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Cassie's Comedy Corner X

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk! LOL

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22 (King James Version)

Tickled ABOUT Traditionally "Trippin' OUT"

And Yet Being Thankful & Triumphant

Cassandra (1).png

Throughout Life's Transitional Times of Tremendous Tests & Trials!


A Li'l Friendly Reminder:



"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

original - 2023-12-18T171704.957.jfif

TRUE STORY (I can't make 'em up like this)...a mom picks up her 5-yr. old from daycare and finds that her ears are the teacher...who said she asked the little girl if she wanted it done...and the little girl said yes [blank stare]...what the what??!! Add one more to the unemployment line...smh!


My "hubby" told me about this! iWas "thoo" (through)! iWish somebody HAD done this to my

daughter without MY permission! iWoulda been

on "COPS"! iAin't lyin'! **in my BEST "Madea"

voice** Shoot!

original - 2023-12-18T171731.477.jfif
original - 2023-12-18T171739.488.jfif

"Lady Phebe":

Lady Cassie...I'm hollering over

because I can visualize you (and the cops) at daycare...

and on the 5:00 news! LOLOLOLOL



DON'T...iRepeat: DON'T play with me, "Lady Phebe"! LOL


"Lady Evangelist Dr. Patricia R. Lewis":

(Pre-Thanksgiving Day)

original - 2023-12-18T171743.689.jfif


Chicken and dressing, ham, chitterlings, greens, corn pudding, green bean casserole, yams, spaghetti, homemade rolls, corn, cornbread, pinto beans...and more!


Guys, I do good...nothing fancy,

just downright southern food.

There's even more...

**Later...on Thanksgiving Day, after several FB Friends' comments**



It was enough for all of you. Wonderful time with family...

everything was wonderful, and I praise God for another year!



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.:

**While she spent the holiday with our mutual Sista-Friend Dr. PRL**



I give THANKS to GOD for being alive...well...and grateful for SALVATION. I'm also Thankful for my friends and family that is a part of my life. I have sooooo much to be Thankful for...not just today but EVERYDAY. Sending love out to my friends and family. Enjoy today. Happy Thanksgiving.



OMG...I am having a ball with my friend and sister...Evang. Patricia Lewis in Memphis (Tennessee). I ate so much...I'm bloated and sleepy. This is one cooking woman. Her homemade rolls are to LIVE for...I'll be 10 pounds heavier when I return. Wow!



Evang. Patricia Lewis Original...wonderful...make you want to hurt somebody rolls! OMG...I will have a dozen of these on my way back home! I believe God...It is so!!!!!!!!!!!


From Me To "Lady Evangelist Patricia R. Lewis" On Her FB Wall:

Well, well, well...LEWIS & H. G. (Holy Ghost)

DID that "thang":






of ALL KINDA food!

original - 2023-12-18T155454.672.jfif

Uh-huh...iHeard about it, Sis, but notice that iTasted NOT one piece of it! HOWEVA, if you will be so gracious as to send a sista (speakin' of m'self now) at least da "crumbs" from da "Master Chef's" table, via my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. or FedEX, iWould SO 'preciate it "ver, ver" much. K...thanks. #Thatisall


Sayin' it 'til iSee it,



"Lady Pat":

You are too funny...these folk ate like twins.

You will have to pay me a visit. gotta love it!


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Well, Sis...(Cassie), first I gotta get my Sis (Evang.) to send me back with at least 6 rolls. Now if that happens...I'll give you the crumbs! See how much I love you! Smiles



"Evangelist Dr. PRL"...iClaim by FAITH that iWill indeed "pay you a visit" in da "ver, ver" near FUTURE, and in return iShall receive from comin' ova there where "da table is spread and da FEAST o' da Lewises is goin' on"! Yes-to-da-MA'AM, and hallelujah to The Lamb! lol


To My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.: Dem "crumbs"...when placed in The Master's hands will SUPERnaturally multiply to a platter, followed by a to-go bag that is "pressed down, shaken t'getha and runnin' ova"! Honey, the just shall live by faith, says the Holy Writ, and I'm just CraZy enough to believe it! Whatchoo talkin' 'bout up in here, on da FB?! lol


original - 2023-12-18T171755.155.jfif

"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman"

On Her FB Wall 11/25/11:

Up this morning thanking God for another day, and from outta nowhere a "leftover" spirit fell on me. Here I go again, "Round 2". Yummy.


