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Cassie's Comedy Corner XIII

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

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One, But "Mabel 'Madea' Simmons" Said...

original - 2023-12-19T124513.107.jfif


Ahem...Uhm...iHEAR Ya, "Madea"! LOL

**iDON'T Care WHOSE Mouth da TRUTH Spills From! The End**


Quote Shared On da FB 04/23/12 By My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

original (37).jfif

**Wow...Ties Right In With "Madea"!**



On da OTHA Hand:

"Cassie" Will Broadcast

Your Success,


'Bout Your Failure!


Takin' My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Back To Her Future" (lol),



"Sweet Lady Candy":

SKITTLES, You are something good! Thanks, Honey.


iSimply HAD To Post This On Behalf Of My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

Who "Took The Liberty" Her OWNself To Post It

On da FB 04/19/12:

**I'm just sayin'...ya know.

This here is CLASSIC!



"Sweet Lady Candy":

Candy Clinkscale Morton...

just a few days ago.


Sir Darryl Kimbrough:

More like a century!!!!

original (1).jfif

Takin' My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Back To Her Future" (lol),



"Sweet Lady Candy":

SKITTLES, You are something good! Thanks, Honey.


iSimply HAD To Post This On Behalf Of My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

Who "Took The Liberty" Her OWNself To Post It

On da FB 04/19/12:

original (2).jfif

"Lady Christi Paul-Moore":

I see that you are still in denial...LOL!!!


"Sweet Lady Candy":


How are you! Miss you. Denial?

Hahaha LOL, No I'm not.

I'm just sayin...Leave me alone, Christi,

so I can keep loving you.


Sir Bert Cross, II:

Many days ago! LOL!


"Sweet Lady Candy":


original (3).jfif

"Lady Veronica Winfield":

Many, many, many, many days ago...Hi, old lady!

The great thing is, you don't look u, Candy!

Compliment for're beautiful, Candy!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thanks, "Vic"...

original (4).jfif


Awww...LOOKY HERE At My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

When She Was a "SKIT"! lol

iAbsolutely LOVE & ADORE This

Bea-YOU-tiful PIC! ;) **wink**



Claiming Ya As a "KEEPSAKE" Both Now & 4EVA,


Sir Rev. John W. Delley, I:

Who is this Mother Crouch?...Oh, is this you, Candy?

Ok...ok...i see, i see!...My bad!



OMGlasses! **Tears o' joy all up on my lenseses!**

DON'T, Sir "Rev."! NO MORE, Please!



Sir "Rev.":


original (5).jfif

"Sweet Lady Candy": laughing at Mr. Delley?????? He got big jokes! And u got tears on to lenses????? My heart...oh, my heart. I feel like passing out. I'm just about on the floor from the unfunny remarks of Mr. Delley. Oh, no...not my skittles laughing at me. May need to go to the hospital.


"Cassie" aka "Candy's 'S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.'":

Uhm...My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S., Your Heart Is In GOOD Shape, "Boo"!

'Cause Guess Who's In There Right About Now? ME! "Drank" a Nice Cold

Glass o' Strawberry Lemonade or Somethin' & Getcho Pretty Li'l Self

Somewhere & Sat Down, Whilest We Recuperate From ALL o' This Here

LAFFTA & Stuff! Wheeeew! **Smh** #HelpMeHolyGhost!

Sir Philip Leggett:




"Lady Anita Traylor":

Candy, is that you? You are too cute.

Look at those fat cheeks. Aunt "Mike"*

was feeding you good. lol

original (6).jfif

"Cassie" NOTE:

*Nickname for Mother/Minister Almyra H. Battles


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Philip...Jokes too, huh? LOL @ Bunny...That would be me.

My Mom gave me this picture a couple weeks ago.

Wow, didn't know she had it.


Sir Philip:



original (7).jfif

"Sweet Candy":

You know, Phil...I started to go there

with you, but changed my mind.

No-sir-re...don't laugh too hard!!!! LOL


Sir "Rev.":

@ Candy...You are too funny!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ John...I need you to call me!!!!!

My words for you are too pleasant for FB...NOT!

Yeah...Mother me so we can talk. Hmmmmm.


Okay...So, Whatcha Think 'Bout Dem Gas Prices? Honestly.

original (8).jfif


LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!


