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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XIII

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"Lady Evangelist Vanessa Winbush-Gatlin":


True love must never be taken for granted

but something to hold on to and cherish.

God sent Jesus, who loves us unconditionally.

Take His love and remember to give Him love

in return, and you will never be loveless.

Such a fulfilling relationship!


Me "loveless"? OMGlasses! **tears o' joy all up on my lenseses!** I've got SO MUCH love until it's ALMOST ridiculous! Notice the keyword there? LOL It's because when JESUS entered my heart to STAY, I immediately began to carry the fresh fragrance of HIS love throughout EACH & EVERYDAY. Now, a sista "cain't" go NOWHERE without HIS love. Hear me? So, yeah, I know EXACTLY whatcha mean, "Lady V." There is NO doubt that JESUS loves me. The feeling is mutual, and it ALWAYS will be. :)


"Ver, ver" THRILLED and completely FULFILLED,



From: Me/"Cassie"

To: "Lady Cassandra Cleveland Robertson" on da FB:


I TAKE THIS TIME - THIS very moment - TO TELL you via da FB...until I can TALK with you face-to-face, of course: "THANK YOU" for sharing yourself and THE TONS of godly wisdom that God has "deposited" into you to "impart" unto us, "THE TEACHABLE." I just wanna hug yo' neck, TURN around THREE (3) TIMES, and TAKE off running somewhere, anywhere... don't matter where! Okay? I love you, and again, I say, "THANK YOU!" TAKE care, Sis. #THATisall :)


Ain't "TRIPPIN'"...but just "TRYNA" TESTIFY TO ya,

Your namesake "Cassie" (too)


"Lady Cassandra":

Sis, you bless me! I love you very, very much! Thank you.



From: Me/"Cassie"

To: "Lady Evangelist Teshania Blackwell" on da FB:

Howdy there, "Lady Teshania" da "Hell-Bustin' Bandit"! LOL Yeah, It's "Me" comin' right atcha, runnin' ova wit' lots o' CHRIST our KING would have it. May GOD'S divine FAVOR continue to add FLAVOR to the abundant life that HE already GAVE ya! Now, get out there-

n-"git 'er done!" MUAH! :)


One o' da CraZiest Christians in GOD'S Kingdom & Lovin' it (lol),


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"Lady Elisa Reid":






Yes, ma'am...THOUGHT IT & DONE IT, 'cause wit' HIM it was "NOTHIN' BUT A THANG," honey. Are you "tryna" play wit' me, "Lady E"? Well, DON'T...hear? LOL

LUV'n U 2 LIFE 2,


"Lady E":

You Hear Me! Luvu2life Lady E


Sir C. Ivan Johnson, Preachin' on da FB 05/05/11:

(I just LOVE this guy!)

IS YOUR GIFT ANOINTED? If you receive a new car as a gift but it doesn't include a battery, the car is POWERLESS! So, to give that car the power it needs to OPERATE EFFECTIVELY, you will have to pay a PRICE for a battery! When you ask the Lord to ANOINT your GIFT, it will COST you! It will cost you consecration, sanctification, and purification. However, it's worth the investment to be EFFECTIVE in ministry.

original (78).png

It is the ANOINTING that destroys the yoke! The ANOINTING is what makes the difference as we operate in our gifts. We need to learn more about the anointing, because it equips us, teaches us, and changes us. Trying to live without the anointing is like trying to live without sufficient air. Everything is a struggle!


Isaiah 10:27 (KJV), "And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the ANOINTING!"


I John 2:27 (KJV), "But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."



GIFTED? Check. ANOINTED? Check. POWER-filled? Check. EFFECTIVE? Check. TOTAL COST: A lifestyle of worship demonstrated through a SOLD-OUT vessel (that would be "Me"...praise God), BACKED UP by and COVERED UP with the REDEEMING BLOOD of Jesus! Hallelujah to The Lamb! :)


Because it's still WORTH it to BIRTH it,



"Lady Linnett Jocelyn Wilson":

Cassandra, I'm going to repost that. Thank you, Lord!


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"Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":

"Pay attention to what you pay attention to!"

The longer you focus on "it,"

the bigger "it" will get! #thingsabove


"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is TRUE, whatever is NOBLE, whatever is RIGHT, whatever is PURE, whatever is LOVELY, whatever is ADMIRABLE - if anything is EXCELLENT or PRAISEWORTHY - think about such things." -Philippians 4:8

Once "it" {you know what your "it" is} magnifies in your mind,

"it" will manifest in your life!



Oh, my...NO WONDER I keep STRETCHING SO MUCH, "tryna" make room and contain ALL o' this GOD in me. Wheeeew! Thanks, Sis. :)





The Highlight of My Mother's Day "Expression of Love Gift"

To My Mom: Madam Carrie Roberson

original - 2023-11-13T094147.180.jfif


**\0/<--Wavin'-n-hollerin'-n-screamin'-n-carryin' on**



See ya there, Sir Myron, and "Lady da WANDAful Bell" & fellow AOW members, and other Saints & Friends, n'em! Let's go with the "Flow" and love on GOD some mo' in JESUS' precious name. Amen...and it IS so. :)


A bona fide sanctified "Ascription Of Worship,"



"Lady Su-San Cannon Spain":

Singing, "Jesus is on the main line!" #gettingmypraiseon



You iz SANGIN'...Oops! I mean,

"are singing" THAT, "Lady Su-San"!