Pray for me, hopefully I'll be free from this spirit by tomorrow...Absolutely can't afford any extra pounds. ;-D


BABIEEEES...that "leftover" spirit is runnin' rampant ALL OVA da land! It's a STRONGHOLD that ain't too many folks (including da Saints) "tryna" ward off by force right about now. NEVAtheless, keep da faith and believe that bye-and-bye "We Shall Overcome." Ahem...but until such time, "enjerrrr"! LOL


Solicitin' da prayers o' da righteous that's ALREADY free,



"Lady Patricia Morrison":

@ Cassandra...hilarious! Rotflol


"Lady Kathy":

@ Cassandra, now ain't that da truff.

Girl, you are hilarious. Love ya! ;-D


From Me To "Lady Marva J. Hines"

On Her FB Wall 11/26/11:



Memorable Gospel Music Making sista-friend Marva!


Miraculous & Marvelous Missy that You are Mean

More to You NOW than the Many birthdays that

You were blessed to Meet PRIOR.

original - 2023-12-18T171759.564.jfif

iLove You & iEncourage You to get UP & OUT into da BIG, WIDE World & GO CONQUER somethin'! Ya got it? GOOD. Smooches & Stuff! :)


Thinking Of You & Praying For You,



"Lady Marva":

Thank you, Cassandra! I love you very much and hope to talk to you during the Holiday God be the glory...I love HIM so much!


**Her reply to others' comments on her FB Wall...**


Thank you to all of you, for your well wishes today!


God Bless your every breath!!



**Breathe IN...Breathe OUT**


Indeed, iAm Blessed Comin' IN & Goin' OUT.

God is SO AWESOME 'til He makes me wanna DANCE & SHOUT

(no ushers required, of course)! ;) **wink**


'Cause iGotta Right To Praise Him,



original - 2023-12-18T171803.516.jfif

From Me To "Lady Keosha Peyton Middleton":

(My "play" daughter and Crystal Renee's BFF)


**Hollerin'-n-screamin'-n-carryin' on**



Calming m'self back down wit' da quickness (lol),

"Mama Cassie"

"Lady 'Ke-Ke'":

Mama Cassie, you are soooooo sweet and silly! Thank you.

Love u bunches. *muah*


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" Stopping By My FB Wall

On Her FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Day of The Week:

Happy Monday to ya, Lady Cassie! :)



Happy Monday Night to ya, "Lady Phebe"! **which was by the time iRead her post** LOL Your "Kingdom Sista-Friend" (that would be me) has been a busy li'l "thang" today. NEVAtheless, it's ALWAYS good to hear from you at ANYTIME, no matter what's goin' on in my young life!

original - 2023-12-18T171807.183.jfif

Thanks to PMS...iMean YOU, iCan go on ANOTHA futha (further) down the "Pathway of Righteousness." Be Blessed & iLove You. MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Sincerely, "Cassie"

A Permanent Citizen of da "Phebe Island,"

centrally located in da "Wonderful World of FB" ;) **wink**


"Lady Phebe":

LOL! Love it!! :)


original - 2023-12-18T175529.261.jfif

From Me To "Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill" On Her FB Wall:


For your EARLY Birthday Gift (11/30/11), "Lady J," you are featured on the "More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXIII" page of my website, as well as the "Cassie's Comedy Corner X" page! Thank you a "gazillion" times, Sis! The "Gift of Me" is the GREATEST Gift that iCan give you. So, uhm...

HANDLE WITH CARE & PRAYER! Ya got it? GOOD. :) xoxoxo


Thinking of You (which is nothin',



"Lady J":

Thank You.


From Me To "Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On Her FB Wall 11/29/11:

original - 2023-12-18T171810.756.jfif

This here Song is dedicated to my "ver, ver" Special "Kingdom Sista-Friend" & Worship Mentor "Lady da WANDAful Bell": **Ahem...clearin' my "throak"-n-carryin' on** "You are my Sunshine, my only (well, not ONLY, but ya know) Sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never (well, iWon't say NEVER, but ya know) know, dear, how much iLove you. Please don't take my Sunshine away." :)

Missin' You & Stuff,



"Lady da WANDAful Bell":

LOL! Thanks! This sure does light my page up!