Solicitin' da Prayers o' da Righteous 4Real,


original (9).jfif










(L)ots of



original (10).jfif

(B)ecause (O)ctane's (T)oo (H)igh!



Touch Yo' Neighbor & Say, "It's Time Fo' Da Remix!"

Now Ask 'em This Question: "Got Kleenex?" \0/<--HA-GLORY!



WHEREVA In Da WIDE WORLD This Woman Is RIGHT NOW, iWant Her To Know That iSTRAIGHT-UP LOVE Her! O What Joy! SO MUCH Joy 'Til iCain't Even Explain It! "iAin't Lyin'!" **In My BEST "Madea" Voice** iBelieve That SOMEBODY Out There Released This Video For EVIL, But Instead & Indeed It Has WORKED OUT For My GOOD! Thank You From EVERY Crevice of My Heart. ♥ :) Amen & It IS So. ~Sincerely, "Cassie"

original (11).jfif


This Is The Epitome of Dr. PMS:

(P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons aka "Sis. Sunshine"!

Don'tcha Just Love Her? iDo, Too!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo


From a "Friendship Ray of Sunshine,"



Dr. PMS:

Yes indeed!!! I praise God every morning for allowing me to see another day...and even if I don't feel like smiling, I fake it until I do...

there's just something about a smile! :)

original (12).jfif
original (13).jfif


See? THAT Is Why iLove You So!

You're Such a GREAT "Actress"!

And The "AWARD" Goes To...

Envelope, Please...

Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons! :)


**Followed By

Applause & Standing Ovation**

Dr. PMS: it!!! :)



Oh, Yeah...The "After Party" Will Be Held

On The Balcony of "Phebe's Sip-n-Suds" - Conveniently Located Next To

"Hallelujah Chicken Express"! LOL


original (14).jfif
original (15).jfif

Dr. PMS:

I'm hollering over here!!! I'm liking that name

(Phebe's Sip-n-Suds)...ahhhhh, I can see it now...

my state of the art laundry mat/coffee shop!


"If Thou Canst Believe..." #YouKnowDaRest



Dr. PMS:

Yes...I know the rest...hallelujah!!!




According To Thy Faith, Be It Done Unto Thee.

;) **wink**


Dr. PMS:

That's the WORD there!!!!! Don't have to tell me twice!!




AMEN & It IS So...WHENEVA The GOOD LORD Says So, Of Course.

We Ain't Trippin'. We Just Sayin'. Come On Outta Here, "Spirit of Doubt"!

You Gotz To Go! Ain't That Right, Doc? \0/ HA! GLOW-To-Da-RAY! #StillSmilingAndShining!


A Truth-Filled & Revelatory Quote Shared On da FB 04/26/12

By My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. "Candy"

original (16).jfif

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton":

Real Talk!

original (17).jfif


Ok...So HERE's da REAL "Gospel Truth" of da Matter:

One Day iWas Mindin' My OWNself's Business When

ALL of a SUDDEN One o' God's Heavenly Angels

Came & Whispered In My Ear:

"Excuse Me, 'Cassie'...

THE FATHER Hath Need of Thee."


iAnswered Unto Him & Said:

"Not MY Will, But HIS Will Be Done.

Now, What Is It, Please?"

original (18).jfif
original (19).jfif

The Angel of The Lord Then Explained:

"There Are UFO's (Unidentified Fools & Offenders) In 'CANDY LAND' That Are Trying To Prevent Her From Pursuing Her God-Ordained Purpose. Henceforth, You Have Been Called, Chosen & Assigned To REPLACE Them & Assist In Fulfilling The 'Kingdom Mission' To Help Push & Propel Her To What THE FATHER Already Promised Her. Art Thou Willing To Go Ye THEREFORE To Do What Thou Hast Been Divinely Sent THERE FOR?"

**Grinning From Ear-To-Ear**

"Verily, Verily iSay Unto Thee, iShall Go & Do As HE Hast Sent Me.

Amen & It IS So." :)

original (39).jfif

On My "S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Watch"

& Lovin' It,


original (39).jfif
original (40).jfif

"Sweet Lady Candy":

hahahahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahahahahaha hahahahahaha

hahahahahaha.........AND YOU KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love me some Cassandra Roberson Kelley....

my Sis & Friend for real!


