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More Cassie Quotes & Comments XXV

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He's Number ONE & Second To NONE:

JESUS CHRIST, God's only begotten SON.

Born of a VIRGIN, something once never HEARD of,

Suffered, bled and died to remove sin's CURSE from us.

Arose from the GRAVE after just three (3) DAYS,

And will soon return for His Bride - The Church -

To Rule & Reign with Her ALWAYS.


"Lady Debora Clark":




Merry CHRISTmas, "Lady Debora"! iLove you, Sis! Be Blessed! :)


"Lady Debora":



Sir Bishop James H. Bowman, Sr.:

Absolutely agree! Have a wonderful Christmas to you and family, cousin!

Blessings & Luv ya!



Merry CHRISTmas to you and "The Mrs." iLove "bof" (both) of you

throughout the New Year, too! :)

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the CHRISTmas SEASON. :)


"O What Joy Divine"

(Lyrics by Cassandra Roberson-Kelley)


Jesus, we CELEBRATE Your birth.

There's LOVE in the air

And sweet PEACE on earth.

You are God's GREATEST Gift to save all mankind.

You are King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

O what JOY divine!


Hallelujah! We sing the HIGHEST praise.

Glory to Ya! We HONOR You always.


You are God's GREATEST Gift to save all mankind.

You are King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

O what JOY divine!


Yes, You are King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

O what JOY divine!

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"Cassie" NOTE:

Bottom right photo of myself at the AOW (Ascriptions Of Worship)

2011 Christmas Fellowship with Founder, "Lady Wanda Bell"


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"Lady Evangelist Jessica D. Bell":


Sometimes our greatest tests are not how we love others who we have an obvious relationship with. But the TRUE test is how we can identify those who NEED it the most, but whose need may be "hidden"... AT the oddest time.

GOD then reveals not only their need for love but their private points of previous pain - then calls upon you to TOUCH that area!


Having a "job" gives you a license to move about freely through that arena to complete your "real assignment." That job gives you the leeway and the license to enter that space. GOD gives you the opportunity to touch the lives of others while you are there. We are only passing through. Just because others don't "reach out" does not mean that they don't need to be touched!


iAm THERE, "Lady Jessica"...TOUCHING the UNTOUCHED.

It truly takes a special kind of LOVING & COMPASSIONATE person

to pull it off and, evidently, GOD felt that "iFit the bill."

It is NOT easy, but it IS necessary. :)


Identifying a NEED & Sowing a SEED,




"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell":


When God has willed something for your life, it just happens. You can't explain it, and you know you could have never orchestrated it. Too many people are on edge, unhappy, vexed and depressed because they are doing things that are not meant for them. When God brings His will to you, even in rough times, you can maintain your peace. God is NOT trying to run anybody crazy or drive them out of their mind while doing HIS will. #realtalk

original - 2024-01-07T095841.112.jfif
original - 2024-01-07T100525.035.jfif


Rrrrring! Rrrrring!

THE LADY BELL has Sounded!

\0/<--Under "God's House" Arrest,

"Slammed Straight" by The Truth!



Stuck wit' a "Life Sentence,"



original - 2024-01-07T100611.412.jfif

Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:


In this new season, the reason why some people cannot FLOW UNDER the OVERFLOW of God's divine power and greater anointing upon your life is because they cannot STAND UNDER what they DO NOT UNDERSTAND!



But in ALL thy GETTING, to ADD to that, make it YOUR business to GET AN UNDERSTANDING real quick: iCertainly wouldn't want NOBODY to miss the GREAT RAINFALL, especially since the NEGLECT could be their OWN DOWNFALL. #Splat!


Sharing What iCaught In MY Spirit...Hurled By "Lady Sylvia,"



Overseer Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham:


Can you STILL praise God




Yep...Before, During & After "It" -

NO MATTER what time interval

is attached to "It". :)

original - 2024-01-07T100732.903.jfif

Because PRAISE Is What iDo & Who iAm,




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"Lady Evangelist Teshania Blackwell":

Be careful who you align yourself with in ALL things. When you align yourself with Ishmael and not Isaac, you don't know how long the recovery period may be. Wait on the Lord, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Selah.



Truth, "Lady Teshania"! ALIGN yourself correctly by God's DESIGN,

and MINIMIZE the MAXIMUM of your "Recovery Time."

Got it, Sis...Thanks! :)


Hangin' With "Isaac" ('cause iGot it like that),





Apostle Donald Thompson On My FB Wall 12/21/11:

original - 2024-01-07T101206.899.jfif

Happy Holidays.



Same to you and yours, Apostle!





Sharing God's GREATEST Gift

to the WHOLE WIDE world,



"Lady La'Trice Wilson" aka "Peaches" On My FB Wall 12/21/11:

Well, hey there, sis!!!!

Just wanted to wish you a blessed Christmas

and a bountiful new year!!!!

Love you, Cassie.

You are my heart sweets.


Tell Mama Carrie I said hello

and Merry Christmas

to her and Papa Roberson.


original - 2024-01-07T101405.281.jfif


iReceive ALL o' THAT, Sis! Thanks for the kind wishes,

and I'll be sure to pass it on to Mom & Dad as well.