Now, while ya got Him on da "main line,"

go 'head on and "tell Him whatchoo want"! #joiningthispraisepartyline

original - 2023-11-13T094603.512.jfif

With NO music and NO mic necessary (lol),



"Lady Su-San":

Yes, indeed, Lady Cassie!


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 05/06/11:

original - 2023-11-13T104158.470.jfif

<-- Since we're dedicating photos to our mothers, I want to honor these four (4) women: My mother (we go back since '86!! w/vocals like...OMG!), my Granny (the!!!! smh), my First Lady (I miss her SO much! Powerful woman of God! RIP), and my Spiritual mother (who when she speaks, I just wanna throw something. Haha!).


I love these women dearly!

RIP to paternal Grandmother (Ruby).


**"Cassie" NOTE: Crystal's maternal Great- Grandmother/Big Mama Carrie D. Bradley passed away when Crystal was very young.

So, she didn't know her that well.**

In the Photo:

Cassandra Roberson-Kelley (top left), Madam Carrie Roberson (top right), The Late Evangelist/First Lady Trinia James (bottom left)

Evangelist Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson (bottom right)


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Bea-YOU-tiful tribute, my FAVOR-RIGHT (favorite) daughter in da 'tire wuhl (the entire world)! You're a GREAT CHUNK o' ROCK from "Pieces of Mama-Rocks" whose faith and hope stand firm on CHRIST THE SOLID ROCK. We love you THIS much --> \0/ MUAH! :)


"Ver, ver" proud to be your Mom,



"Lady Charlene Ayers" On da FB On "Mother's Day Eve" 05/07/11:

Alcohol, peroxide, cocoa butter, and Vaseline were the main items in the bathroom cabinet - they could fix anything, and the Vaseline worked wonders for our ashy legs! And that red hot water bottle hanging behind the bathroom door that you always wondered what it was for - priceless!


The Winans Bring Back the Days of Yea and Nay

The Winans Bring Back the Days of Yea and Nay

"Cassie" (Cont'd):

LAWD, "bring back the days of 'Yea' & 'Nay'"! Huh? Whatcha say, LAWD? It's too late? Oh, well...YOU know, LAWD. Thanks fo' da memories, tho.

;) **wink**


Reminiscing along with "Lady Charlene"...but to NO avail (lol),





"Lady Psalmist Evangelist Wanda Bell"...After "Sunday Night Flow":

(Click each photo below to enlarge.)

What would I do without you? God has connected us, and we've got years of loving and serving God together! You bless me every time I hear your voice. Thanks for being the Woman of God that you are. You're real good people. And your parents are such a joy to see. Blessed! Just blessed!


**blushin'-n-carryin' on**

"Lady da WANDAful Bell"! Thank you SO much, Sis! I "knewed" from da FIRST time I met you back in "the year of our Lord 19-n-96" that it "must need be" that we "hook up in da Spirit"! I AIN'T goin' NOWHERE in God's Kingdom without YOU! Ya heard me? Ya betta! I AIN'T playin' wit' ya NEITHA! I love you, Sis! MUAH! ;) **wink**


Your sister-in-CHRIST and friend for LIFE,



"Lady Wanda":

Now I'm **blushin'-n-carryin' on.** LOL!

True friends and laborers in 'da Kingdom 4ever!!!




I believe our GOD was "ver, ver" pleased,

as we - with "one voice" - joined together to sing,

"Magnify HIM! Glorify HIM! Lift up HIS name with a song!

Let GOD be magnified!" :)


"Makin' it do what it do" for "You-Know-Who,"




From: Me/"Cassie"

To: Sir Min. Myron Williams On da FB:


Sir Myron, on behalf of MYSELF, I would like to sincerely THANK YOU, for allowing GOD to OPEN "THE DOOR" - to make way for "THE FLOW" to bless us some MO'! Oo-to-da-Wee & O.M.G. Saints & Friends, don'tcha see? Don'tcha see? The presence of the LORD was MIGHTY in the place! Let's ALL meet there next time to bless HIM & "Kiss HIS face"! ;) **wink**


Yet "Goin' wit' THE FLOW,"




Sir Min. Myron Williams On da FB 05/09/11:

"Cassandra Roberson-Kelley, It was so Good seeing you Minister at the Flow Yesterday Along Side of Wanda & AOW...AND YOUR MOM!!! MY, MY, MY!! What Would we do without People of Power and Authority in the Holy Ghost?!! I felt like a li'l kid again, Watching her and my Grandma go forth, in the SAME ROOM!! We are so blessed to still have our Matriarchs. Love you, and we are just like fam!!"