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On Her FB Wall 11/29/11:


"Teach me how to no longer look at what I let go,

'cause if I look too long I may go back and pick it up."


"Lady Evangelist Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":

If you keep looking, you might trip and fall,

because you weren't paying attention and looking

ahead to better things to come.

original - 2023-12-18T171814.004.jfif


HUP! **visualize da "gospel face"** \0/<--(H)old 'em (UP)! :)


"Enjerrrrin'" da ministries of "Crystal Renee'" & "Lady Shawn,"

"Mama Cassie in da AMEN 'CornTer'"


FUN'n On The Last Day of November...11/30/11

original - 2023-12-18T171817.796.jfif

Well, ANOTHA Wednesday is here, people! Ever Wonder Where We Would BE Without Wednesday? Stuck right BEtwixt Tuesday & Thursday. Wow! lol Wednesday has been called the "Hump Day" of the Week or "Middle-of-the-Road" or somethin' to that effect. Whicheva Way ya Wanna put it, the bottom line is: "This is the day Which the LORD hath made. We Will REJOICE and BE GLAD in it." ~Psalm 118:24

So, Men & Women of God, Who are "Kingdom Warriors" near and far, put ya "Winning Face" on, and Watch the Wondrous Works of the MIGHTY hand of God! What do you say? ;) **Wink**


Wishing You & Yours a Wonder-Filled Wednesday,



November 30th Birthday Shout-Outs

To My FB Friends...


From Me To "Lady Evangelist Jackie Hill":


JOY Bells are Ring-Ring-Ringing & Your Family & Friends

are Sing-Sing-Singing:

original - 2023-12-18T171821.151.jfif
original - 2023-12-18T171824.490.jfif

"Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday, dear Bea-YOU-tiful & Talented & Gifted & Loving & Caring & POW'ful & Awesome-to-da-100th Degree, God-Chasing, Devil-Tormenting & Sin-Sick Soul Reaching 'Lady Jaaaayyyy'!"

Wheeeew! **"Breave"** (Breathe)

"Happy Birthday tooooo a-Youuuuuu!"

**That last note ends somewhere in da high "C" range! lol**


Wit' LOTS o' Love & BEST Wishes & Stuff,



"Lady J":

**After having already received countless B-Day Greetings**


Beautiful long stem pink roses yesterday...and beautiful red roses from my absolute Fav3 (her children)...+ Champ, the Rot (Rottweiler)!!! Thank you, Lord, for blessing me exceeding abundantly above all I can ask or imagine! Thank you all for your Birthday Wishes! This is a Happy Teary Day... #tearsofjoy!



"Tears of Joy": Just What iLike To "See" (even tho, in this case, iCan only imagine)! NEVAtheless, "Happy Teary Day, 'Lady J'"! :)


A Godly-Proud Contributor To da Birthday Madness (lol),



From Me To "Lady Dr. James Etta Hughes"

On Her FB Wall 11/30/11:

On your "CELEBRATE JAMES ETTA DAY," iHope you get SPOILED ROTTEN! iHope your Family & Friends or "bof" (both) take you somewhere to EAT ALL YOU CAN & CAN ALL DA REST! iHope you have the TIME OF YO' LI'L YOUNG LIFE! iHope you are SMILING as you read this; because if you AIN'T, then you are defeating the WHOLE purpose of having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) The End

original - 2023-12-18T171824.490.jfif

Because CraZy IS as CraZy DOES (but WHATEVA,,




"Lady James Etta":

Cassie, I'm too tickled at you.

You are simply amazing. Love you! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shared By "Lady Vera Littleton" On Her FB Wall 11/30/11:

original - 2023-12-18T171824.490.jfif

"Adrianna Mentis wrote: 'Happy birthday to a woman whose level of strength, determination, faith, morals, values, salvation, pride and integrity command the heavens to bless her continually! Mommy, I love you, and your birthday WILL be all you desire!'"



Uhm...iSecond that MOTION

wit' LOTS o' EMOTION! lol

CONGRATS & BEST WISHES to you, "Lady Vera"!