We love you and wish God's BEST for you and yours!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo


Today & Always,





"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On My FB Wall 12/21/11:

original - 2024-01-07T102551.091.jfif

I am so excited about celebrating you and what God is about to unleash for your ministry! You've got our support. And you know this! Anyone who maintains the right spirit while serving God, doesn't mind submitting to leadership, and loves His people deserves all the support we can give!!


My li'l-BIG heart is EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED by the genuine love and support you've ALREADY shown towards me and mine, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"! iHumbly and graciously submit to the divine path that God has chosen for me, at THIS stage of the journey. Thank you for BEING THERE to help see me through it. iLove you, and iAlways will! God bless you, Sis! :)

original - 2024-01-07T102736.873.jfif

Your Worship Mentee & "Kingdom Sista-Friend" 4Life,




original - 2024-01-07T102902.771.jfif

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"

On My FB Wall 12/22/11:





Thank you, my Sweet-n-Specially Marked

Life-Size Container of S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.,

"Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"! lol

iAppreciate you, and iSmile.

:) xoxoxo

original - 2024-01-07T103004.351.jfif

Wishing you and yours a "ver, ver" Merry CHRISTmas,



"Sisters Keeping In Touch To Love, Encourage & Support"



original - 2024-01-07T103048.871.jfif

Sir C. Ivan Johnson Sharing On da FB:


SEASONS GREETINGS from the First Lady of Praise & Worship and the President of the Int'l Music Department of the Church of God in Christ, DR. JUDITH CHRISTIE MCALLISTER!



Sir Ivan, in response to the bea-YOU-tiful CHRISTmas Greeting below, from COGIC's cherished International Music President, iSay: THANK YOU, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister! Dr. (J)esus (C)hrist the (M)essiah is also quite pleased with YOUR representation of HIM. Merry CHRISTmas, IMD (International Music Department) & Happy New Year to ALL! :)


From MY Heart To YOURS,


original - 2024-01-07T103224.179.jfif

Click photo to enlarge.


Sir Ivan:

Blessings, Evangelist!!!! Much love! Enjoy this Holiday Season!!!




Sir Michael T. Blackmon aka "Bishop" On My FB Wall 12/25/11:

original - 2024-01-07T103822.466.jfif


iReceive the granting of this wish in the precious name of our precious

Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, desiring the same for you and yours,

Sir "Bishop"! Thank you, and be blessed! :)


In Kingdom Covenant Agreement,



original - 2024-01-07T104002.674.jfif



In Honor of JESUS The CHRIST, My CHRISTmas Gift 2 U Is An "All-You-Can-Eat Smorgasbord of Inspirational Writings & Belly Laughs" Throughout My Personal Website, For You To INGEST DIGEST "Until Your Heart's Content." Many THANKS To Those Who Contributed To My DIVINE PURPOSE In One Way or Another. Be Blessed, Be Encouraged & I'll Be In Touch. :)


Because of CHRIST...For The Cause of CHRIST,



"Lady Psalmist Helen Lowe Baylor":

Merry Christmas!!



Smooches-n-Stuff, "Lady Helen" aka "Zahara"!

iLove you, Sis. :) xoxoxo


"Lady Helen":

I love you, too!! xoxoxoxo


"Lady Adriana Adrian":

Merry Christmas. :)



God Bless You & Yours, "Lady Adriana"! Indeed, My CHRISTmas is

MOST "Merry" & My Cup o' JOY runneth OVER! ;) **wink**



original - 2024-01-07T104437.430.jfif

"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On My FB Wall 12/26/11:


Hello, Singing Angel...

I trust you and your "fam"

had a marvelous Christmas Day.

Love you much and see you soon!!!



Howdy, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

CHRISTmas was "What That Is," because

JESUS is "What That Is"!

Ya got it? GOOD. lol

And yes, HE & I will C U soon! :)


Love, "Cassie"



original - 2024-01-07T104544.193.jfif

The CHRISTmas Season ROCKS, Because It Is Built, Based & Bought



II Samuel 22:47

~King James Version~


"The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock;

and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation."



original - 2024-01-07T105555.151.jfif

(J)esus, (O)thers & (Y)ourself,

In That Order,

Produces Unspeakable JOY


(P)lacing (E)mphasis (A)round (C)hrist (E)ffectuates

Undisturbed PEACE.

Cool, huh? iKnow, and...


There's NOTHING Like It ANYWHERE Else.

Trust Me On That.

;) **wink**

original - 2024-01-07T105715.162.jfif

The End



original - 2024-01-07T114638.443.jfif

A ReFRESHing Thought:


for those who are Blessed with a FRESH Pair of

"EYES" or FRESH INSIGHT into the


of God's Anointing upon the...

(F)aithful (R)emaining (E)lect - the chosen few - (S)anctified (H)oly

as citizens of His Kingdom.


Ahhhh...YES! What a Breath of FRESH AIR!

