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NO Matter WHAT You THINK or WHO You TRUST, a LIFE "Filled" With

LOVE Is An "Absolute" MUST! ♥ ~Extremely Grateful That iNEVER

"Lack" of IT...Since "Within & Around" Me Is a CONSTANT "Flow" of IT,



Sir Bishop Donald Thompson:

Go ahead, poetess ♥ Cassandra Roberson-Kelley. :)

Me/"Cassie": Yes, Sir...GO'n FULL SPEED Ahead, Bishop! lol

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…::A Uniquely SENTIMENTAL Tribute To

ALL "SEPTEMBERITES" Born Here, There & Everywhere::…


The STUNNING Image of This Bea-YOU-tiful SAPPHIRE Ring, In The SHAPE of a "Precious Heart", SYMBOLIZES The SPECIAL "Love & Respect" That iHave STORED Up For You Right From The START.

SO, Let Me SAY On This LABOR DAY, Which Is The 1st of SWEET SEPTEMBER: It Is SUCH An Honor To SHARE With You My Birthday Month (09/26th) & SIMULTANEOUSLY REMEMBER: "Had It NOT Been For The LORD, Who Was On Our SIDE, There Would Be NO Reason To CELEBRATE Our Birth & SEE How In The World We SURVIVED!" 

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\0/←(Getcho Hands Up & SHOUT, "Glory!" SOMEBODY.)


iSUBMIT This SOUL-STIRRING SONG of Dedication To Each of You, From THE CLARK SISTERS [Jacky, Twinkie, Dorinda & The SONGWRITER Karen (In Absence of Denise)], Whose Beloved Mother, The Late Great Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, Passed Away 20 Years Ago In SOUTHFIELD, Michigan On SEPTEMBER 22, 1994 & Was Laid To Rest SIX Days Later…

The Clark Sisters-Blessed and Highly Favoured.

The Clark sisters sings

UPDATE: The Official Website For The Clark Sisters Is Found At


**SINGING** "HE brought me through hard trials. HE brought me

through tribulations. NEVER let a day go by and NOT realize… 'had NOT

been for the LORD, Who was on my side…' Back was against the wall…

looked out for me. HE heard my cry and rescued me. NEVER let a day go

by and NOT realize…we are blessed. DON'T take it for granted that we

are here today. Just KNOW that we're BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVORED!"

**Etc. Etc.** ♥ ~Love, "Cassie"

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Founder of The Church of God In Christ, Inc.

(September 8, 1864 - November 17, 1961)

Left To Right: COGIC's Celebratory Issue of The Whole Truth Magazine;

William J. Seymour (May 2, 1870 - September 28, 1922), American

minister, and an initiator of the Pentecostal religious movement;

The Late Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson

(September 22, 1939 - March 20, 2007)

A Salute To The Late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark 20 Years After Her Demise

(March 26, 1925 - September 22, 1994)


The Unfathomable & Unforgettable Day of September 11, 2001:

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The 7th Senior Bishop of The Church of God In Christ, Inc.

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. At The Historical

Mason Temple In Memphis, Tennessee

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Founder of Chick-fil-A, Inc.

(March 14, 1921 - September 8, 2014)

BEHOLD! "Septemberite" Mothers of Zion Who Are Straight-Up Sanctified (And iAin't Lyin'...BAM!) Jean Mitchell-McNeil (09/09), Well-Known For Praying Her Deceased Husband Dr. S. E. Mitchell Back From The Dead (He Lived Several More Years Before His Final Day of Rest.); Madam Carrie Roberson (09/18), The 80-Year Old Anointed Gospel Singer & Honorable Vessel Who Gave Birth To Me & My Three Sisters; Dr. Barbara McCoo Lewis (09/18), Assistant General Supervisor of Women For COGIC, Inc. To God Be The Glory! ~A Not-So-Secret Admirer 4LIFE, "Cassie"

"Lady Patsy Menefee": Like.

"Lady Lisa Brown": Powerful Woman!!



Divinely Operating In The SUPERnatural Demonstration of

The Holy Ghost...NO Doubt About It. :)


"Lady Johnnie Henderson-Williams":

I have set under divine anointing of the Holy Ghost as she

masterfully delivered the Word in Song. What a blessing her Music

Ministry has been, as it fell on listening ears. She truly is a woman

of who has touched my heart with a through

God's divine touch brought to the world a sweet little girl who is now

a beautiful saved young woman, Cassandra Roberson Kelley, filled

with her legacy...the Spirit dwells within Mother Carrie

to Daughter Cassie...#ToGodBeTheGlory



iAm An "Official Basket Case" Right Now.

Oh, My...Thank You, Beloved, From Every Crevice of My Heart. ♥


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"Lady Johnnie":

Just remember, you never know what song or songs you sing that

reach the Highest Mountain to the Lowest Valley in someone's life. I'm

very delighted that you and I became personally acquainted on that day

of Supt. "Granddaddy" Pope's Homegoing Service. Always inform me

when Special Services or Events are scheduled at Holy Tabernacle.

Supt. Sample and 1st Lady Sis. Dollie are very close to my heart.

I will visit the service soon....

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Remembering Renown Psalmist Renetha Macklin (Who Passed Away

September 22, 2014): Loving Sister of Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin (2nd

Assistant Presiding Bishop of COGIC, Inc.) & Dynamic Worship Leader

For New Creation Christian Fellowship In San Antonio, TX (Dr. David

Michael Copeland & Dr. Claudette Anderson Copeland, Pastors)



"Gift From God" Who Finished Her Course & Kept The Faith To The End,


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Bishop J. W. Macklin Is Seated, 3rd On The Front Row.

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Power Couple: Bishop David M. Copeland & Dr. Claudette A. Copeland

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...::My Extraordinary Birthday Weekend Line-Up For 2014::...