BAM! (B)ust (A) (M)ove, and show da devil WHATCHA WORKIN' WIT' on a WEDNESDAY! Yeah...THAT's right. WHAT?! ;) **wink**


Keepin' It Kingdom With a Method To My Madness (lol),



"Lady Vera":

@ Cassie: Thank you.


From Me To Sir Richard Smallwood On His FB Wall 11/30/11:

original - 2023-12-18T180011.004.jfif

(R)ichard, (I)ndisputably (C)hrist (H)as (A)lready (R)isen from the (D)ead,

with VICTORY over Death, Hell, and the Grave. Therefore, (H)e's (G)iven you "Kingdom Authority," by the POWER of the (H)oly (G)host, to (H)andle your (G)ifts - both naturally and spiritually - with EXTRA care and MUCH prayer. Your BIRTHDAY symbolizes a NEW dawning of NEW beginnings, covered with NEW mercies, surrounded by NEW opportunities. GO FORTH, and SEIZE them with ALL your might! Of course, you may do so before, during or after you partake of your BIRTHDAY CAKE! I'm just sayin'. :)


Wishing God's BEST To Your Continued SUCCESS,



original - 2023-12-18T180053.537.jfif

Sir Min. Myron Williams On His FB Wall 11/30/11:


FB, This is an AWESOME/POWERFUL DAY. Two (2) special people were born on this day. Help me CELEBRATE My Brother & General Manager of Myron Williams Ministries, Demarcus Williams, and My Mom, S. Louise Williams, by Wishing them BOTH a Happy Birthday! May at least three (3) of your wishes come to pass before this time Next Year. Happy Birthday, Mom and Brah.



**Amongst MANY others' comments, of course...**


Happy "GLORIFIC" Birthday, Sir Demarcus Williams & "Lady S. Louise Williams"! GO GET what's to be GOT, and knowing you two (2), that amounts to a "GREAT LOT"! Uhm...WHAT did I just say?! #GOfigure :)


Joining Sir Myron Williams in da GIGANTIC Celebration,



"Lady Psalmist Gaye Arbuckle" On Her FB Wall 11/30/11:

original - 2023-12-18T171830.474.jfif

Hey there, everyone, don't you like the feeling that the Lord is taking you to another level? Man, I do!


"Lady Carmen Simmons":

Me too!!!!

"Lady Min. Cynthia Diggs":

Most def!!

"Lady Shelia Harris":

I love it!!!!! I'm experiencing it right now.



PUTcho "Spiritual Seat Belt" on,

"Lady Gaye Arbuckle"!

It's gonna be a "Bumpety Bump" ride, honey!

NEVAtheless, you're on the WINNING side,

as long as H. G. (Holy Ghost) is yo' Guide!

HA-GLORY! iFelt that "thang"

waaaayyyy down in my "Sanctified Soul"!

original - 2023-12-18T171833.991.jfif

I'm gon' REALLY needz fo' y'all to QUIT PLAYIN' wit' me, okay?! **Smh**

K...Thanks. #Thatisall


"Leveling UP" for da Round-Up...Up In Here & Everywhere (lol),



From Me To "Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton

aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. On Her FB Wall 12/05/11:

original - 2023-12-18T171837.300.jfif

Please DISREGARD the "typo" below. It should read, "CANDY MONDAY"...unless, of course, you've been SWEET-ER enough to have this MONTH's honor bestowed upon you. Hmmmm. Lemme think on THAT and come back to it. A'ight? lol Just kidding, S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. You REALLY do DESERVE this. So, here! Hehehehe! ;) **wink**




(as you can SO plainly "C",


"Sweet Lady Candy":

Awwwwww, how sweet of you!

Wow, you always give uplifting messages right on time.

I'm so thankful you thought of me.

I think I can handle the month of honor.

My spirit is humbled! Love you, Sis.


Sir Barten Nartey On da FB Wall of Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons 12/07/11:

Hello, Phebe, thanx for the add. It feels great

to be on your wall...looking forward to be

great friends...BLESS YOU.


"Lady Dr. (P)hebe (M)oore (S)immons":

Welcome, my friend...glad to have you.

But I must warn you...I delete people without warning, notice or due

if they're posting foolishness...

I don't tolerate it.

original - 2023-12-18T171840.907.jfif

My page is for entertainment, education and drama,

no mess, no cursing, no intentional negative comments about others.