I feel ya, Sir! I bow to the "Anointed One" and His anointing upon your life, as well as the lives of our "Mama's & Grandma n'em"!

original - 2023-11-13T114306.077.jfif "cain't" pay fo' THAT kind o' godly wisdom and mother wit today. Uh-uh. You'd be "broke as Job's turkey" - which da turkey couldn't work t' make no money in da first place, 'cause it was "killedt" DEAD t' feed da family n'em! Hello? Anybody in there?! LOL


I love you, Sir Myron. Pray fo' me and ALL o' yo' "Kingdom Kinfolks," as well as fo' those hangin' outside o' da Kingdom, whom we're workin' on bringin' inside da Kingdom "before it's everlasting too late." Ya got it? GOOD. :)


Continually FLOWin' while increasingly GROWin',



Sir Elder Larry Henson:

That is not fair, Cassandra.

It is nothing like good seasoned saints.

They will "make it happen."



There, there, now. Fair IS as GOD is fair, my friend; but I gotcha, tho.

Be encouraged. ;) **wink**


Sir Min. Myron Williams:

**Still "FLOWin'" from 05/08/11 to "way after Midnight" 05/10/11**

original - 2023-11-13T114825.102.jfif

I say, "Yes," to the Breaking, Molding, Will and to Your way. Lord, I don't Understand All of what You're doing in this season, but I Wanna be a part of whatever it is. Fill me the More, and Go into every hidden area, and Plow the wrong out of me! YOU Make the Wrong right in Jesus' Name. It's been a long time since I've felt Your Glory like this! Mother Williams, SMH, Provoked a new Seek!! #HopeICanGoToSleep.


Sir William L. Johnson, II:

Yes, Lord! Another Yes!!

Sir Myron @ Sir William:

One that's hidden under hurt, Confusion, and Disappointment! The "Yes" that's supposed to have been out of my mouth, but stuck between anger and bitterness!! The one that He's asked for time and time again, but been patient on us not yielding!!! The "Yes" that IS the Key to unlock REAL Destiny!! Lord, Have Mercy!!


Mother Williams Stirred Us all up Sunday Night! I've talked to a few "STILL DRUNK" Folks today on FB, and God still got a holt to us from the Flow last night!! Lord, I thank You for the REAL anointing of the Holy Ghost!

Sir William:

Yes, Lord! We pray with broken wills and open hearts. Unearth every hidden treasure that's been under the dirts of our lives. Give us the tools to dig past the dirt, so we can make new discoveries. Tap us into the creative abilities, innate giftings, and talents that are unused. We rebuke the spirit of fear that paralyzes us from coming into our true identities as Sons of God. We declare that the Sons are becoming! We cast down rebellion and disobedience in our lives, and we submit to Your Lordship. Our souls say, "Yes!" My God!


"Lady Christi Hammond Drones":

I need to read this over and over!


"Lady Vickie Hernandez":

Son, some will go with you, and some will not!!! The Lord is overshadowing you with His presence and filling you with His power, so that His people that are seeking Him may receive when you minister. The key to unlock the mystery is in the "Yes"!!! From deep within let the "Yes" flow and cascade like a waterfall on those who are next in line for a miracle. You are restored and replenished, no lack of rest, you're equipped for the project, the Master is waiting on the Praise that is nothing but a "Yes" and the Worship that is "Yes."


"Lady Jannie Singleton":

"Lord, whatever You are doing in this season, don't do it without me..."

singing Bishop Paul Morton's (song). You starting something, Myron.



THIS is the kind of attitude, mindset, and humble heart which provides the perfect posture that GOD is looking, seeking, and waiting for, Sir Myron. HE has given us ALL a chance to SET THE ATMOSPHERE, to RESET us and launch us into "HIS STRATOSPHERE"! When we align ourselves by GETTING IN ORDER, our "readiness" immediately activates SUPERNATURAL DELIVERANCE! Let NOTHIN'-n-NOBODY hinder the process, on your way to even GREATER success! Meditate, marinate, consecrate, and communicate the #1 word that will "getcha through da Gates"...and that is, without question, the affirmative: "Yes!" :)


\0/<--With uplifted hands...even when I don't understand,



"Lady Angela Barr Balbin":

My heart is overwhelmed as I read what God is doing. There's so much that God is saying in and through this season. This is a season of a divine shift and a locking into position. This is a place where no devil can be and no man can block or slow down His process. When all can be shaken, you will stand therefore.



I hear ya, "Lady Angela"...

A Kingdom LOCKDOWN is 'bout t' go down on da GRAVEYARD SHIFTCLINK-CLINK! :)


Getting in POSITION for my next TRANSITION,



"Lady Evangelist Wanda Bell":

In this season, you have to keep the door locked and the curtains closed to

all distractions.



And DON'T forget to have yo'

"PEACE o' STILLness"

(the alternative to a "piece o' steel")

on standby as well. ;) **wink**


Armed-n-Dangerous UP in here

with God's FULL Army Gear,


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