Just call me "KFC" for "Kingdom FRESH Cassie"! lol


"Cassie" NOTE:

"Re" Definition: prefix 1. back; 2. (hyphenated) again; anew (in a new form)


"Lady Evangelist Kathy Bowman":

There you go again. Nice!



What'd iSay, Sis? What'd iSay?! Hehehehe! :)


"Lady Kathy":

I'm keeping it "Fresh" myself...Lol



"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton" aka My S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S.

On My FB Wall 12/29/11:

Just want to let you know...

"Thanks for Being My Friend."



You're oh, SO welcome,

"Sweet Lady Candy Clinkscale Morton"!

It's been a REAL pleasure serving as your


and iLook forward to what the NEW YEAR has

in store for "bof" (both) of us:


original - 2024-01-07T123633.082.jfif

Love, "Cassie"



original - 2024-01-07T123941.692.jfif

"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell"

On My FB Wall 12/29/11:


GM (Good Morning), Singing Angel!!

As your worship mentor, in prayer this morning

I am decreeing and declaring Heaven's Best

for you and your family: The favor of God and

His awesome goodness to be revealed

in your life like never before!

It is so!!


iGladly and readily receive it ALL, "Lady da WANDAful Bell"!

In the MIGHTY-n-MATCHLESS name of Jesus the Christ, it IS so.

Thank you, precious, loving, thoughtful, considerate, wise and phenomenal Woman of God! iDecree & Declare that the Good that you've sown into my life, as well as others' lives, SHALL OVERTAKE you, OVERFLOW on you, and OUTWEIGH far MORE than ANYTHING you've EVA (ever) WANTED or WISHED for in your ENTIRE life! NOW What?! iSay:


Let's get on out there and CONQUER some "thangs" in Jesus' name! :)


'Bout To Bust WIDE Open On da FB with Lady WB (lol),




original - 2024-01-07T124458.231.jfif

Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" On da FB 12/30/11:


I love the Lord...He heard my cry!! I look back on things/situations/people (especially church folk) that made me cry and can smile, even laugh about it now! God fixes His time!! Happy Friday to ya! :)



PRAYER & PRAISE will PUT da "POW!" in da Holy Ghost POWER needed to PUSH things/situations/PEOPLE (especially church folk) right on outta da PATHWAY of PLACES PURPOSES, where God is taking you, "PREACHIN' DRPHEBE"! Rememba: You are the PRODUCT of PARENTS who PAVED da way for you to "PRESENT yourself a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." ~Romans 12:1 In OTHA News: "Happy FUNtastic Friday," PAR'NER! ;) **wink**


PRETTY "Wired Up"...but WHATEVA, tho (lol),



"Lady Phebe":

See...I know that I know that I know...that God will fight my battles...

what the devil meant for bad, God meant it for my good!

Hallelujah!! :)




"Lady Evangelist/Elder Wanda Bell" On da FB 12/31/11:

original - 2024-01-07T130609.986.jfif

Click flier to enlarge.



Yes-to-da-MA'AM & Hallelujah to THE LAMB!

iShall Do WELL & EXCEL in 2012! :)


Stocking up on my "Kingdom School" Supplies & Stuff,




Celebrating Crystal With Class & Clarity

Definition of "crys-tal" - Noun. 1. a clear,

transparent mineral or glass resembling ice.

2. transparent form of crystallized quartz.

Adjective: resembling crystal.

HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY (01/14/12)


"Lady Crystal Renee' Kelley"!


iLoves me some YOU, "Boo"!

See ya at da "pourty" (party)!

MUAH! :) xoxoxo

original - 2024-01-07T130816.815.jfif

Keepin' It Kingdom (of,

"Mama Cassie"


"Lady Evangelist Helena Shawn Lewis-Johnson":

Awesome, and thank you for grooming "Ree Ree"

to be a beautiful Woman of God.


Me/"Mama Cassie":

Peace & Blessings to YOU as well, "Lady Shawn"!

iAm GODLY proud of da "bof" (both) of ya,

because ya bring out da BEST in one anotha!

;) **wink**


"Lady Crystal Renee'":

I'm liking this!!! Yes!!!! Thank you. :)


"Mama Cassie":

Honey, yo' NATURAL mama and yo' SPIRITUAL mama

got yo' back goin' and comin'! LOL


Sir Basten Nartey:

Hey, Lady Cassie, longest times.

Hope you cool.


"Mama Cassie":

Yes, Sir Basten, iAm "as cool as crystal"! :)


Sir Barten:

Wow! Crystal-clear sounds gud. :)



From Me To "Lady Evangelist Dr. Juanita Bynum"

On Her FB Wall 01/16/12

original - 2024-01-07T133122.367.jfif

On This GLORIOUS 16th Day of January,

In The Year of Our Lord 2012:


Have a Happy, Joyous,

Peaceful & Incredibly Awesome Birthday!

My PERSONAL Wish for you is that

Miracles & Blessings will...




SUCK you IN, and then KNOCK you OUT! No...SERIOUSLY! lol

In OTHA News:

Thanks for inspiring me to write the song, "You Betta Ask Somebody"!

iLUV U, "Lady JB"! :) xoxoxo


Blessed To Be A Blessing,


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