That's not too much to ask now is it?? :)


Sir Basten:

Not at all, my dear. I see this rather as an advice or,

better still, education, not a warning,

and I must say I'm impressed...


original - 2023-12-18T171844.509.jfif


Ahem...As a loooonnnngggg time citizen of "Phebe Island," centrally located in "The Wonderful World of FB," devoted member of da "Secret Sisterhood Circle of Friends Society of Coffee Drankers & Others United" (SSCFSCDOU), and self-appointed "Welcome Committee Director" (??? lol), iCassie welcome you as well, Sir Basten Nartey. WARNING: This place is surrounded with da PMS epidemic! Take da Lord along wit' ya EVERYWHERE ya go, honey! If ya DIDN'T know, now ya know. :)

Often Java-Led & PMS-Driven (but WHATEVA,,



"Lady Phebe":

I'm laughing out loud, Lady Cassie!!

Only you can tell it with a serious sense of humor!!

Love ya, Girl!


Sir Basten:

Hello, "welcome committee director." All is well noted. Thanx for your welcome address, but the Lord is always in front and behind me, so no fears...Lady Cassie. I'm laughing too, Phebe....


TKO (Technical Knock-Out):


"Cassie" is on da FLO', 'cause her "Kingdom Sista-Friend" smote her with a MIGHTY BLOW from the splendor of da "SWC Wear" that left a BLINDING GLOW!

Will she EVA (ever) recover?

Only God KNOWS! lol


In need of ER ("Elohim's Respirator") STAT,


original - 2023-12-18T171849.573.jfif

Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:

Lolol too too funny! Love you!


original - 2023-12-18T180439.721.jfif

"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell"

On da FB 12/07/11:


Some things just should NOT be allowed...

I mean REALLY! Some things are just

e.g. white sandals in December,

suede in June, and velvet at ANYTIME.

"Lady Lisa C. Jenkins":


**Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Out Loud**

"Lady Jessica":

You know the drill--what's wrong with 'em?

Remember back in the day the: "Right-On" and Word Up magazines had the "fashion police roundup" in the back of the magazine...WELL, we need to find the fashion deputy so he/she can get started handing out these citations!

original - 2023-12-18T171858.231.jfif


iAm BEGGING you to CUT IT OUT, "Lady Jessica"!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!


"Cain't" BREAVE (Breathe) & Need To Go PEE,



"Lady Jessica":

YES indeed!!!


original - 2023-12-18T171902.655.jfif

A Bea-YOU-tiful FB Profile Picture of

"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell"


Sir Justin Sudler:

You look gorgeous in this pic,

and you resemble Dr. Cynthia Hale in this pic.


"Lady Jessica":

Thanks! I like her!


Lookin' all "Legal & Regal"! GET 'EM, "Lady Jessica,"

even tho YOU & iKnow THEY ain't HARDLY ready fo' ya! I'm just sayin'.

HELLO, "Somebody"! LOL


Lovin', Supportin' & Celebratin' You,



"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley" On da FB 12/09/11:

Good Morning!! Somebody touch 5 people and tell them, "Let me borrow some $$" LOL Just kidding. Sorry, peeps. Laughter is the medicine I choose to take daily! (TRY IT) :) Today, give God thanks because you're still here! Are you a light (for God) wherever you go? You may wanna check your bulb...Have a blessed Friday!


"Lady Trocha Braswell":


original - 2023-12-18T171924.419.jfif

Me/"Mama Cassie":

iKnow, right, "Cuz'n Trocha"?! Where ON EARTH does she get it from,

iWonda? Lemme think: Hmmmm.


OVA here pleadin' "The Fifth..." (lol),

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

Hahaha @ both of y'all!


"Cuz'n Trocha":





iMiss YOU too, girlie girl!

We gotz to MEET UP someway, somehow, somewhere in 2012!

The End :)


"Lady Nedra Hardin":

Crystal, I'm still laughing and smh (shaking my head) at when you said,

"I need 3 ppl to slap 6 ppl and only tell 3 ppl you heard that."



original - 2023-12-18T171944.451.jfif

"Lady (Cuz'n) Cheryl Murphy Thomas" On da FB 12/09/11:

Half day today...get off at 12 for Christmas Party!!!!!