Speaking of St. John 8:32...

original (41).jfif

Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham

On da FB 04/27/12:


BE NOT DECEIVED.....5000 friends, 100 plus "likes" & comments a day, NUMEROUS inbox messages for counseling, prophecy and prayer request DOES NOT qualify, certify, or validate you to PASTOR!!!!

original (42).jfif

Sir Godwin Kuyoro:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mennnnnnnn...tell it.

original (43).jfif

"Lady Evangelist Faucet":

That's right, mom, it's not what happens on Facebook that counts any way. What are you doing when you're not on fb?? How many friends, likes, and comments you have in the real world??


"Lady Pastor Mae Frances Davis":




"Lady Pastor Vickie Johnson":

WOW! Amen!


Sir Min. Justin E. Sudler:

Apostle Cunningham, you have to shut them

down!!!!! Facebook is a place where people

don't know how to stay in their lanes.

original (44).jfif
original (45).jfif

Sir Steven Gliss:

Amen. Say That, Apostle. What a word.


"Lady Carolyn Alston":


THE WORD OF GOD FROM THE (WOG)/WOMAN OF GOD!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

original (20).jfif

Sir Pastor Jay Moss:

*Presses 'Like' 20 times.*

original (21).jfif

Sir Pastor Alvin Lewis:

Amen, Sylvia, so glad Yah called me to serve as Pastor over 35 yrs. ago,

before facebook, and I'll be likewise the day after it's gone.

Great post, Sista.

original (22).jfif
original (23).jfif
original (1).png


Lover & Supporter of

The WHOLE Truth,


"Lady Pastor Sarah Ransom":

I agree, I don't believe there are Virtual Pastors.

But there are believers who share the Gospel with others.

Good word, Sylvia!



"Lady Pastor Mae Frances Davis":

Now see, all y'all are tryin' to start something on here. I am glad I don't have any work to do this afternoon. I can keep reading all this good Holy Ghost stuff He is giving all of you. Out of all of this there is a preachin' moment. It don't take much for me to start praising. Y'all are goin' to make me take a go-down-to-the-basement break so I can praise Him. But everything in decency and order. This why I can't wait until I retire in 10 months.


Sir Pastor Alvin Lewis:

Sarah, That's my take, Sista...I can't count the self-proclaimed

"Virtual Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Counselors".

No credentials or accountability. Urrrgh

original (24).jfif


Ha-Ha! iCan Just See & Hear It: "Uh...Here Is My Business Card When You Need To Contact Me. iAm The 'Virtual Pastor' of 'Facebook Church Without Walls, Windows, Ceilings, Doors or Floors Interfaith International Internet Cathedral'"! WHAT?!


Lord, Hamercy, Hagrace & PLEASE, Sir JESUS,

Haoxygen Fo' Li'l Ol' Me To "Breave" (Breathe)!

Yet LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!



Dr. SWC:

@ Lady Cassie...YOU are too funny!

original (25).jfif
original (26).jfif

"Lady Pastor Mae Frances Davis":

Sis. Cassandra, I am about to fall out of my seat.

Stop It...LOL


Sir Pastor Alvin Lewis:

ROTFL @ Cassandra...The more I read it,

the funnier it gets...LOL

Sylvia, Thank you for posting this insightful thread.

It's good to know there is intelligent life on fb. Smh


"Cassie" NOTE:

Of course, Dr. SWC received some additional comments after these,

but iKnow you can only stand so much o' this...iCan feel ya!

NEVAtheless, we love ya, tho. MUAH! :) xoxoxo


A Birthday Greeting From Me To "Lady Gabrielle Craig"

On Her FB Wall 05/01/12:


**A GODLY Proud Daughter of "Lady Evangelist Janice Iglehart Craig**

Here's Wishing You a GLORIOUSLY Divine GATHERING of GENUINE Family, Friends, Fun & Fellowship To GETCHO Praise On For The GREAT Things That GOD Has Already Done &

The GREATER Things That Are GETTIN'

Ready To Come Your Way!


\0/<--(Wit' Lifted Hands & A GLAD Heart)

HA-GLORY! Now...GO & Enjoy What's

Yet To Be GOT! :) xoxoxo

original (27).jfif

GIVING You Your "PROPS" Which Is LOTS (,



Behold...The Handiwork of Almighty God Posted 05/01/12

By My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. From Her FB Photo Album

original (28).jfif

"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman":

Always Stunning....


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thank you, Kathy, very nice of you to say.


"Lady Felicia L. House":

That hair is 'beat' as usual! Love it!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Thank you, my friend Felicia...

