Just loving the synchronicity of God. How he causes the things you need to pop up right when you need them. He even brings just the right people across your path! My ever so amazing, all-knowing, and loving God!! I love you, Lord!!!



RIGHTeous, "Lady Kristle"! I couldn't agree with you MORE, knowing that in all of HIS "sovereignty," GOD's "synchronicity," wrapped "securely" within HIS "authority," causes things to happen "automatically" and govern themselves "accordingly." To me that is "extremely" POWerful and MOST "extraordinary"! ;) ** wink**


Lovin' GOD and lovin' YOU,





"Lady Lisa Brown":

Ok...all I'm saying is:

"Doing the RIGHT thing ALL the Time...means...never having to worry about being caught doing the WRONG thing...ANY Time..."



Just as:

Bein' GOOD at ALL times means NEVA (never) havin' t' fear gettin' a "beat-down" fo' bein' BAD...ANY time! See? Same "thang." :)


"Tryna" DO-n-BE what's RIGHT-n-GOOD,



"Lady Lisa":

I don't want no beat down...Luv ya still da same.



"Lady Angela (Gray) Blair":

Don't be afraid if someone "rejects" you. Let them reject you NOW, in January (2011), so you can have 11 months without 'em.

If they ain't acting right now, they ain't going to act right later.

Let 'em go!!!!! Their loss! Stop letting your happiness suffer!

They were last year's news! Get some NEW news!

Don't give up!




As we ALL should know: REJECTION itself is nothin' NEW;

but a NEW DIRECTION can give us a different VIEW.

Those who aren't willing to be with us NOW

weren't meant to be with us NO HOW!

So, instead of letting our HAPPINESS suffer needlessly,

let's "mix it" with the JOY of the Lord, and live victoriously! :)


Gettin'-n-spreadin' some o' that "NEW news,"




Sir Pastor John E. Taylor:

Having done my homework before planting two (2) Live Oaks, I naturally assumed that one of them was dead, when it lost all of its leaves one winter. I was about to cut it down when the Spirit said, "NOT YET." When Spring arrived, leaves began to burst forth, and the tree eventually outgrew the other one! If you're going through a lifeless, fruitless winter, don't fret...stay planted, your SPRING is on the way!!!



Touch yo' neighbor, and say, "NOT YET." Yes, Sir! LOOK OUT, now:

A sista is definitely "ROOTED-n-GROUNDED," wit' da intention of STAYING there ON PURPOSE...FOR PURPOSE!


'Bout t' SPRING UP-n-OUT wit' A DANCE-n-A SHOUT,





The SUMMARY & FINALITY of a Christian Soldier's STORY is that, during the REALITY of life's UNCERTAINTY, including CASUALTIES & FATALITIES, God gives one the ABILITY to use His Spiritual ARTILLERY to invade and defeat the ENEMY on his own TERRITORY - knowing that fighting the good fight of faith is a guaranteed VICTORY!




"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":

If you need inner peace...keep calling out for it until it answers,

keep reaching out for it until you touch it,

keep seeking it...until you FIND it...

GOD will keep those in PERFECT peace--

whose mind is STAYED on HIM!



0/<--Ya got a witness ova (over) here, "Lady Jessica"!


SEEKING God every HOUR will give us that good ol' STAYING POWER.

It will also POSITIVELY PRODUCE PERFECT inner PEACE, SETTING the SPIRIT, SOUL, and mind at EASE! No other SUBSTITUTE in the world will SUFFICE. That's just how He PLANNED it; and PERSONALLY, I think

it's NICE! :)


STILL in TOUCH...lovin' You & God "ver, ver" MUCH,





Sir Broderick E. Rice:

"It may LOOK like someone's DEPARTURE from your Life is a LOSS, MANY cases, it's actually a HUGE Gain."


--Broderick 'The' Empowertainer--(© 2011)



**Singing The Clark Sisters' song**


"HE gave me NOTHIN' t' lose...



SO "ver, ver" HAPPY, RELIEVED & SATISFIED right about now,



"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches":

(In Reply)

"Who To Blame"

original - 2023-11-02T095427.764.jfif

I thank God for you, Cassie, and soooo honored that God thought enough of me to send the very best in my life at a very young age...

The Robersons...I feel so special. You are my heart.

Love you, girl, and all your awesome gifts and talents.

You are greatly admired by me. WUV ("Luv") you dearly.

Keep doing you in Jesus' name.

You are a blessing in soooo many ways.




**All smiles...of course. :)**






"Lady Linda L. Ransom": can't run with the rabbits AND hunt with the hounds.

You have to pick a side...because one is running in FEAR...

but the other is running with PURPOSE.

Pick a side!! & Choose wisely...

because YOUR life depends on it. lol




I'll take the LATTER for 200, "Alex"! ;) **wink**


PURPOSELY running with (Divine) PURPOSE, honey...







Morning Mocha

w/"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

Who says it can't happen for you? They lied!

Remain faithful, focused & moving forward! Major love!



LIARS exist for us to PROVE them to be just what they ARE...but to

also OFFER them a way OUT of that "state of mind" and "way of life"

into "'The' WAY, 'The' TRUTH & 'The' LIFE." If they CHOOSE NOT to RECEIVE, then they LOSE LOT and remain DECEIVED!

Hello, somebody! Come what may...I love ya ALL DAY.

0/<-- High-five me on THAT, why don'tcha.

YEAH-yaaaah! :)


Remaining FAITHFUL & FOCUSED while moving FORWARD,


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