*quickens violently and goes into spiritual spasms

before hitting a 4 flat in a spiritual sprint*

"Lady Adrienne Brown":

Run, "Dawtah" (Daughter)!!!! LOL

original - 2023-12-18T171930.379.jfif
original - 2023-12-18T171930.379.jfif

"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley":

You need to be in the Kingdom Olympics with all that!

#gospelface ::insert head shaking:: LOL


"Cuz'n Cheryl":



LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz! #iJustcain't


Calling on JESUS wit' da QUICKNESS,



original - 2023-12-18T171949.237.jfif

"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell" 12/10/11:

This pic is too cute!



This is my niece's (Mrs. Vertisha R. Craig's) children: Sir Chance & "Lady Aria" Craig, "Lady Jessica"! See..."CraZy" runs in da family on "bof" (both) sides! What ELSE can iTell ya? AND my niece just had ANOTHA baby girl "Lady Jalise." LOOK OUT, world! MORE FUN has arrived, and were comin' right atcha! ;) **wink**

Hooked on Proverbs 17:22 "Per Scripture" (Prescription) Medicine,

"Aunt Cassie"

"Cassie" NOTE:

**Click photo above to enlarge.**

These are also the precious grandchildren of

Sir Pastor Charles Craig & "Lady Evangelist Janice Iglehart-Craig,"

by their son Sir Charlton Craig! :)


"Lady Jessica":

Well, they are tooooo cute. Since those are your NIECE'S children -

that makes you their "GREAT AUNT."



RIGHTeous you are, Sis. :)


Makin' Mistletoe Merriment With "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons"

On da FB 12/12/11:

Have you kissed your spouse today?

Let me rephrase the question:

Uhhh, have you kissed YOUR spouse today?

Somebody will catch that between now and



The day is still young...and it's mistletoe season...

better make sure your kiss is the only one

he/she desires... :)

original - 2023-12-18T171953.895.jfif
original - 2023-12-18T171957.557.jfif


Ahhhh...YES! "Kisses & Deliverance Service"!

What OTHA desires, "Lady Phebe"? **smh**

PUH...leeeeaaaase. He "cain't" hardly think about

NOTHIN'-n-NOBODY else, after ALL o' THAT! lol

Hellerrrr. Halleluyerrr.

"Happy Mistletoe Season" to yerrrr.

It's me, "Cassie," makin' it do what it do!

Whoo-hoo & Tootle-loo! :)

"Lady Phebe":

LOL!! Go on, Lady Cassie!! That's what I'm talking about! :)


Sir "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley Cuttin' Up On da FB 12/13/11:


Wow!...My sisters (in Christ) laid this Christmas carol out...

and Twinkie is laying the track on the baritone she is doing.

Listen & Enjoy...Merry Christmas!

The Clark Sisters - Oh Come Emmanuel

From their Family Christmas Live Recording

Seated From Left To Right:

Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark, Jacqueline "Jacky" Clark-Chisholm,

Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole & Karen Clark-Sheard


PURE Music From PURE Hearts!

What else is there to ASK for...but maybe a sheet,

since I'm "finna" find myself on this here FLO'!



A Lifetime Moss-Clark Fan & Glad About It,


original - 2023-12-18T172001.449.jfif

Sir John:

Cass, did you hear Twinkie do that baritone?

She laid that track on that one fo' sho'! lol!



"Twink-Twink" KNOW she DID that "thang," Rev!

Yes, Sir! :)


Sir John:

She laid me out with that one...on my tile floor!

Not the rug but the tile!

Wait 'til I see her!

original - 2023-12-18T181107.737.jfif


iHear ya, Sir! But just like in da "Old Days":

Dem hardwood floors FELT like carpet,

since we wuz CUSHIONED by H. G.

(Holy Ghost) ANYHOW! lol

Sir John:

Did you hear that other song that I posted with Marvin Winans singing,

"Come on in this house, it's gon' rain"?

Let it take you back for a minute, and listen...

put your dancing shoes on, please!



GOT IT! Now...let's GET SOME MO', shall we? YES, we shall! :)


"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":

**THIS woman cracks me SLAP UP,

but iSO love her!**

Sometimes instead of holding things in and letting them fester - sometimes it's better to "take someone into your office and get them together" in a nice Christian way. Someone lost their mind and I needed to help them locate it all is safe and well again....

original - 2023-12-18T172008.732.jfif
original - 2023-12-18T172012.789.jfif

"Lady Satin L. Greene":

LOL! I'm glad you helped them. LOL!