If I had hair like you, I would be

swinging it in everybody's face...LOL

God knew what to do....

"Lady Felicia":

Thanks, sis! Thinking of cutting it.

Really want something new...It only gets swung

when I'm singing, which isn't often these days.

These folks wouldn't appreciate it down here in

"Boring Green" anyway. Lol!!!!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Lol...well swing your hair right on back to "Big D"...

And please don't cut that pretty hair.

original (2).png
original (29).jfif


**Bowin'-n-Curtsyin'-n-Carryin' On**


"O Thou Who Art The Fairest In ALL of God's Kingdom..." (At Least That's MY Opinion At THIS Particular Moment; So Leave Me Alone, You Readers Out There & DON'T Ruin The "Mood of The Scene"! iMEAN It! lol)


Ahem...Back To Da Script. Where Was I?

Oh, Yeah. Uhm...

"May Those Who Behold The Abundance of Thy Beauty Be 'Better Than Blessed,' Without Accidentally Fainting, After Being Instantly Smitten By a 'Piece of The Master'! For You, My Dear 'Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton,' Are God's 'Masterpiece' Like None Other Fair Maiden!" The End


**Exits Stage Right, Before Collapsing Behind The Curtain

But Yet Smiling. WHAT?!** :) xoxoxo


In AWE As An (A)nointed (W)ordsmith For (E)lohim,

"Cassie" aka "Candy's S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S."

"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Cassie...WOW!!!!!! You always amaze me

by your beautiful words and encouragement.

Only you! Thank you so.


"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis":

Perfection always, looking good, Sis!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

@ Evang. Lewis...Thank you, Sis. Smiling.

original (30).jfif


Uhm..."Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman" & "Lady Evangelist Patricia R. Lewis" Know RIGHT GOOD That They Are Bea-YOU-tiful, Too! It's Just My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Moment In Time. Ya Got It? "Kewl!" MUAH! :) xoxoxo


"Sweet Lady Candy":

And I am enjoying the moment!!!! For REAL.


original (3).png

Okay...iJust COULDN'T RESIST This One, So iDIDN'T! lol


S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. Ministries Presents:

"The Candy & Cassie Cartoon"! WHAT?! **Smh** #HelpLawd

original (31).jfif

Wit' LOTS o' Love & Stuff,



"Sweet Lady Candy":


This is absolutely correct!

Thank you friend for thinking of me.


My Li'l Tummy Hurts From Laffin' SO HARD

At This...But I'll Be Fine, Thanks.

;) **wink**



"Sweet Lady Candy":

You r too funny, friend. Love it.

original (32).jfif


original (48).jfif
original (33).jfif
original (34).jfif
original (35).jfif

Let's Take A Li'l "Trip" Then, Shall We?

;) **wink**

original (4).png
original (50).jfif
original (36).jfif

I'm grateful for those who are

a part of my life.



Uh-Oh! WATCH OUT NOW! iGotz To


On It WON'T "Cost" Ya Nothin' But

An "Out-o'-Pocket Expense" To Simply

"Pay" Attention. How 'Bout That?


\0/<--HA-GLORY! Now...Here It Is:

YOU Are Talking About ME, Honey.

'Cause iPersonally CHOSE To Have YOU To Be a Part of MY Life BEFORE iWas ACCEPTED By YOU To Be a Part of YOUR Life. And In So Doing, While ALREADY a Part of "The Royal Kingdom of God," That AUTOMATICALLY Made US "Kingdom Kinfolks" Tied TOGETHER Through The Shed BLOOD of Jesus The Christ. Therefore, "To INFINITY & BEYOND," We ARE "Family" EITHA Way. Ya Got It, Sis? GOOD. :) #EnjoyYourMeal


Ova Here Doing ANYTHING 2 C U Smile Bcuz iLUV U,

"Cassie" aka "Candy's S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S." (4EVA)


Fo' da Record: iDO Know Whatcha Mean. iJust Wanted To Add My Li'l

"Two-Cents" In For "Good Measure"! Hehehehe! ;) **wink**



"Sweet Lady Candy":

NOBODY IS LIKE MY SKITTLES! Only Cassie can dissect words as she so Wonderfully, Delightfully, Heartwarmingly and Humorously do...Thank you friend, Yes, this is for you...We are FAMILY....

original (51).jfif
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