"Lady Jessica":

YES! They are "A-OK" now...LOL


Sir Bishop Rick Roykin:

That's maturity and wisdom.

Bless you, Woman of God.



"Because iDidn't want 'So-and-So' to

FATALLY WRECK themselves,

iHad to help teach them how to

TOTALLY CHECK themselves"...

in a nice Christian way and wit' da quickness

(without further delay)."

original - 2023-12-18T172016.500.jfif

iGotcha, Sis. ;) **wink**


Sometimes Wishin' iWas that "Fly On da Wall" (lol),



From Me To Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham 12/29/11:

original - 2023-12-18T172020.084.jfif

Dr. SWC, on this 29th Day of December, in the

Year of our Lord 2011, 0/<-- iSalute You! Having

a "Kingdom Sista-Friend" like You is like having

Salsa With Chips:

You add LOTS o' ZEST to my ZAP,

Toppin' it off wit' a li'l ZING! lol

Happy Birthday, "Lady Sylvia"! God Bless You,

iLove You & Forever iCherish You!

iAm CraZy iKnow, But iAm Serious Also. #Hello!

Sharing Wise Counsel,


Who DOESN'T enjoy Salsa With Chips?! :)


"Lady Roslyn Crump" aka "Lady Rozz":

Good Morning. (*_*)



iMiss you, "Lady Rozz"!

#GotSWC? lol


"Lady Rozz":

Miss you 2, yes, I GotSWC!!!!!

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Who DOESN'T enjoy Salsa With Chips?! :)


"Lady Roslyn Crump" aka "Lady Rozz":

Good Morning. (*_*)



iMiss you, "Lady Rozz"!

#GotSWC? lol


"Lady Rozz":

Miss you 2, yes, I GotSWC!!!!!

I am reminded of an old song we used to sing,

"Glad to be in this service, Glad to be in this service,

Glad to be in this service ONE MORE TIME."


"Lady Phebe":

Yes sir, Lamont! Glad to be in the service one more time! :)



0/<--(Being java-led, as well as Spirit-led, of course)





BAM! (B)ustin' (A) (M)ove On da FB (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

Lady Cassie, I'm hollering over here with the

"(B)ustin' (A) (M)ove On da FB"!! Only you, you!


"Lady Linda L. Ransom"

On da FB 12/31/11:

Dear Saturday,


This is our last day together in 2011.

I would like to take this time to

"Thank You" for all of the wonderful

moments shared and memories created.

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I am looking forward to spending 2012 in your arms and "his"

(sharing is caring) lol

Sincerely, Lin

"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Girl, hush! Sharing is caring?

Uhhh, you do realize Saturday is non-human, right?

Too funny!! Love and miss you!! :)

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Oh, how "ver, ver turchin'" this li'l

"Love Letter To Saturday" is, Sis!

**Help, Lawd... smh**

Uhm...HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE to ya, "Lady Linda"!

As a member of the "Secret Sisterhood Circle of

Friends Society of Coffee Drankers & Others United"

(SSCFSCDOU), 0/<--iSalute you! Cheers! :) xoxoxo

Wondering what BROTHA dem OTHA "arms" belong to (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

LOL Lady Cassie! Yes, inquiring minds wanna know...

more about dem OTHA arms! LOL


"Lady Linda":

@Cassie & Phebe...Saturday is very as far as "him"...

well, all will be revealed in


"Lady Phebe":

I ain't mad at ya, Linda!! LOL...go on with your bad self! Yes indeedy! :)


Well...WHENEVA and fo' HOWEVA long it

takes to be "revealed," just know that

iWill YET be OVA here standing

FOXY in PROXY fo' a sista.

Ya got it? GOOD.

Smooches & Stuff! ;) **wink**


"Lady Phebe":


original - 2023-12-18T172037.843.jfif

"Lady Linda":

lol @ Cassie...Uhm, excuse me, Phebe, stop encouraging her...

(arms folded and foot tapping)


"Lady Phebe":

Ain't! LOL


"Lady Linda":

Shame on you,


"Lady Phebe":

LOLOLOL!! I'll do better next year! :)

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